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Title: Kinfin's Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge Story (Read only)
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Title: Kinfin's Chronicles
Status: Incomplete
Chapters: 7+

Chapter 1: One Life to Live

It's a rough world out there, or at least it is for me, or at least, I'm lead to believe it is. Why do you ask? Well, it's like this. It all started early this after noon. We were finally arriving at out new home in Littleroot, that is, my mother and I were. I was placed in the back of the moving truck to keep an eye on the fragile things. Of course I'm not fragile, I'm just the only son in the family. But I digress. Upon the arrival, I exited the truck to find that a majority of the furniture was already unpacked. Good to know I can trust a moving company that employs Pokemon slaves workers. I'm kidding of course, they're actually pretty efficient. I was given the simple task of preparing a few simple  that require small fingers to operate before I could explore my new town, which I promptly half-assed. However, upon taking a few moments to look around, I noticed that there were only two residential buildings in the whole 'town'. I use town losely because we're also in the middle of a forest.

Regardless of how backwater this place is, I decided to introduce myself at the neighbor's house. Again, notice the singular tense. But all b*tching aside, the neighbors were pretty nice. A woman, her rather well endowed daughter, and apparently, there is also a father involved, who is a researcher on Pokemon behaviorism. I had stopped by the lab prior to my visit, but apparently, said Professor, whom goes by the name Birch, was currently doing some field study. Curious, to meet the man who lives next door, I decided to wander my way north. I was, however, shortly thereafter met by some hollering of deafening proportions. Apparently, Birch had set aside his bag to examine something, when he ticked off a Poochyena. When he saw me, he frantically asked me to go into said bag, and use one of his Pokemon to defend him. Maybe it was the heat of the moment, but I jumped into action, blindly grabbing a Pokeball, and calling upon it's inhabitant.

"Go, Torchic!"
What? The Torchic was three levels above the thing. I don't even know why Birch couldn't just kick the thing off of him, other than his apparent Tree Hugger personality. But I digress again.

Shortly after the fiasco, we, that is Birch and I, returned to his lab, where he proceeded to praise me for my potential and blah blah blah, words words words. I honestly couldn't care less. But he did say that he would give me the Torchic as a gift.

Enter; Harland
Species: Torchic
Gender: Male
Ability: Blaze
Nature: Hardy

He also said something about me going to check on his Daughter, May, who should be on Route 103, North of Oldale, North of where I met him. With nothing better to do, I decided to indulge the old guy. Heck, someone along the way even gave me a Potion. Upon reaching the location in question, May, rather perkily, asked me to battle her.
What? It was back and forth Scratch and Tackle. And yes I did use that potion, but still, she was easy... to fight I mean. Anyway, that bad word choice aside, post battle, May began to trot back tword Littlerood, beckoning me to follow. Not like I was going to get anywhere sitting here, so I followed her. Upon returning to the Lab, I was treated to even more praise on my ability and blah blah blah. This time, they gave me some Pokeballs and a Pokedex, the 'Pokemon Encyclopedia'. But most of the pages are empty. Lame. Then they said something about a journey, collecting data. I weighed my options. Sit in the poor excuse for a town for who the hell knows how long, or actually go and see the region. Which do you think I chose? But this is where the weird part that I mentioned in the beginning happened.

Shortly after leaving the Lab, I received a brick wrapped in paper being thrown at me. After collecting myself, I noticed the paper was a note that read,

You now exist within this realm
Upon you is placed the stress of hell (terrible rhyme by the way)
The bounty nature has once to give
Shall make good use? Or shall waste it?
Within your hands, is skill must meet
To gain the key to set thy free
But if thou fail to meet the test
Within this realm, your fate shall rest

"What the hell is this garbage?" Was my immediate reaction. Of course, saying that resulted in another brick, and another note. This one was a little more detailed. Something about limited catching and Pokemon can only faint once, and if I ever want to return to 'my own realm' I need to meet these tasks. That provoked me to question the legitimacy of the notes. I but you can guess what happened here? This note said tow words.

"Behind you"

I turned to see what looked like a Nuzleaf, but with the face of John Locke. Which then proceeded to say "That's real. You should listen to it" before rushing off. Skeptical as I was, I figured it was a challenge, and from what I know about being a trainer, a challenge is often begged for. You're on Twilight Zone Bricks.

On my way out of town, my mother rushed up to me, with an awkward looking pair of  in hand. Apparently, Birch had told her about my journey and such, and was giving me these running shoes as a way of seeing me off. They're pretty nifty. They uses compressed air to propel one's self forward at a greater pace. I figured I'd use them.

