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Lake of... Rage?)*(Sign-Up

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Author Topic: Lake of... Rage?)*(Sign-Up  (Read 94 times)
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« on: December 27, 2013, 10:35:17 pm »

The Lake of Rage was a peaceful place-at least, as peaceful as a lake of full of Gyarados can be-and it had been since the Red Gyarados incident that happened a decade before. However, over the last month, strange things have happened. Many Magikarp have surfaced while fainted. A few Gyarados have been found this way as well. Some of the Magikarp have had signs of status ailments as well.

Why, I was only fishing for an hour yesterday when I came across a poisoned Magikarp. I'd say that a Tentacool was to blame if I were out on the sea, but how would one find its way here? -Raymond, local fisherman

Just two days ago a Gyarados popped its head straight out of the water by the shore while my son was feeding the Magikarp. I've never seen one surface so close to the edge of the lake! I pulled my little Joe out of the way as soon as I could, but the beast didn't seem like it wanted to attack. In fact, it had a burn mark spread across the left side of its head and neck. Good thing I'm always stocked up on status-healing items for my own Pokemon, because I had a Burn Heal handy lickity-split. But how in the world would a fish Pokemon get a burn like that underwater? -Lois, local trainer

The lake has also refused to enter flood stage for the last week, stranding a resident of the area on the northern side of the lake for four days. After receiving a distress call from his PokeGear, the man, identified as Wesley, was rescued by a traveling trainer who happened to have a duo of Unfezant that helped him to rescue Wesley. Authorities haven't discovered the reason for the lake's refusal to flood, nor for the status ailments inflicted on the Pokemon in the lake. Now-retired Gym Leader Pryce and his nephew, standing Gym Leader of Mahogany Town, Garrison, have both spoken on the recent events at the lake.

Nothing like this has happened at the lake before. Nothing particularly eventful has happened in all my years at this lake, really, except for the incident Team Rocket caused ten years ago. I doubt that this is the doing of any man, though. Something is going on naturally, I can feel it. -Pryce, retired Mahogany Town Gym Leader

I've got no idea what is going on. In fact, I'm only learning of these events as you're telling them to me. I don't know why this information hasn't been relayed to me. Please excuse me, I need to go investigate as soon as possible. -Garrison, Mahogany Town Gym Leader

This RP takes place in Johto, of course. The main point of interest is the Lake of Rage, but some events will take place in other parts of Johto. The plot will revolve around a group of trainers that are informed of the event in hopes that they will help with the investigation. None of your characters will know about the strange happenings at the lake; that knowlegde will come from some source within the RP.

Please don't use any Pokemon or moves from X&Y except for any of the Pre-Released Pokemon and Mega Evolutions. You can apply Fairy Type stuff, though. I still don't have either of the games so I don't know much about anything other than what was released before the games launched. I don't want to look into anything about them either because I don't want spoilers of any kind.


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