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Pokemon X and Y FAQs

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Author Topic: Pokemon X and Y FAQs  (Read 1384 times)
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« on: October 18, 2013, 10:38:57 pm »

4chan's /vp/ board has compiled a very useful list of frequently asked questions for X/Y. I'm gonna copy/paste/edit everything on here for convenience, but you can check out the official document for frequent updates here:

There's lots of profanity, so if that offends you, please leave.


Pokemon X and Y FAQs

Think there’s something wrong? Want to suggest something be added to the FAQ? Want to be awesome and confirm/deny some rumors? Send your emails to, suggestions can get lost in the Q&A threads.

Table of Contents:
-General Hints/Tips
A few hints that didn’t fit in anywhere else.
-People and Places
Locations of important people, common stumbling points, grinding spots, and a map of Lumiose!
-Items, TMs, and HMs
Where do I find [insert item here]? Stones, held items, TMs/HMs, and more!
Locations, BSTs, learnsets, evolution methods.
-Game Mechanics
All about changes in the newest generation, including Amie affection, O-Powers, Super Training, breeding, berry farming, new moves and abilities, and the Friend Safari.


General Hints/Tips

-Avoid saving in the streets of Lumiose City. Your game may freeze after resuming the game from these saves. Saving indoors in Lumiose is safe, however.
The dangerous areas are shaded in blue here:

- In the PC, use the Organize boxes option instead of Withdraw/Deposit. Organize lets you withdraw and deposit at the same time!

- On the topic of the PC, unlock more boxes by placing a pokemon in each and every one, closing the PC, and opening it again. You can repeat this to end up with 20+ boxes.

- Equip the Dowsing Machine and you can walk/run with the circle pad.

- Fletchinder and Talonflame (Fletchling’s evos) have Flame Body, for all you breeders out there.

- Tired of hitting left and right to hatch eggs? Go to the tower in Lumiose City and you can run in circles! Tape/clamp the circle pad or weigh down the d-pad and you’ll run forever.

- After you beat the Elite Four, you can skip the credits by soft-resetting after the game saves prior to the Hall of Fame induction.


People and Places:

How do I get into the boutique in Lumiose? How do I get new hair styles?
- Getting into the Boutique: Getting various perks in Lumiose is tied to an invisible “stylishness” stat. Here is a list of ways to increase the stylishness stat. You won’t be able to get in until after the Power Plant.

- The fast way to get your stylishness to max:
-- Go to the Pokeball store on Autumnal Ave.
-- Buy Premier Balls one at a time (i.e. completely exit the buying menu after each purchase).
-- Check your stylishness progress by either going on the Pokemon Global Link (Profile -> Medals -> Ctrl+F “stylish”) or checking the price of the Mega Stone on sale at the Stone Emporium on Vernal Avenue.

- Getting new hairstyles: I have heard “get lots of haircuts,” “wear new clothing,” and “wear clothing from Lumiose Boutique.” This is likely tied to stylishness as well.

I can't find [insert thing here] in Lumiose city!
Have a map.

How do I get past the punk in the Lost Hotel?
You need to talk to and learn the skating tricks from the skaters in Lumiose city. Naturally, the next question is...
Who do I learn the skating tricks from?
- Swizzle: South Boulevard, in an office near the entrance to Estival Avenue
- Dash: Vert Plaza
- 360: Estival Avenue, Cafe Rouleau
- Backflip: North Boulevard, in front of Cafe Ultimo

How do I ride Gogoat in Lumiose City?
Look for the black signs with blue screens on them. Fair warning: The Gogoat Shuttle is autopiloted (you cannot control it) and slow.

What’s the point of the bars where you need to pay one of several prices to sit down?
The patrons will show you a variety of Pokemon to help you fill your Pokedex. That’s all.
The cheapest will show you one Pokemon, the middle option will show you two, and the most expensive option will show you one Pokemon, but it is guaranteed to not be in your Pokedex yet.

How do I play Lost and Found in Hotel Richissime?
Walk around constantly mashing A. Make sure you do not step on a square until you’ve searched it.