Off into the Route where I met Birch, my challenge began. And with that, I caught my first Pokemon

Enter: Mary
Species: Wurmpul
Gender: Female
Ability: Shield Dust
Nature: Lax

And with that, I started to grow a bit tired. I suppose today was a bit hectic. So I went to Oldale and got a room at the Pokemon center. Free single bunk rooming for trainers. Pretty sweet. All they needed was my name.


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Chapter 2: The Journey of a Thousand Miles

..begins with but a few steps. And today were my first few steps.

Enter: Dainn
Species: Poochyena
Gender: Male
Ability: Run Away
Nature: Naive

Enter: Lyn
Species: Zigzagoon
Gender: Female
Ability: Pickup (Love this ability)
Nature: Inpish

Mary evolved into Cascoon
Notes: Ability changed to Shed Skin

Okay, I realize that was probably a lot to take in, but let me explain. I woke up pretty damn early today to train Mary, who was Level 2 when I caught her. Compared to Harland, who was level 7 at the time, I knew if I didn't train her, she'd be nothing but a weak link. During my training, I decided to check out what I could find in Routes 102 and 103, where I met Dainn and Lyn respectively. My training montage then had to be adjusted to include them.

Suffice it to say, I'm tired as hell, so this chapter might be a bit shorter.

You might have also noticed the note I put next to Lyn's ability, right? The reason I mention this is because over our little training session, Lyn found about three Nuggets and 2 Super Potions. So not only is she making me rich, she's also contributing to the team's success. I'm probably going to keep Lyn around for as long as I can.

There's also the Matter of what happened to Mary. She evolved into a Cascoon upon reaching level 7. Con't say I didn't expect it. The moment she learned Poison Sting, I started to spam it, and I have heard rumors that depending on what move you use more often determines how a Wurmpul will evolve. I'm not entirely sure if this is true, but from what I've seen, it holds water.

Now, to move along to my short travel progress that I made. I actually only bothered to go through route 102 before I stopped, but before getting a room at the Pokemon center, I decided to go see my Father, the Gym leader here at Petalburg. He was rather pleased to see me as he had been contacted by mom that I was on my way. We were talking about conditions of me possibly battling him when a twiggy kid with Green Hair and a bad cough came in. Apparently, his name is Wally, and he had arranged for a loan of a Pokemon from my father so he could catch a Pokemon of his own as a traveling companion since he was moving away for the sake of his health.

Now comes the part that agitates me. My father asked me to go with Wally so that I could make sure he didn't die trying to catch something. This isn't the part I have a problem with. As we went into route 102 to find something for him, he was nervously stuttering the entire time. I also don't have a problem with this. What I DO have a problem with is that the FIRST thing he saw was the incredibly rare, super elusive Pokemon Ralts. Don't get me wrong, I like Dainn and all, but I was and am sufficiently jealous. It was at that moment that the vibe I got from Wally changed. At first, he just seemed like the kind of shy kid who would likely have confidence issues, but now, he seems like the stuttering, socially awkward kid who will somehow end up dating the hottest supermodel around.

But I digress.

After getting Wally back to the gym so he could return my Father's Zigzagoon, he went on his merry way, getting ready to leave for Verdanturf town. Meanwhile I had a talk with my father about that battle. He said that he didn't think I was ready yet and that I should come back once I have four other badges. Tedious as I sounds, I figure that It kinda makes sense. If I were to fight his Slackings now, I'd be finished. So the deal was made.

It was around now that my exaustion caught up with me. I checked in to the local Pokemon center and decided to take a nap. Maybe I'd continue later, but for now, I'm bushed.


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Chapter 3: WTF Pirate?

Okay, so, I was positive pirates didn't still exist until today. But first, I should explain a few details.

Enter: Wright
Species: Taillow
Gender: Male
Ability: Guts
Nature: Quiet (Gah!)

Enter: Jane
Species: Slackoth
Gender: Female (It's been going back and forth?!)
Ability: Truant
Nature: Careful (More Gah!)

I decided to move my training to the west, and into the forest a bit. That's how I met these two. I'm hoping I can get past there weaknesses and unleash there potential. Besides, my father makes good use of the Slakoth family, so it should be fine.

