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A History of the Kingdom of Ice and Snow

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Author Topic: A History of the Kingdom of Ice and Snow  (Read 102 times)
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« on: October 29, 2013, 01:54:11 pm »

Ice and snow covered the world, and it became cold and darker than night,
The people despaired at the loss of the sun, but the ice began to shine brightly, illuminating the lands in a brilliant light,
And so appeared the
Queen of Ice.

Glacea originates from Navihielo, which is a country on the planet of Serenes. Navihielo is the kingdom of ice, well known for it's bitter cold terrain and the plentiful Ice-types and tundra stalkers. Articuno makes his home there, as well.

Glacea belongs to the royal bloodline of Navihielo. When Navihielo was created, Articuno was the only being there. Articuno grew lonely, and so created the Pokémon of the land. And for awhile, he was content with his creations. But as the other lands filled with humans, Articuno soon realized that it was only a matter of time before humans came to Navihielo. It was then that Articuno made his original four human children, of his own blood. These people were not fully human, per se, they were instead something entirely different. While they appear human, a great part of their genetic makeup is that of the great Ice Pokémon itself. Godlike, these beings have great power. Among the things inherited from their ancestor are the ability to produce various types of snow, their hair color (changes in response to climate- white in Navihielo, in more summery regions it can turn to a light brown), their pale skin, and their longevity (Navihielan royalty can easily live for well over one thousand years). It is easy to differentiate a Navihielan royal from a regular human, if one knows what to look for.
Articuno also created other humans to live in his land, out of the ice and snow. These people have no extraordinary qualities, aside from their great tolerance for cold temperatures. They have always served under the royal line.

Navihielo's people were established at the time that other nation's people were struggling to establish civility, and eventually governments, of their own. While Navihielo has not changed much since it was created, as it has not needed to. The nation consists mostly of small groups of people situated around a larger group. There are a number of valuable ores to be found around the land, which has led to several mines along the northern border of Navihielo. Some of the ores include the hardest, lightest metal in Serenes, a thermoresistant marble, and several types of valuable and sought after metals and stones, often used in jewelery and in weaponry.

Something of special mention is diamond dust. It is yet another thing found exclusively in the hellish cold of Navihielo, and arguably the most valuable. Diamond dust is produced by Articuno itself, or by the Navihielan royals. It can revive nearly anything, except for those who produce it. It can revive areas of land, heal injured people, and purify water, and more. The only thing that is an exception to these rules is reviving the dead. This was explained by King Fross as being impossible due to the fact that a body needs a soul to survive, and by the time someone has passed, their soul has departed, and it is impossible to revive them in such a way.

King Fross was the last king of Navihielo. He was known as the greatest king to ever rule Navihielo because of how he improved the lives of all Navihielans through international trade and through his exceptional rule. He had one daughter, Glacea. The rest of the Navihielan royals were sickened with a terrible disease, and died of it before a cure was developed, which was an unfortunate result of how few remained before the sickness struck. Fross cared greatly for his daughter and for his country. Those were his passions in life. He was a man of peace, constantly striving to maintain it between the nations neighboring Navihielo. He died in battle with Chancellor Damien, leaving Glacea to take his place as the ruler of Navihielo.
Excerpts from the texts:

"22 years ago.

It was cold outside, Chancellor Damien Prince noticed as he stood out his balcony window. The middle of April, and snow was glittering in the sky. It wasn't normal, but then again, most of what happened in his country wasn't. It wasn't a blizzard, just a small flurry, so maybe he was just imagining things. He looked down, at the masses of people below. Bounty hunters and traders mostly. Lejenda wasn't a prim aristocracy like other countries and not a classless empire like others. It was a small country, it's exports were the services of it's very people. He sighed, and continued to watch as the people went on with their lives down below. It was then that a glitter in the sky appeared in his peripherals. He focused on where it came from. It wasn't an aerobus or a messenger Pidgeot. It was something bigger, much grander, like an Articuno. No, not like one. It was one. And that could only mean one thing. King Fross of Navihielo was coming to see him. Damien shut his window and reached for his Chancellor's robe. Only to turn around and see Fross staring at him with his cold and beady eyes.

"I saw your Articuno." Damien began.
"Yes, I teleported here when we were close enough." The King answered motioning to his Gardevior.
"I see," he answered coldly, "What do you want Fross?"
"I want peace."
"There is no war." Damien answered firmly.
"There will be!" The King insisted.
"The treaty prevents it." Damien said, calmly, though his anger was rising.
"It tries. But war will come. If not for us, for our children. Drake, Glacea. Think of them." Fross pleaded as Damien turned away.

A minute passed before Damien was ready to turn around again. And as he did, he noticed, not to his surprise, that Fross was gone. A subzero chill where he stood."

"Enraged, Damien strapped on his breatsplate, helmet, and stormed out the door.

"To arms! My sword and Dragonite's armor! To arms!" Damien shouted as his soldiers readied themselves for battle, some taking bows to the ramparts, others boarding their Fearows with pikes and maces. Dragonite was waiting, in full armor and he released his fearsome war cry. A servant held Damien's black blade. Onyx, sharpened to perfection, stones taken from the Onix quarries below the city. A thin razor sharp strip of saphire ran down both flat sides, making even a flat strike deadly. It was forged in the forges of Blazi, when the island nation stilll existed, by a master smith and his Infernape. It was cooled in the electrifying waters of the Lanturn tanks in Tortuga, and it's jeweled pommel was made in Lejenda. Damien boarded Dragonite and gave the orders to persue and attack the people of Navihielo. An entire squadron of Fearow overtook Fross' guards and almost immediatly, Swellow riders fell from their mounts, dead, or to their deaths on the streets or the ocean below.

"It's over Fross. You will die along with your prophecies." Damien roared. The king solemny drew his silver blade, it's metal at a constant subzero temperature, enough to numb the body on contact. Damien charged, and metal rang against stone. Back and forth the swords locked, and back and forth did Ice Beams and Thunderbolts fly. Finally, a lucky strike. The lunge was taken and the stone blade entered the king's body, the shining black stained bright red with the blood of the good king. The king dropped his sword from his cold hands as it fell to the ocean below. He died as he fell from Articuno's back as Dragonite took the bird's neck in it's jaws. Damien shouted, and people heard.

"The king of Navihielo is dead! By mine own hands! Rejoice! Our troubles are over! We will ta-!" The words became stuck in his throat forever, for at that moment, an arrow flew through the air and struck true in his neck. With a final realization, Damien laughed as he saw his blood oozing from the gaping wound in his throat.

Damien Prince, Great Chancellor of Lejenda died that day. King Fross, greatest of all Kings of Navihielo died that day. And somewhere, the Lord of Venoth smiled. For turmoil would follow."
Glacea is the sole heir of the Navihielan kingdom. She is by no means "snobby", as some royalty is, but she has no issues with using her position when needed. She cares deeply for her people, and would do anything to protect them, even if it means charging into battle. She is known to be kind, but hard to read, and at times, hard to talk to. She does not visibly show displeasure most of the time (if she does, she is really, really angry)- instead, she causes a horrible chill in the air, which is made worse if she is looking at you. She is an expert in strategy. She is fierce in battle, and was even able to defeat Chancellor Drake of Lejenda. Although Glacea appears to be in her late teens, she is actually nearing one hundred years old. A shiny Glaceon is her Pokémon partner, and never leaves her side, if he can help it.

Written in conjunction by Kloud and Jay117
These are older texts. Ergo the writing style may be slightly different or contain some inaccuracies to the rest of the Warlords lore and mythos. 

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