Where are the best places to level grind?
Elite 4. Lumiose restaurant rotation battles. People have also mentioned the hordes of Durant available in the Terminus Cave and hordes of various evolved pokemon in Victory Road. Past levels 60-70, your best option will likely be to Wonder Trade constantly to build up Pokemiles to cash in for Rare Candies.

Where are the best places to money grind?
Elite 4, Lumiose restaurants, and, most importantly, the Battle Chateau. In the Chateau, use a Writ of Invitation to encourage more trainers to show up over the course of the day. As always, use an Amulet Coin or Lucky Incense (they do not stack) and a Prize Money O-Power.

Where are the best places to EV train?
Not yet known, you can figure out yourself, or just use Super Training.

How does the Battle Chateau on Route 7 work?
Serebii has a good overview here:
The Chateau should primarily be used for money grinding as opposed to level grinding, as trainer levels will eventually cap at 40 without the use of Writs of Challenge.

Where is the IV/Happiness/Friendship/Hidden Power checker? Name Rater? Massager?
- IV: Kiloude City Pokemon Center
- Happiness/Friendship: Laverre City, Pokemon Fan Club
- Hidden Power: Anistar City, southeast-most house
- Name Rater: Camphrier Town Pokemon Center
- Masseuse: Cyllage City, house next to Pokemon Center.

Where are the Move Relearner/Deleter? What Move Tutors are available in the game?
- Move relearner/deleter: Dendemille Town.
- Only tutors available are for Pledge moves, elemental Hyper Beams, Secret Sword, Relic Song, and Draco Meteor.

Where’s the Day-Care Couple?
Route 7, past the sleeping Snorlax.

Where does it rain?
Route 8, Route 14. On Route 14, rain is guaranteed if you set your system clock to a Monday before 1 PM.

What’s with the other doors to the Power Plant?
Nobody knows yet.

What is Sycamore’s special treasure in Couriway Town?
It’s a message that Sycamore wrote, near the woman who gives you the U-Turn TM in the train station. Stand between the two benches next to her. Go down once, right once, turn around, and press A.

Why can’t I start the Looker Missions?
Did you upgrade your Mega Ring yet? (See next page for how to upgrade the Mega Ring)

How the fuck do I get to Ambrette Town/Cyllage City?
You’ve most likely entered the Zubat Roost from the wrong entrance. Go outside, go south, try again.

Are there Item Maniacs for these Mushrooms/Nuggets/Star Pieces/Stardusts?
Not that we know of.

Where was I supposed to meet my rival after gym 7?
Lysandre Cafe, Lumiose City.



How do I upgrade the Mega Ring and find Mega Stones for [insert waifumon/husbandomon here]?
(Mega Stones marked “post-game” can only be found after beating the E4, finishing one battle at the Battle Maison and defeating your rival north of the Maison. You must then examine the giant sundial in Anistar and talk to Sycamore to get an upgraded Mega Ring. After that, you can only find them from 8-9pm game time.)

Where do I find a Dusk stone?
(evolve Duoblade, Lampent, Murkrow, Misdreavus)
- Complete the Super Training Secret Mode with the Aegislash Balloon with 2:10-2:20 remaining. This time gives the highest chance of getting a Dusk Stone as a reward.  Super Secret Training requires a fully EV’d mon to unlock.
- Talk to the Team Flare member in Laverre. Must be post-game
- Terminus Cave. You will need Rock Smash to get to it. (leave annotations on for this video)

...Shiny stone?
(evolve Floette, Togetic, Roselia, Minccino)
Route 12, ride the Skiddoo. Hop over the series of 3 ledges to the east, it will be right there. Also available via Secret Super Training.