Anyway, back to the point at hand. The forest is where I had my thought tossing encounter. I was finished training and wanted to move along, when this guy in a suit ran up to me. Apparently, he wanted a Shroomish. No offence to Jane, but you and me both pal. Especially for what I have to do now, but 'm getting ahead of myself. Anyway, he was asking me if I could help him out some, when a guy in a striped shirt and a bandana who you could smell from ten feet away, came out of nowhere, yelling something about goods. I wasn't paying too much attention, but the guy sent out a Poochyena to try to attack the guy in green. Now of course, I wasn't going to stand for this. That's where Harland comes in. He had just learned ember from out training, and with the STAB, plus the out-leveling, well, the poor Hyena didn't stand a chance.

So after pirate guy went off somewhere else, Man in green started to thank me and blah blah blah. When will people learn that if you're going to ramble, I'm not going to listen? But he gave me a Great Ball and invited me for a tour around the famous Pokemon Goods manufacturer, Devon Co., later. Pretty kick ass deal.

So, I continued through the forest, and when I emerged, some random Kid spit seeds in my face, then gave me a CD that will let me teach my Pokemon how to do it. Gross, but I might find use for it later. I also stopped by this florist place. They gave me some berries (Did I forget to mention that I've been picking those up?) as well as a watering can.

So after bursting my way though some trainers that didn't stand a chance, I arrived in Rustboro. I was shortly informed of a Gym in the area. I figured Devon could wait a bit, so I went over to the place, but upon taking a look at the sign, I noticed a key detail. This is a Rock Gym. I have no grass types (this is where that thing I said about Shroomish before comes in). I also have no water types (I would have loved a  or Wingul for this). Soooo yeah.

The way I see it, I have two options. Either
A) I can train my @$$ off until I'm strong enough to handle this place, or
B) I can hope I get lucky in the areas ahead.

I kinda don't trust my luck, but at the same time, I also kinda do. And since it'd make more sense to try B before A, I think I'll go for it. But first, I feel a break is necessary.


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Chapter 4: Why I'm So Tired

Okay, after this morning, and now what I've just gone through, I'm definitely done for the day. And I partially blame my kind nature on it. First thing's First/

Enter: Alexis
Species: Whismur
Gender: Female
Ability: Soundproof
Nature: Relaxed

Enter: Baggumaru
Species: Nincada
Gender: Male
Ability: Compound Eyes
Nature: Brave

Yes, this is the order I caught them. What I did was, since my sources, and by that, I mean I asked around, say that the only Pokemon in Rustturf tunnel are Whismur, but they also show up outside, I used Repels to get to the cave and catch a Whismur there. That way, I could rule it out outside, which is good, because I wouldn't have gotten Baggumaru otherwise. Unfortunately, I couldn't find use for either of them at the moment, so they're in the box right now.

As for what I did about the Gym?

Mary Evolved into Dustox
Notes: Ability Changed to Shield Dust. Type changed to Bug/Poison

Harland Evolved into Combusken
Notes: Learned Double Kick

You see where I'm going with this, right?

When I went into the gym, I went in with Harland as my lead, finisher, and ace. He Kicked his way through everything in the path. Roxanne's Nosepass almost gave me a scare, and her Potion use was annoying, but I pulled through.

VICTORY! Obtained the Stone Badge. The Stone Badge allows usage of the Hidden Machine technique 'Cut' to be used outside of battle. It also raises the attack of the owner's Pokemon.

So that's nice. But now comes the reason for my annoyance. I was going to take a nap after that massive training spree, when a distinct and familiar stench ran by me, as did a man in a recognizable suit. For what was likely the same reason I helped Birch, I ran after hearing the green guy's plead for assistance.

Running after that foul fiend, I also came across and old man who was blubbering on the ground. Apparently, a Pokemon of his, by the name of Peeko, was taken hostage by the same guy I was tracking down. I figured I'd help the guy and kill two birds with one stone. No offence Wright and Peeko.

The Pirate happened to be the same guy from before. And he apparently didn't even spend half the training time I did. I let Jane use Yawn to put his Poochyena to sleep, and let Lyn go berserk with the Headbutts. Very nicely done if I say so myself.

After retrieving the Goods and the Wingull, (did I mention it was a Wingull?), and returning them to there respective owners, the Old man by the name of Briney, said that he would repay me somehow. Meanwhile, the man in green took me directly to the Chairman of Devon himself, President Stone. He gave me a, rapidly increasing in popularity, Pokenav as a way of thanking me. But then he asked another favor of me. He asked me to play delivery boy for him by taking the goods to the Harbor in Slateport, and on the way, deliver a letter to his son, Stephen, who would be on Dewford. I curse my kindness as I said yes. But presently, I have no plans on how to get to either location. I guess I'll have to sort if out later though. I am bushed.


