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Unnamed Hoenn RP (The Story Begins)

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Author Topic: Unnamed Hoenn RP (The Story Begins)  (Read 181 times)
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« Reply #30 on: January 12, 2011, 05:06:16 pm »

((I disagree. The point you're trying to make is rediculous. There is no description in manga or anime because its a cartoon! The description is the pictures!))
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« Reply #31 on: January 16, 2011, 02:49:34 pm »

((Restarting... Jay was right about me not being descriptive enough in my RPs like I am irl with my own stories.  I hope this post will patch it all up between us.  This is also going to be my new RP style with more of a balance of dialogue and non dialogue unlike my previous rp thing which was probably 85% dialogue, and thinking about everything I may have gotten quite defensive about my posts, but Jay was right about the balance being off.  Hopefully this is closer to 50/50.  I can RP, I know I can and I'm far fron useless (see: airavon), but I know there is always room for improvement and I should learn to take criticism better.  I'm not perfect, not even at stories despite it being a big part of my life.  I hope things can be ok, even though this RP probably would die anyway since obviously they do, but I wanted to do this post.  If anyone reads it through, I'll be very grateful.))

The moving van traversed through Hoenn's routes.  It had only just gotten off the ferry from Slateport's harbour.  Getting a fairly large van all the way from the Johto region was difficult, but it was carrying the wife and son of the new Gym Leader of Petalburg City and thus a change in the Hoenn region's Pokémon League lineup.  Finally after a long journey, the moving van pulled up outside of an empty house in the quaint town of Littleroot.  Out of the van came a few Vigoroth and Machoke, strong and experienced Pokémon who were used to carry the boxes full of belongings into the house.  A woman followed by her son Brendan came out of the van too and went into the house.

"It's different to Johto, but it's a going to be a new adventure for us and your father" the woman said to her son, with a smile on her face giving a good impression about the land of Hoenn.

"Alright" agreed Brendan "I guess it's time to find dad in Petalburg City since he left before us and is already setting up in the Gym."

"It's a bit soon for that" said Brendan's mother "We need to get settled first.  Why dont you go find the neighbors and say hello.  Our neighbor is Proffesor Birch, who is a friend of your fathers.  He has a daughter around your age too."

"I'll go and say hi then" said Brendan, walking out of the house; besides he didnt have much to do since the Vigoroth and Machoke did most of the work due to being bulky brute Pokémon.

Brendan strolled along towards the house Prof Birch lived in.  Conveniantly, every house in Littleroot had a sign in front saying the homeowner's names.


A helicopter landed in Route 101 which was just above Littleroot.  Route 101 was a small road with lots of greenery.  A few small Pokémon lived in the tall grass.  Large gusts of the wind blown by the helicopter caused a large ruckus.  The Pokémon fled deeper into the grass.  All the way from Mossdeep City, a boy stepped out of the helicopter.  He wore a blue shirt underneath a khaki coat that flowed in the wind caused by the helicopter.  He held his hands in his pockets and walked away from the helicopter down towards Littleroot Town.  The helicopter itself once again took off into the air.  The boy looked up at it, smiling.  His name Aryeh and he was going to become a Pokémon Master.  He had yet to explore the Hoenn Region and now with Proffesor Birch accepting recruits, he finally had the oppurtunity to do so.  Aryeh reached the door of the Pokémon Lab and walked in.  However noone was there.

"This is very anti-climactic" Aryeh said to himself as he thought hard about where to go next "Perhaps I should head back up to Route 101."


"Your mission...should you choose to accept it; is to apprehend a meteorite containing an alien virus" said a person hidden within the shadows, he used a machine to disguise his voice, making it deep and booming.

"I will do so" replied a girl "I will get this meteorite from Rustboro City's Devon cooperation and then bring it back to base."

"Good luck Luna" replied the scary sounding voice "Soon we will use its powers as our plan B in our quests providing Plan A doesnt work, which it will anyway."


As Brendan walked through Littleroot Town, Aryeh was making his way back to Route 101.  However neither of them knew that they were in eachother's path and were about to meet eachother.


Because he was reading various signs, Brendan didnt see where he was going and therefor he bumped right into Aryeh.  Brendan fell back on the ground which was luckily only just soft grass.  Aryeh pulled Brendan up off the ground.

"Thanks... I'm so sorry about that" said Brendan "I wasnt looking where I was going and..."

"It's ok" replied Aryeh, laughing a bit "No harm was done."

"I'm kind of confused today since I've only just moved here all the way from the Johto Region" Brendan sighed, he was quite worn out from the long trip across the ocean.

"That's very far to go" said Aryeh.

"I know" agreed Brendan "Though I've been told to find our neighbor Proffessor Birch and say hello, but I've gotten lost."

"Lost!" Aryeh laughed loudly "This town is tiny!  Anyway, I was just at his lab and he was not there.  I'm assuming he is out doing field work so I'm going to head back up to Route 101."