Sun stone?
(evolve Helioptile, Petilil, Cottonee, Sunkern, Gloom -> Bellossom)
- Absolute earliest: The shadows in Glittering Cave have a small chance to spawn Solrock, which may have Sun Stones on them. Catch them or use Thief/Covet.
- Earliest that doesn’t involve the RNG fucking you over: Give the Intriguing Stone Tierno gives you in Shalour City to the Hiker in the southeast part of town who is “looking for something.”
- Next: Route 13. Bring a Ghost-type so you can run from all the Dugtrio and Trapinch.
- Also available via Secret Super Training.

Other evolution stones?
Many others are also available through Secret Super Training. Word on the street is that 2:10-2:20 is the time to aim for, confirmation is needed on that rumor.

Additional, non-super training locations:
- Dawn Stone: Surf on Route 3
- Fire Stone/Water Stone/Leaf Stone: Sold at the Stone Emporium in Lumiose, on Vernal Ave.

Metal Coat?
- In the Pokeball factory. The item ball will be somewhat obscured by a conveyer belt.
- Wild Magneton in the Lost Hotel may be holding them.

Specialty Pokeballs?
There is a Pokeball shop in Lumiose, on Autumnal Avenue. They sell Quick Balls, Dive Balls, Timer Balls, Premier Balls, Heal Balls, Net Balls, Nest Balls, Dusk Balls, Repeat Balls, and Luxury Balls. You cannot access this shop until the power in Lumiose is restored.

Lucky Egg/Eviolite/Everstone?
- Lucky Egg: NPC in Coumarine City Hotel.
- Eviolite: NPC in a house in Shalour City.
- Everstone: NPC in a house in Geosenge City.

Heart Scales?
1. Lead with a pokemon with Thief or Covet AND NO HELD ITEM. For best results, try a Compound Eyes Vivillon (to increase Heart Scale appearance rate) or Frisk Sentret/Pumpkaboo (to tell whether a Luvdisc has a Heart Scale)
2. Use an Old Rod pretty much anywhere except Routes 3 and 22 and fish up a Luvdisc.
3. Use Thief/Covet (Luvdisc have scales 50% of the time, chance is higher with a Compound Eyes lead)
4. Remove Heart Scale from pokemon after battle.
5. Repeat steps 2-4.

[Silver's note: You can also get them from the Pickup ability, unlike previous generations; and from smashing rocks]

Route 12, past a Cut bush.

Amulet Coin?
Parfum Palace, second floor, left side. Enter one of the rooms, you’ll see a Pokeball semi-hidden in one of the yellow grates.

You don’t fucking need honey, Sweet Scent does the same thing. Early-game mons with access to Sweet Scent include Combee (Route 4), Oddish (Route 6), and Illumise (Route 7). All should have Sweet Scent when caught.
If you REALLY want some honey because fuck knows why, grab a team of Honey Gather Combee and run around fighting trashmons for a bit.

- BP prizes from the Battle Maison (NOT the Battle Chateau, that’s a different thing)
- Laverre City Pokemon Center

Fishing rods?
- Old Rod: NPC at the bottom of the Ambrette Aquarium, by the Magikarp statue
- Good Rod: Fisherman on Coumarine City docks
- Super Rod: Route 16, NPC in the fishing shack

After beating the Elite 4, go to the 2nd floor of Sycamore’s Lab in Lumiose.

Where do I find the TM/HM for [insert move here]?
Full list here:
Some of the route TMs are tricky to find. For more detailed information, go to Serebii’s Pokearth section for the respective routes.
Commonly asked for:
- HM01 Cut: In one of the mazes in the backyard of the Parfum Palace.
- TM53 Energy Ball: Use this map.
- TM54 False Swipe: In Sycamore’s laboratory in Lumiose, there is a researcher who asks to see your Pokedex.
- TM71 Stone Edge: It’s actually outside the Frost Cavern. Explore outside with Surf and Waterfall.
- TM79 Frost Breath (Frost Cavern TM): You can now move diagonally. Do so.
- TM80 Rock Slide: Surf and Waterfall are needed.
- TM94 Rock Smash: Female NPC right outside the Ambrette Town Pokemon Center.
- TM97 Dark Pulse: Cut, Surf, and Waterfall are needed. There’s a secret entrance to Route 15 on Route 16.