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Chapter 5: Near Death Experience

Okay okay okay. I nearly had a heart attack. That was stressful as hell. Sweet mother of Arceus. Phew. Give me a second. I'd tell you straight away, but there's a bit of stuff that happened first, and I don't want any grey areas. Just, let me breath for a moment. I really should not be writing now.

Okay, so this morning, I woke up feeling better than ever. That's the thing about working yourself to exhaustion. When you do get some rest, you feel like you've slept for three weeks, in a good way. That's when I remembered the favors I promised Stone. I had no idea how to get to Dewford or Slateport. The Rustturf tunnel was blocked off when I went there yesterday, and the only other way was by sea. I was clueless. But I figured sitting around on my @$$ was getting me nowhere, so I took a stroll around town.

That's when I ran into May, I mean that literally too. I rounded a corner, and next thing I knew, we were both flat on our @$$es. At least the impact was soft.

"Oh, hey Dylan!" She rather cheerily said as soon as she realized it was me.

"May, right? What're you doing here?" I said, half pretending to care.

"Oh, I was just doing some research for dad. Gathering some data. Same old some old. You?"

"I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get to Dewford and Slateport. The only way to Slateport by land is blocked off, and I don't have any means to travel by water."

"Ya know, I passed by Mr. Briney on my way here. Maybe you can ask him. He lives on the Petalburg side of Petalburg Woods."

"Maybe- wait, did you say Briney?"

"Yeah, do you know him?"

At this point, my eyes kinda lit up. Time to pay your debt old man. "May, I owe you one!" And with that, I ran off.

So a few cliff hops later, and I was back on the other side of the woods. Right away, I saw the old man's house, and more importantly, his boat. I'd say I basically burst through his door, but he actually doesn't have one. I guess you don't need one in the tropics if you don't have a dehumidifier. But that's not the weird thing. The weird thing is that when I cam in, the old coot was running in circles chasing after the Wingull. Strangest sight I've ever seen. Regardless, I interrupted to ask my favor of the guy. His exact words were,

"After all you've done for me, such a simple task is asking too little. Of course I'll lend you my assistance."

And with that, we set sail.

Upon our arrival, I noticed a Gym on the island. A Fighting Type Gym. This would be a problem, but I figured delivering the letter was more important. From what I gathered from the locals, Stephen was in the local cave. Well, that and a fishing rod. (Get it? Gathered? Someone just gave me the thing)

Enter: Lucah
Species: Tentacool
Gender: Female
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Nature: Rash

Enter: Gertrude
Species: Geodude(ette)
Gender: Female
Ability: Strudy
Nature: Quiet

I decided that for now, I'd use these two instead of Jane and Dainn, but I'll still manage them with the team. More work? Yes, but will it be worth it? Most definitely.

Now, when I was in the Cave, some dude told me that use of the move Flash would be necessary. I disagree. All I had to do was follow the wall. Sure, It was dark, but it was a small cave anyway. It didn't take me too long to find that Grey haired guy named Stephen. He thanked me for making the delivery with the ability to teach Steel Wing to a Pokemon. Maybe later...

Now comes the hard part. The Gym. Fortunately, that cave put me where I needed to be... more or less.

The Good thing about the place was that the only 'Puzzle' involved was the darkness, and you know how I handle that, right? The trainers other than the Leader were cakewalks too. But the Leader himself, well.

Since this was actually interesting, I'll wright the details of it out.

I lead with Harland. I figured since he was almost level 20, he'd be able to clean house, right? Wrong. I got Brawly's Machop nearly down twice with a flurry of Pecks, but moth times, Brawly healed with a Super Potion. Then came the part where he got the upper hand. If I healed, he used Karate chop, which was nerve-wracking every time. If I even tried to attack back, and he got a Crit, Harland would have been down for the count. He couldn't stay in. But who else could It have been? Everyone else would either be hit harder, or be at huge risk from the Seismic Toss he revealed early on. Two of either of those could spell certain doom for everyone except...

"Go, Mary!"

Mary was a good 5 levels below that Machop, but fortunately for me, his attacks hit for nothing. Mary used confusion all day until finally, Machop had fallen. Then came Makuhita... actually, I had no reason to fear now. Three Bulk Up's later, and it was doing nothing still. It didn't stand a chance, until It for a critical hit! Mary barely pulled though that Knock off, but she did. And with a final confusion, it was over. Amazing, my level 19 Combusken had issues, but me level 12 Dustox cleaned house.

The way I write it, it sounds less stressful than it was, but trust me, my heart was pounding.