"Profs doing field work.  I dont believe that.  Prof Oak of Johto and Kanto never leaves the lab, he sends kids to do it for him" Brendan grinned.

"This is a new region, so a lot of things can surprise you" replied Aryeh.

"So do you live here then?" Brendan asked.

"I am here for the Hoenn League!" Aryeh exclaimed, trying to look tough.

"I didnt know this region had a league too!" gasped Brendan.

"Well you only just moved here."

Brendan nodded in agreement.

"Anyway, I gotta go" said Aryeh, beginning to walk off "Bye!"


He trudged through the mud and finally made his way into Littleroot Town.  His name was Gold and he was the Champion of the Johto League, of course here in Hoenn that meant absolutely nothing.  Gold's hair was slightly crazy and it came out of his hat.  His grumpy face took your eye away from that though.  The grumpyness of it all was not something you'd expect from a powerful trainer who once defeated an evil group called Team Rocket.

"This new region will be owned by my awesome Johto powers!  I might not be allowed to bring my Johto Pokémon over but this stupid place will be dominated by me - Gold!  I beat Red for gods sake!" exclaimed Gold, the arrogance overcoming him.

Sadly for him, Gold was not allowed to bring his Pokémon fron Johto over to Hoenn.  "Compatability Issues" the people called it.  Gold was not impressed.


Brendan had reached Birch's house and knocked on the door.  A woman answered the door; it was Birch's wife.

"Hello!  Oh you must be Brendan" smiled the woman "We were expecting that you would come over.  My husband isnt here at the moment as he is up in Route 101 studying.  You know how proffesors are!  Anyway my daughter is upstairs if you want to say hi.  I'm sure you two could be friends."

"Sure; I'll say hi since I'm the new neighbour" said Brendan.

Brendan walked up the stairs.  Normally walking up stairs was easy, but he was worn out and they felt twice as long as they really were.  The only thing keeping him going were the thoughts of the new adventures in this region.  He already knew that it was going to be a lot more fun than Johto ever was.  He may even be able to get his own Pokémon at some point.  He knocked on the door of Birch's daughter's room.

"Come in!" shouted a voice "The door's open!"

Brendan slowly opened the door and stepped into the room.  A girl was going over her belongings, packing things into a bag.

"Hi there" smiled Brendan "I'm Brendan, nice to meet you."

The girl spun around to face Brendan.  She held a Pokéball in her hand. 

"My name is May" she replied "You must be our new neighbour.  Anyway I have to go because I've just been packing some stuff because my dad has just given me a starter Pokémon and I'm heading out on a journey."

"It seems everyone is going on a journey besides me" said Brendan disapointed "I guess I'll probably be bored in Hoenn."

"Then go on a journey too!" May laughed, she knew that a journey could be so much fun and though she didnt know if she was taking on the league or not, she was definately going to research and capture Pokémon in order to assist her father in learning everything about Hoenn's wonderful Pokémon.

Brendan didnt entirely know what to say.  He weakly smiled.  He wanted to go on a journey but he didnt know if he was able to do.  For starters he didnt have a Pokémon of his own, not to mention he had only just moved here and didnt know anything about the region itself.  His thinking was cut short as May rushed past him and out the door.

"Gotta run!" May said quickly as she wooshed out of the room.

Brendan made his way out of Birch's house and made his way up to Route 101 himself.  Maybe he'd have luck catching a Pokémon or something.  After all, he was always a good friend Pokémon and perhaps he could achieve the same results here in the Hoenn Region!  Maybe he wouldnt need to actually battle the Pokémon and he could get it to join him without the need of a Pokéball.  He smiled at the thought of being surrounded by tons of Pokémon, all smiling and being happy.  The room in his imagination, was filled with tons of cakes and baloons and other party things.  Maybe he'd be a League Champion here and have tons of epic parties to celebrate.  His fantasy ended though as Aryeh walked back up to him.

"Little soon for a party dont you think" said Aryeh.

"What?" Brendan was shocked since Aryeh knew what Brendan was imagining.

"You were mumbling to yourself about parties" said Aryeh.

"Oops, I didnt notice" Brendan felt embarrased.
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« Reply #32 on: January 16, 2011, 04:02:46 pm »

((so, have you just started over Aryeh?  (btw, i've barely followed this little tussle about rp stuff betwee you adn Jay, but those look good) but anyway, sicne Aryeh supposedly just started over, is it possible for me to join this?  I haven't RP'd in forever))
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« Reply #33 on: January 16, 2011, 04:32:48 pm »

((so, have you just started over Aryeh?  (btw, i've barely followed this little tussle about rp stuff betwee you adn Jay, but those look good) but anyway, sicne Aryeh supposedly just started over, is it possible for me to join this?  I haven't RP'd in forever))

((I disagree. The point you're trying to make is rediculous. There is no description in manga or anime because its a cartoon! The description is the pictures!))
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