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Kinfin's Egglocke: The Novelization (Please don't Post)

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Author Topic: Kinfin's Egglocke: The Novelization (Please don't Post)  (Read 124 times)
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« on: October 29, 2013, 10:32:39 pm »

Chapter 1

Neuvema Town. In the corner of Unova, the tiny town is where Professor Juniper chooses to keep her lab. And on this date, she has chosen to gift out a trio of Pokemon to the local teenagers who've volunteered to assist her in her research. Cheren, Bianca, and Kinfin. The three teens met in Kinfin's house when their package arrived. Here, they gawked at the red and white Spheres in the box before them.

"You go first Kinfin!" Bianca, the energetic ditz said in a shout!

"Yes, since your home is the meeting place, I believe the honor should be yours." Cheren almost sarcastically said in his usual prudish tone.

"R-right. This one." Kinfin picked up the middle sphere. Cheren and Bianca picked up the adjacent ones. Kinfin had picked out a Tepig. The Pig Pokemon.

"Alright! Now let's battle!"

"R-right now? Bianca, we've only just gotten our Pokemon..." Kinfin was clearly iffy about the idea.

"Yeah! It's the only way to see how compatible we are! Let's go Snivy!" Bianca called her Green Snake Pokemon to her side.

"I agree. A battle would be an excellent assessment of our potential. Oshawott!" Cheren brought out his snowball headed otter Pokemon.

"A-alright. Tepig."

After a few minutes, and a big mess in Kinfin's bedroom, Cheren had won both his battles, Bianca had won one and lost one, and Kinfin... well do the math.

"Alright! Let's go meet with Professor Juniper." Bianca ran out of the room.

"My apologies for the mess. I blame Bianca for it. See you at the Lab." Cheren calmly left the room as well.

Well, that went horribly. My first battles were total flops. Let's hope that I don't embarrass myself in front of professor Juniper

Kinfin exited his house as well, after explaining the upstairs situation. Juniper's lab was in the northern part of town. The teens gathered outside it and were greeted by the optimistic face of the lady Professor. She explained her task for the teens. To fill the pokedex, the Pokemon encyclopedia.  Together with their Pokemon, they'd travel the region, and discover every Pokemon, and find their calling as trainers.

Calling as trainers. Yeah, that...

The group of 4 traveled north of the town. Juniper gave the trainers a demo of how to catch Pokemon before handing them some Pokeballs, and heading off her own way, promising to meet back with with them at some point.

"Hey! Let's try and catch as many Pokemon as we can on Route 1!" Bianca raved as she sprang forward, Pokeballs in hand. Cheren shrugged, rolled his eyes, and walked forward as well.

Okay Kinny, now's your chance. Give it all ya got.

...or not. Attempt after attempt, catching anything was an effort in futility. On the other hand, his Tepig, which he had named Sizzley, grew stronger with each failed capture. Eventually, they all arrived in Accumula Town where some mysterious man was giving a speech about how you shouldn't enslave Pokemon. It didn't make much sense though. Pokemon and People have coexisted for well over 2000 years. After the crowd dispersed, Kinfin and Cheren stood discussing what they had just seen when a man with Green Hair approached them.

"Your Pokemon. They speak to me. Perhaps you can't hear them. Pitiable. My name is N"

"Okay... well's I'm Cheren, and this is Kinfin, we were assigned with the task of filling the Pokedex."

"The Pokedex... that would require the imprisonment of countless Pokemon. I too am a trainer, but I am often doubting. Am I making my Pokemon happy? Kinfin, was it? Let me hear your Pokemon's voices."

Kinfin and N were in a 1 on 1 battle. N's Pokemon of choice was a Purloin. A cat Pokemon of the Dark Type. Kinfin let out Sizzley. At first, the battle seemed like it would be a stretched out one. But Sizzley scored a strong hit with Ember. The burns across the Pokemon's face and neck were severe. It couldn't stand after that. Kinfin was mortified at the sight and fell to the ground, sobbing.

"I'm... I'm so sorry. It was an accident."

"No... I knew this might happen. But now you see why I'm against the imprisonment of Pokemon and using them for battle... Kinfin, continue your travels. We might meet again. Oh, and one more thing. There's something unique about you. Just as there is about me. Take care of your Pokemon, otherwise this might happen to yours as well."

" could this happen..." Kinfin was in shock.

"Normally Pokemon only faint when defeated. I didn't even thing this was a possibility. Kinfin, you might want to take his advice about being careful with your Pokemon." Cheren walked away.

