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The Coming Storm

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Author Topic: The Coming Storm  (Read 89 times)
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« on: October 28, 2013, 10:49:50 pm »

Many years had passed since Atticus Flynn, Emperor of Lejenda and the Seven Nations, was slain by the Swords of Justice. He had assumed power corruptly, by killing his father on Christmas morning and expanded his wicked grasp to the surrounding nations, slowly overtaking them all. He changed his title from Chancellor to Emperor within the year and crushed all opposition beneath his iron fist. If it weren't for the leadership of Queen Glacea of Navihielo, Flynn would have surely conquered the world. But Glacea, working from her Arctic palace, assembled what little opposition remained to Flynn and thus was born the Swords of Justice. Years passed as Flynn added to his empire and the Swords bided their time, gaining strength beneath the watchful eye of the Lejendian Secret Police.

It was exactly 13 years after Atticus killed his father, on Christmas morning, that Lejenda launched their blitz against Navihielo. Salamance fire and Flygon sandstorms ravaged the smaller villages in an instant and all that could retreated to the capitol of Glaceopolis. It was there that Glacea and the Swords made their stand. They pushed back against the mighty dragons of Lejenda, struck down the raiding Skarmory parties, and cut down man after man of Lejenda's army. Eventually the Emperor himself entered the fray atop his glittering Lugia. Leaping down onto the frozen earth, Atticus drew his sword and laughed for each member of the resistance he mercilessly cut down.

The battle raged for hours. No side seemed to gain the upper hand. As devastating as Atticus was on the battleground, Glacea was just as skilled. It was no surprise that these two would meet on the bloodied snow that ran redder than ever before. They steel and iron clanged as the blades hacked and slashed at each other. Sparks flew through the air and cries rang out as men on both sides lost their lives.

But it was Atticus' vanity that would betray him. He stepped back, pointed his blade at his foe and snarled a wicked laugh. As he lunged, Glacea was able to parry the blow from his heavy broadsword and impale Atticus through his chest.

He stepped back. Unable to believe that this woman could kill the mighty Emperor himself. But she had done it. And with that, the battle of Navihielo was over.

It had been many years since Emperor Flynn was killed in battle, and the times had changed dramatically. Lejenda was still under constant eye by the newly formed Alliance, headed by none other than Glacea herself. However, the small island had tried to prove itself time and again that they were finally worthy of the former trust and respect they once held. The new Chancellor, Miles Lawliet, seemed to be a peaceful man occupied with reviving the goodwill of the earlier world. And perhaps things were starting to look up for international relationships under the calm eye of Chancellor Lawliet. But the man was indeed a mystery. No one knew where he came from. Where he was educated. Who his family is. He appeared from nowhere, but he was peaceful and beloved by his people. No one asked the questions that no one wanted to really know the answers too. Chancellor Lawliet was doing the best he could for Lejenda.

But all questions, whether we like them or not, have answers. And all answers must come with a price.

Coming Soon

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