Still, victory came my way...

Victory! Obtained the Knuckle Badge. The Knuckle Badge allows use of the Hidden Move 'Flash' to be used outside of battle. It also earns respect from all Pokemon level 30 and lower, even those obtained through a trade.

And with that, I headed to the Pokemon center, to collect myself. Next stop is Slateport. I'll be heading there soon, after I level my head out a bit...


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Chapter 6: Pirates in a Museum?

Annoying buggers. That's what they are.

So when I woke up today, I met up with Briney again. He was more than willing to take me to Slateport. Pretty convenient actually. Upon looking at a map, I could continue my conquest of Gym towns by land from there. But I digress. Along the way, I noticed something odd off the Port bow. It looked like some piece of wreckage of a ship. SOmething I'll want to look into later, for sure.

The beach at Slateport was very hectic, but I eventually came across a shack selling soda to shoppers with skill (try saying that that five times fast). After a few battles, I had earned a free six pack, but with what this stuff does for Pokemon and the price of the stuff, I quickly turned his giveaway into 'Buy five, get one free' (for those of you bad at math, that means I bought 30, for a total of 36)

So after looking at this busy city for a while, i found the place called the Shipyard. It's where they build the big boats with a purpose, and It's also where I had to deliver Devon's goods. But unfortunately, I couldn't find the guy I needed to find. Apparently, he was at the museum of oceanic science. Sounds thrilling, right?

Actually, it was a lot more exiting than you'd expect. The place was packed with guys dressed like the pirate from before. In fact, that guy was even there himself. He cowered at the sight of me. Hehe. But anyway, back to the business at hand.

I found the guy I was supposed to deliver the goods to, Captain Stern, on the second floor of the place. We were about settled when a duo of the guys from downstairs trotted in, and tried to use there Pokemon to kidnap the guy. Not on my watch.
WHAT? Those guys were pathetic. Between Harland and Mary, they didn't stand a chance. But then another guy came into the room.  He looked like a Pirate too, but not as stupid as the other ones. He said his name was Archie or something feminine like that. And he also told me that he'd let me slide this time but next time, he wouldn't be so easy on me. Please, I could kick that bandanna off his head with one over my eyes.

But with all that cleared up, and nothing else on my plate in this city, I decided to take a short break before heading off...


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Chapter 7: I've Been Gone

Now I'm back. I've been training for EVER to get everyone up to speed.

Enter: Lilac
Species: Oddish
Gender: Female
Ability: Chlorophyll
Nature: Modest (BOOYAH)

I was aiming to get all ten of my teammates up to speed. I'm not planning on using Alexis, mainly because I have Lyn and Lyn is awesome. By up to speed, I meant level 15ish. But I digress.

Walking north of Slateport on my way to Mauville, I ran into boobies May (I'm kidding of course), who with her always perky attitude, forced me to battle here.

Shroomish Vs Mary, Mary wins (Gust)
Numel Vs Gertrude, Gertrude wins (Magnitude)
Marshtomp Vs Lilac, Lilac wins (Stun Spore and Absorb)

Yup, that'll do.

After the battle, May spoke words that I don't care about and then gave me an itemfinder... I hate dowsing...

But I digress. I continued onward to Mauville where I immediately spotted the gym. And in front of the Gym, was someone I never expected to see...


"Kinfin! Hey!"

"Umm, why are you trying to go into the gym?"

"Because I want to prove that I've been getting healthier and stronger with my Ralts. Hey, I know, will you battle me? That'll show just how much we've grown."

"Um, sure I guess..."

"Thanks, I'll give it my all"

Dainn was literally untouchable.

"Sorry to kill your thunder, Wally."

"Um, yeah, it's fine... hehe. Well, so much for that. If I can't even hold a candle to you, I don't stand a chance in the gym yet. Well, I guess me and uncle will be heading home to Verdanturf now. If you're in the area, stop by."

"Will do."

Sickly shrimp. But I digress. It's time to wreck the gym. The type of the hour? Electric. The trainers and puzzle were so simple to handle that I won't regale them to you. But the gym battle? Also easy as hell. but at least the leader was peppy at first. Note how I said, 'At first'.

"Woahahahah! So, you want a battle for a badge, eh? See if you can handle my undodgable bolts of Ligh-"

K.O. Gertrude wrecked him with Magnitudes.

"Okay. Well, that was short... here, take the Dynamo badge. I'm going to... think of some new strategies."

Not bad for a day's work if I do say so myself. But now, I'm tired, so I'm going to take a nap at the Pokemon center.