What items are available at the Battle Maison in Kiloude?
Vitamins, Power Items, and many evolution-inducing held items (Protector, Whipped Dream, Sachet, Electirizer, Magmarizer, Reaper Cloth, Dubious Disc, Up-Grade, Razor Claw, Razor Fang) and in-demand competitive items (Toxic Orb, Flame Orb, White Herb, Power Herb, Choice items, Lenses, Life Orb, Air Balloon, Focus Sash)

What does the Ability Capsule do, and how do I get it?
It is a one-time-use item that switches between the Pokemon’s normal abilities, IF they have two of them. Will not work on pokemon with one normal ability. This does NOT change to hidden abilities.
You get it for 200BP at the Battle Maison.

Are there coupons for boutiques?
The official guide says the Pokemiles guy in Lumiose sells you one, but gives no information on how to make him sell it. It seems likely that you’ll have to spend a lot of Pokemiles, so get to Wonder Trading and buy them Rare Candies and PP Ups.

Confirmation would be appreciated.



Level-up movesets and TM/HM compatibility
Incomplete, will be updated as time goes by.

Base stat calculations for Gen VI pokemon

When should I evolve...?
Well first off you should check the learnset lists I linked to a couple questions ago and make your own goddamn decisions. Anyway, do keep in mind that the Relearner cannot be accessed until after the 6th gym.
- Doublade: Last notable moves learned are Sacred Sword at 51 and Iron Head at 45. Aegislash can relearn Sacred Sword at the Move Relearner if you evolve it earlier. King’s Shield is an Aegislash-only move, go to the Move Relearner if you hold off on evolving Doublade.
- Helioptile: After Parabolic Charge (25), Thunder Wave (31), or Volt Switch (40) if you want those moves in particular, otherwise evolve immediately and just pump it full of TM/HM moves. Helioptile does learn Thunderbolt at 49, but by the time you reasonably reach that level you’ll already have gotten the TM from Clemont.
- Floette: After Moonblast at 46, or Petal Dance at 51. It learns Solar Beam at 58, but why the hell would you want Solar Beam?
Where do I find Eevee?
Route 10

How do I evolve it into Sylveon, and when should I do it?
- Get two hearts on the affection meter in Amie and teach it a fairy type move. Then level it up.
- Wild level 19 Eevees will have Baby-Doll Eyes, lv. 20 ones will not unless you go to the move relearner.
- Sylveon learns Fairy Wind at 9 and Draining Kiss at 20, and those will be its only Fairy offensive moves until Moonblast at 37 or the Dazzling Gleam TM.

How do I get Leafeon/Glaceon?
The Moss Rock is found in Route 20, the forest immediately before the Pokemon Village.
The Ice Rock is found in the Frost Cavern.

Where do I find Ditto?
Pokemon Village, South of Route 20

Go to the Terminus Cave or Victory Road. They are only available through the “swooping shadow” encounters. You know, the ones where you only encountered Woobat before?

Lost Hotel, after gaining entrance via sick skate movez. Look for shaking trash cans. Rotom is super rare, it may require many visits to the Hotel to spawn a Rotom.

Where do I change Rotom’s formes?
Sycamore’s Lab in Lumiose.

When you initially enter the Glittering Cave, you can only find Old Amber while Rock Smashing. In the post-game, you will be able to find older fossils depending on your version:
In X, you can find all fossils except for Helix and Dome.
In Y, you can find all fossils except for Root and Claw.

Where can I find [Pokemon not already covered in FAQ]?
Locations for everything in the Kalos dex are on Serebii -
Some pokemon can only be found in the Friend Safari -
If it’s not in the Kalos dex or the Friend Safari, then you’re shit outta luck until the Pokebank opens in December. Note that the information on Serebii may be incomplete, as the game has not been out long.

