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Title: The Adventures of Jmizz and Bacon/ Black
Post by: Jmizzking on September 11, 2011, 10:11:21 pm
Jmizz a hardy nature trainer has already gotten his second badge with his new and becoming stronger friend Bacon.... Bacon Longs for another pokemon friend to share the times with. Jmizz is picky  ::) sorry Bacon they will come....

         My team as of now
#006 Emboar Lvl-38 moveset- assurance, arm thrust, rollout, heat crash
#077 Zoroark Lvl-32 moveset-Foul play, night slash, pursuit, faint attack
#032 Gigalith lvl-32 moveset- Rock blast, smackdown, power gem, Rock slide 
#000 Victini Lvl 15  event ut my love

Title: Re: The Journey of Jmizz and Bacon/ Black: Diary
Post by: Jmizzking on September 12, 2011, 08:39:14 am
Team plasma's sinster plan to just take peoples pokemon as they please is really bothering me and bacon.... As we were training to fight the third gym leader i introduced bacon to zorua... Bacon seemed to enjoy the fact how playful zorua was and zorua liked to turn into bacon just for kicks... We also ran into a solid rock looking pokemon named Roggenrola which looked interesting enough to join our team, and plus i had to find some use of my only dusk ball a kind man gave me.   ;D

Ps- Jmizz still in search of the pokemon that will always remind him of victory and wishes on a star as he sends Roggenrola into dream world to get the zoroak c-gear skin............ :-X to be continued...........

Title: Re: The Adventures of Jmizz and Bacon/ Black
Post by: Jmizzking on September 12, 2011, 06:48:39 pm
Jmizz continues on his intensive training but bacon chose to sit out and watch the newbies train. Zorua and roggenrola are doing great i love zorua speed so far and madly in love it roggenrola defense. Roggenrola deserves some fresh water because now he's a gigalith. i finally found a Victini now we cant lose its the 5 of us right now and we are heading too Burgh's gym shouldnt be sooo hard right?

See yaaaaa!!!!!

Title: Re: The Adventures of Jmizz and Bacon/ Black
Post by: Jmizzking on September 13, 2011, 01:21:27 am
I knew something about victini presence would bring victory. Bacon and Gigalith pratically took turns in the fight against Burgh. I wished zorua could have fought but something about bugs drives him crazy and he refused to fight... Victini on the other hand stood by my side and cheered with me. What i didnt know is my pokemon had gotten the virus pokerus but just Bacon, Giglith, and my ut love victini, but i saved the game and came back n it was gone and replaced with a face showing it was there what about Zorua!!!!!!! comeback pokerus..... lol well anyways After i got the third gym badge i left a recieved a phone call from one of my good friends Bianca who i guess had a once and a life time chace to train with Iris.... Iris didnt even invite me. I mean i didnt even get to say goodbye the last time i seen her... well bianca wanted to try her  news tricks I accepted and i won. zorua begged me to let him fight soo i let him kill her Munna lol *faint attack*. What i realized was she had a all girl team she's sooo sexiest no wonder she lost. But i think bacon kinda had a thing for her servine it got him all heated just being around her omg never seen bacon like that... well except for that one time some cute pokemon had charm as its ability.... As we proceed to Route 4 Cheren was waiting for me someone please say stalker... He challenged me and bacon wanted to take his dewott down they always had this im better than you thing about eachother. Bacon insisted i let him use the new move we had been practicing heat crash but i knew he just learned it and hadnt perfected but dewott kept hitting him with his stupid shells soo i allowed it. Bacon Roasted him... We came on top once again.

Yay team!!! Lets Go Professor calls!!!
To be continued.

P.s.- Interesting stuff i noticed about Bianca, Cheren and I. We all had four pokemon. Bianca and Cheren matched there main pokemon color with there clothes, i dont think it was on purpose >_> <_< who knows