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Pokemon Black and White Guide to TM's, EV training, and more!

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Author Topic: Pokemon Black and White Guide to TM's, EV training, and more!  (Read 14774 times)
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« on: March 14, 2011, 02:16:24 pm »

Pokemon Black and White Alternate Formes Resource

Alternate Forms

Starting in the third generation, Pokémon have gradually been getting alternate forms. These forms have a variety of different obtaining methods. Several adapt based on location such as Burmy & Wormadam, but there are now many others and some with complex methods of changing form. This page is to detail the new form changes and the way to get the old ones who have a different method to obtain the forms than last gen.

#550 Basculin

Changeable?: No

Basculin is the first Pokémon you'll encounter with different forms. This Pokémon has two forms, the Red Stripe Form and the Blue Stripe Form. These forms are not interchangeable and are dependant on its appearance at capture. The Red Stripe form is the form found during play on Pokémon Black and the Blue Stripe form is the form found in White. However, you have the ability to find the other forms in the other games through use of the new Wild Pokémon encounter method where Pokémon will appear randomly it bits of water.

In addition to the change of appearance, the forms can have different abilities. While their Dream World ability, Mold Breaker, and their second ability, Adaptibility remain constant between both forms, each form has a different potential ability based on the version. It is currently unknown as to what specifically changes the ability as both forms can have Reckless and Adaptability, but Rock Head is possible to get in some Basculin and is obtainable by the Blue Stripe Form within the trade in Driftveil City. However. In addition to this, each form has a different possible hold item, at a 5% rate of having the item.

#555 Darmanitan

Changeable?: Yes

Darmanitan's form change is unique in that not all Darmanitan have the ability to do it. If you have evolved a Darmanitan from Darumaka, then you will not be able to get his alternate form. To get this form, you either need to get a Darmanitan off of the Dream World, or get one of the six that are sitting outside the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort.
These Darmanitan have the ability; Zen Mode which, when Darmanitan's Hit Points get to be less than 50% of their full value, Darmanitan will change into Zen Mode. This change is radical and changes both Darmanitan's stats and his type.

#585 Deerling & #586 Sawsbuck

Changeable?: Yes

Deerling and its evolution Sawsbuck each have four different forms. These forms are dependant solely upon the season that is currently in play. As the Season is not controllable by you, you have no control over what form these Pokémon take. That said, if they are in the box at the time of the seasonal transition, they will keep their current form until the next change. The forms have no difference in learnsets or stats but are merely an aesthetic change to show off the new mechanic of the seasons.

#648 Meloetta

Changeable?: Yes

Meloetta is an upcoming event Pokémon and also has two different forms. These forms differ in both stats and type. To change the form of Meloetta, you need to take it to the café in Castelia City where you'll meet a character who will teach it a brand new move. This move, Ancient Voice, will allow you to change Meloetta's form at will, however it only changes when its used in battle.

#386 Deoxys

Changeable?: Yes

Deoxys' four forms make a return within this game. When you have sent Deoxys over via the PokéTransfer in Route 15, you can take it to Nacrene City where a meteorite is on display in the museum. Interact with this meteorite with Deoxys in your team and you'll be able to change its form. You can't select the form, but it does cycle through them in this order; Normal Forme -> Attack Forme -> Defence Forme -> Speed Forme

#479 Rotom

Changeable?: Yes

Rotom's five alternate forms make a return within this game. When you have sent Rotom over via the PokéTransfer in Route 15, or received it in the trade in the same route, you will be able to take Rotom with you to the Department Store in Route 9. In this store, there is a room with multiple storage boxes. Interact with this box and you'll be able to change your Rotom's form. These Rotom all have special attacks that can only be used while in that form and, as a new addition, they all now have a new type replacing the Ghost-type in their new forms.

#487 Giratina

Changeable?: Yes

Giratina's alternate forms are also present within this game. After you have defeated the Elite Four, when you go onto the Cycling Road in Route 16, you will encounter the members of N's squad known as Dark Trinity. Out of apology, they'll give you items; the Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb and most importantly, the Griseous Orb. With this item, you can attach it to Giratina and Giratina will change its form to its Origin Forme

#492 Shaymin

Changeable?: Yes

Shaymin's alternate forms are also present within this game. After you have defeated the Elite Four, when you go to the Lacunosa Town Pokémon Centre with a Shaymin from an event that you've transferred over from the fourth generation games, talk to the lady here and she will give you the Gracidea key item. This item will change Shaymin's form between 5am and 8pm each day.
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