Articuno/Zapdos/Moltres keep running and I can't catch them, wat do?
Use the Pokedex to find where they’ve gone next. Keep chasing them.
Important notes about the chase:
- Go on foot, do not use Fly. Unfortunately, travelling through Lumiose seems to trigger movement.
- Use Repels to prevent random encounters, which can cause them to move.
- They will eventually stop at the Sea Spirit's Den, you can catch them there.
- Save before entering the den if you want to soft-reset for a desired nature or something autistic like that.

How do I evolve Inkay/Skrelp/Clauncher?
- Inkay: Starting at level 31, turn the 3DS upside-down after you hear the *ding* of it leveling up and hold it there.
- Skrelp: Level 48 (No, Camouflage has nothing to do with it)
- Clauncher: Level 37 (No, Crabhammer has nothing to do with it)

How do I evolve Magneton and Nosepass?
Both can be evolved at Route 13, in the dirt where digging pokemon ambush you.

What are some good HM slaves available reasonably early in-game?
There are lots of mons that learn 2-3 utility moves. Known ones that can learn 4+ and are available during the initial stretch of the game are listed below. This is mostly based off of Smogon’s research, drop me an email if something is missing/wrong.
Bibarel, Greninja: Cut, Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Smash
Hawlucha, Charizard: Cut, Strength, Fly, Rock Smash
Blastoise, Psyduck, Vaporeon, Marill: Surf, Strength, Waterfall, Rock Smash
Barbaracle, Diggersby, Pangoro: Cut, Surf, Strength, Rock Smash
Yes, Rock Smash is a TM this gen, but it’s honestly just as necessary as the other HMs for accessing hidden/nifty things. Keep a Smasher in your party.


Game Mechanics:

How does the new EXP All work?
Say a battle normally gives 100 EXP. With EXP All on, any Pokemon that were involved in the battle will gain 100 EXP. Any benched mons will gain 50 EXP. As far as I know, the Lucky Egg stacks with the EXP share, but only for the Pokemon holding the egg.

How do I into affection?
1. Pet the pokemon until it emits a musical note instead of hearts.
2. Feed it until it’s full.
3. Play two minigames. Doesn’t matter which two, but Unlimited Head-It is good and fast for farming fancier Poke Puffs, which raise affection faster. If you’re good at the Picture game and don’t need high-end puffs, that works too.
4. Repeat ad nauseum. Check the Pokemon’s affection on the screen where you switch mons.
Don’t worry about the fullness/enjoyment ratings, with the method outlined above you don’t need to pay attention to them. Also don’t bother with the making faces thing, it’s buggy as all fuck.
Affection does not go down over time.

Why care about affection?
Depending on how many hearts you have, you get certain in-battle benefits.
- Boosted EXP
- Increased evasion
- Increased crit rate
- Chance to endure attacks with 1 HP
- Chance to self-heal status effects.
Don’t recall how many hearts are needed for each effect, except for 2 hearts for the EXP boost.
Some people are saying that Amie affection also affects the power of Return. Bullshit. I’ve debunked this myself with a Panpour (5 affection hearts) and a Pansear (0 affection hearts), both with Return. They did the same amount of damage with Return to the exact same Fletchling.

Are affection and friendship/happiness related?
Short answer: no.
Long answer: Jesus tittyfucking christ on a pole, no they ain’t.

What’s happening when my Pokemon shakes/feels uneasy/is interested in my bag/[insert other pre-battle text]?
Nothing of any real consequence, it’s just fluff that changes somewhat based on Amie affection level.

How do I get Hidden Abilities?
Pokemon encountered in horde battles may sometimes have hidden abilities. Use a Pokemon with Role Play to figure out which ability any given horde mon has. The Mr. Mime family gets it at 43, Greninja can learn it via the Move Relearner.
Until Pokebank opens up, your only other source of Hidden Abilities is through the Friend Safari and by trading with people who’ve found them in the Friend Safari. See the next question for a description of the Friend Safari and how to obtain Hidden Ability Pokemon.