"Oh, what are you moping about."

"Whaaa!?!" Kinfin was shocked to his senses. As he looked up, he saw the odd sight of a Nuzleaf with the face of Philosopher, John Locke."

"All that happened in that battle was that your resolved proved better than his. My rules were abided by."

The odd creature went on to explain what happened in detail. He was known as Nuzlocke, a Pokemon demigod who chose random trainers every few years to test the resolve of the race as a whole. basically, making sure they don't go soft. He explained that both Kinfin and N were chosen this time around.

"But there's one more thing. See, you've got a special rule to your challenge. Your attempts to capture Pokemon will always fail. Instead, if you want to use anything but that Tepig, or something that's handed to you, you're gonna have to work with the gifts of your Benefactors. Here, take these."Nuzlocke handed Kinfin a pair of Eggs, one Labeled, "From James", the other "From Daniel". "Hatch those eggs. They'll be your partners. I'll get you a new egg every area where Pokemon can be found in the wild. It'll be waiting for you right as you enter the area. Good luck. And as for that N character, your destinies are going to cross again. We'll see who has the better resolve." Nuzlocke disappeared.
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« Reply #1 on: October 30, 2013, 07:50:35 am »

Chapter 2

A test of resolve. Kinfin's efforts would be used to judge the human race. Knowing this somehow hardened Kinfin's heart a little. Kinfin made his way to Striaton City, eggs in tote. He didn't know the first thing about Pokemon eggs, just that they took a while to hatch. As he looked around the town, he came across the Pokemon academy where Cheren was studying.

"Oh, Kinfin, I see you made it here alright? I was just doing some research. You know, there's a gym in this town. The Pokemon League challenge tasks trainers with traveling about their region, defeating Gym Leaders to gain the right to challenge the Elite Four and the Champion. You should give it a shot. I know I will."

Intrigued in Cheren's Proposal, Kinfin investigated the Gym Building. A man with green hair was waiting just outside the door. He introduced himself as Cilan and asked what Pokemon Kinfin began his Journey with.

"Tepig huh? In that case, you'll be battling Cress. Better hope you have a grass type Pokemon with you."

"Wait wait wait. You ask me what Pokemon I chose so you could get a 1-Up on me? That hardly seems fair."

"It's the way of this Gym. We make you tackle what your weakness is to force Diversity and tactics, as well as to make you overcome a tough obstacle. But between you and me. Here, take this. It's a Pansage. Might help you out."

The Gym was a cafe. It wasn't that hard to end up face to face with the Butlers that ran the Place. Cilan, Chili and Cress. They almost looked related if not for the hair and eye colours. Kinfin was Pitted against Cress, the blue haired Water Specialist. Or so they called him. In reality, he just had a Lilipup and a Panpour. Between Sizzley's solo combat experience, and the new Grass Type, Chimtree, Cilan had given Kinfin at the door, the battle was easy. The really interesting thing happened when Kinfin left the cafe. A woman in a lab cote approached him. She introduced herself as Fennel, and asked for Kinfin's assistance. Apparently, she was on the verge of some breakthrough and needed a trainer to harvest some Dream Mist from a Munna. So off Kinfin was to the Dreamyard.

"Hey, get back here!" "No, YOU get back HERE" A crude voice yelled as Kinfin entered the yard. Upon investigation, a pair of people dressed as some sort of alien or something were chasing after the very creature Kinfin had been sent to find. And Bianca was chasing them. Kinfin stepped in.

"Oh, Kinfin, thank goodness you're here. These guys are bullying that poor Pokemon."

"Okay, now there's two of them. We've gotta do something about these pests before we can catch that pest." The two alien trainers brandished their comparatively Pathetic Pokemon, which were no match to Sizzley and Chimtree. After the alien men had been trounced, a man with way too much hair and WAY to baggy clothes appeared seemingly out of nowhere, telliported around a lot, scared the pokeballs off the Alien dudes, and disappeared. The two alien men proceeded to run off.

"okay... hey look, it's that dream mist stuff... Hey Bianca, thanks for standing around. I'm gonna go."


As Kinfin left the Dreamyard, he felt movement in his tote. As he pulled the eggs out, they began to hatch. Charmander, the Fire Lizard from Kanto hatched from James's egg, and Daniel's into Buizel, the Water Weasel. With his new Pokemon by his side, and the dream mist delivered, Kinfin continued his treck onward.
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Must...resist...creepy urges... too many witnesses... would look weird...

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