How does the Friend Safari work?
Serebii has a good overview of how it works, and also has a list of potentially available pokemon:
Basically, each friend in your PSS is randomly assigned a type (and 3 pokemon of that type) based on their user ID. By going into their Friend Safari, you are allowed access to the 3 pokemon. If the friend has not defeated the Elite 4 yet, only two will be available. You have a higher chance of finding Pokemon with Hidden Abilities if the friend whose Safari you’re in is also online.
The 3 Pokemon any given friend has do not change. Ever. Pokemon found in the Friend Safari are guaranteed to have two 31 IVs, making them great breeding stock.

Where do you spend Pokemiles?
Lumiose Pokecenter, South Boulevard. You can also upload them to the Pokemon Global Link using Game Sync.

Pokemon Global Link says my “membership info is being processed”?
As odd as this sounds, change your username on It’ll likely work after that.

How do you get Pokemiles?
The easiest way is to engage in shitloads of Wonder Trades, which give you miles based on how far away your trade partner was.

Why is a person glowing in the PSS?
They are using an O-Power on you. I believe if it’s blue, you have to click on them, go to O-Power, and then accept the O-Power.

How do I get new O-Powers?
Find Mr. Bonding in various places throughout Kalos. List of locations:

How do I get the final hatching O-Power?
First, do everything there is to do in Lumiose.
Then you’ll need to become super-fucking goddamn stylish, to the point where the guy selling Kanto Mega Stones sells them for 10,000. Use the Premier Ball trick outlined earlier in the FAQ. Then Mr. Bonding should turn up in Cafe Introversion.
You will need all the other O-Powers first.

How do I level up O-Powers?
Keep using them. It’ll take quite a few uses to level up. Giving powers to passerbys/friends will level them faster, as they are cheaper that way.
Each O-Power levels up individually, and they go up to level 3.

How long do O-Powers take to recharge?
Each bubble takes about 3 minutes to recharge.

How do I turn off those goddamn popups in the PSS?
Unfortunately, nobody’s found a way just yet.

Does tipping increase shiny chance?
That is only a rumor, no confirmation on that.

I hear some older Pokemon have different BSTs?
A few do, yes. Confirmed examples in the first post of this thread.

How do I start breeding? Have breeding mechanics changed at all?
For now, read up on Gen V breeding - much of it is still the same, so that will be your best resource. It appears that there are some changes since Gen V, however.
- Males can pass down Hidden Abilities (albeit at a much lower rate than females)
- Females can pass down egg moves.
- Breeding with Dittos will now have a chance to pass down Hidden Abilities.
- Babies will now inherit the Pokeball type of the mother. If the mother is a Ditto, the baby will inherit the father’s ball.
- Parent with an Everstone always passes down its Nature. This has been the case since B2/W2, but some of you may not have been aware of this change.
- Big news: If one parent holds the Destiny Knot while breeding, the child will inherit a total of 5 IVs from the parents, up from the 3 previously possible. Which stats are inherited and which parent each IV comes from is still random without the use of a Power item.

What’s the difference between Super Training and EV training?
Super Training is just another way to get EVs onto your Pokemon. Thus, a combination of traditional EV breeding and Super Training can be used to get your desired spreads.
In fact, getting the first 100 EVs by vitamins/normal training makes Super Training much easier, as Super Training shots become more powerful the more EVs you have.
How many EVs does Super Training max out at?
Unlike normal EV training through battles, Super Training stops giving you EVs at 252. EVs can still go up to 255 by battling, so fill up those last 6 EVs before battling with your Super Trained mon.

Is there any way to reset my EVs?
Yes, there is an EV reset bag available through the Super Training interface. Have your Pokemon beat up the plain punching bag for a while, eventually a Reset Bag will appear. You can only hold 12 bags, so clear out any you don’t plan on using while doing this.
The Reset bag sets all EVs to 0 on the Pokemon it is used on.

Do Power Items increase EV gain from Super Training?

How do I get started with the Berry Farm?
There’s a great guide here:
The official guide has some additional info - pics here:
Serebii has discovered some of the mutations, but not all.

Do sound-based moves penetrate substitutes now?
Yes. Pokemon with Infiltrator can penetrate substitutes as well.

What moves are boosted by Mega Launcher?
Confirmed: Water Pulse, Dark Pulse, Dragon Pulse, Aura Sphere.
Clawitzer learns all four by levelup.
Blastoise learns Water Pulse by levelup, Dark Pulse by TM, and can inherit Dragon Pulse and Aura Sphere from Clawitzer.

What are these new “terrain” moves?
Electric Terrain:
- Grounded Pokemon cannot fall asleep.
- Powers up Electric attacks of grounded Pokemon.
- Changes Nature Power to Thunderbolt
Misty Terrain:
- Grounded Pokemon are immune to status conditions.
- Halves power of Dragon attacks done to grounded Pokemon.
- Changes Nature Power to Moonblast
Grassy Terrain:
- Grounded Pokemon restore a 1/16th of their max HP per turn.
- Powers up Grass attacks of grounded Pokemon.
- Changes Nature Power to Energy Ball
Grounded means not Flying or under the influence of Levitate/Magnet Rise/Telekinesis. In short, if it can be hit by Earthquake, it will be affected by terrain moves.
Terrains are separate from weather, so they do not overwrite each other. Terrain moves last 5 turns. Terrain moves affect all grounded Pokemon, including enemies.


All TM locations here:

Video guide:

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« Reply #1 on: October 20, 2013, 01:39:46 pm »

Quick question: Can I still find a pokemon with hidden abilities in the friend safari if I am online but my friend is not; as long as we have seen each other online in the past?
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« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2013, 04:25:21 pm »

Quick question: Can I still find a pokemon with hidden abilities in the friend safari if I am online but my friend is not; as long as we have seen each other online in the past?
you can do it even if they dont have the game.
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« Reply #3 on: October 20, 2013, 04:50:15 pm »

you can do it even if they dont have the game.
I mean that, if I want to find a pokemon with a hidden ability, do they have to be online while I am looking for that pokemon? Or if I have seen them online in the past, will I be able to find pokemon with hidden abilities, regardless of their online status?
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« Reply #4 on: October 20, 2013, 05:24:07 pm »

I mean that, if I want to find a pokemon with a hidden ability, do they have to be online while I am looking for that pokemon? Or if I have seen them online in the past, will I be able to find pokemon with hidden abilities, regardless of their online status?
its regardless, my point was that it stretches the limit that far, that even if they dont have the game, you can find a hidden ability pokemon in their safari
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« Reply #5 on: October 20, 2013, 05:39:01 pm »

Roughly how many premier balls do you have to buy to increase "lumiose style" to the max, or at least high enough to unlock the other hairstyles? I've done everything you can do to increase style in lumiose at least once, and I've bought about 25 premier balls, and still don't have the new hairstyles.

EDIT: Nvm got it
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« Reply #6 on: October 20, 2013, 08:45:27 pm »

I mean that, if I want to find a pokemon with a hidden ability, do they have to be online while I am looking for that pokemon? Or if I have seen them online in the past, will I be able to find pokemon with hidden abilities, regardless of their online status?
The chances are lower when they're not online, but you can still find Pokemon with hidden abilities.
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« Reply #7 on: October 21, 2013, 01:04:46 pm »

One more question. How do I check my pokemon's IVs without going into a level 100 battle?
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« Reply #8 on: October 21, 2013, 01:37:08 pm »

One more question. How do I check my pokemon's IVs without going into a level 100 battle?
Until base stats are fully accurate and there's a reliable IV calculator, you'll have to settle for the guy in the Kiloude City Pokemon Center. He tells you which of your IV's are the highest and how your IV spread is. He'll say something like "This stat can't be better!" when you have an IV of 31. Pokemon caught in safari always have 2 perfect stats, and legendaries and gift Pokemon seem to be similar, having a few perfect stats.
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« Reply #9 on: November 29, 2013, 05:54:37 pm »
^ I found a very specific TM guide Smiley
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« Reply #10 on: November 30, 2013, 06:58:07 pm »

I'll add it to the OP.
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