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Title: Roleplaying Rules
Post by: Scarlet Spider on May 21, 2010, 12:34:29 pm
Roleplaying Rules

1- Grammar, Spelling, etc etc.  Please be correct when it comes to grammar, spelling, etc.  Use Capital Letters, full stops, spell corectly (if you really can't spell something right because it's hard, then fine, it's not your fault), dont have awful grammar in posting.  It messes up the story and makes it bad quality.  Plus it may be hard to read someone's posts.  In the past, I've had to leave RPs because I cant keep up with the fact some people's writing has been terrible.  We all wanna enjoy RPing with eachother, but to do that, it needs to be good quality.  If you make a Typo, I understand

2- God-Modding and Power-Modding.  When it comes to being an RP character, you may be tempted to break this rule.  Dont make your power too strong, dont be unbeatable.  The story and the adventures you face, must be a challenge.  If you just sweep through everything and survive everything, like an Arceus/Blissey hybrid on crack, then you are just going to take away all the enjoyment out of the story.  Power-modding is also bad.  Power-modding is controling someone else's character.  It's annoying and people might not want you to do something with their character.

3- Playscripting.  *sigh*, why do people have to resort to playscripting.  Remember that RPs a story, not a script.  Playscripting is a rule break in any self respecting RP.  It also limits what you can do in a scene, because it's mostly dialogue along with a really bad way of trying to show description and action of what happens in the scene.
Aryeh: yush, this is a rule break, I shall ban hammer myself now
Ongoing Spectator: But you has no ban hammer
Aryeh: I left it in the car, be right back
Yes, playscripting is annoying.  What is even worse is when people do everything in *stars*  I've seen put actions, and even dialogue in stars.  It's terrible.  Also avoid doing the RP in present tense.

4- Don't ever, break the Fourth Wall!  It's it the solid foundation that keeps any story alive.  This includes talking to the audience, or if someone makes a mistake, you make a post like:
Aryeh laughed "it's spelt failure, not falure"
Those posts are so annoying.  This also includes suddenly knowing someone elses plans.
person 1:
"I'm going to go to them and I'm going to fight them" Aryeh decided to himself.
person 2:
"Aryeh has decided to fight us!  We must attack him!" said the really lame RPer
When a person makes a plan, you may know it, but your character doesnt.  Don't suddenly be psychic and read everyone's mind.  It breaks down the Fourth Wall along with the entire RP.  Also, try to keep your posts at the correct time of day.  If it's the middle of the day IN the RP, don't suddenly say it's nighttime.

5- Machine-Gun Posting.  This a rule to prevent people being left out.  If not all of the RPers are on and they start posting and RPing so much, like it goes over a page or two, think what will happen to another RPer who comes on and has seen that the RP has basicly gone off without him!  It's not nice to Machine-Gun post in an RP, because it ruins it for RPers who are online.  So when you are posting in the RP with someone else, or a couple of people, just remember that other RPers who are offline, are still part of the RP, so in order to keep it that way, make sure they are included and dont let the RP trail off without them.

6-Virtual Battling;
When it comes to having a Pokémon battle in a Roleplay, sometimes it can get pretty difficult.  People end up controling other people's Pokémon... people say the others lose... things like Surf and Water Spout take forever to KO a little Chimchar.  So this topic is going to give some advice on how to Pokémon battle properlly without any problems like god modding or arguments.

• This is probably the most important thing.  Discuss what will happen in the battle Out of Character before the battle starts.  This lets the trainers maturely decide who wins, and how long it takes, etc etc.  This will avoid foul play and make the RP continue nicely like a good story.  If ever I battle someone in an RP, I'll want to discuss with them what happens first... who wins or not, how it could affect the plot, which of our Pokémon faint and stuff.  It really makes things a lot easier and lets the story flow still without chaotic interuptions.

• Don't Ever Power-Mod!  If you a battling them, and then you say something like their Pokémon fainted, Then you are Power-Modding which is actually breaking an RP rule.  The trainer of the Pokémon decides if there Pokémon faints or not, otherwise you'd be controling their character which is Power-Modding and is bad.

• Remember to not God-mod or do anything like having your Chimchar survive 3 million Surf attacks from a giant Kyogre.  Be sensible in this.  Your opponent isnt allowed to control your Pokémon, but you have to control your own though, so dont do anything ridiculous like that.

• If you really want, you could have a real Pokémon battle.  If it wasnt a real battle, I'd suggest discussing what happens in the battle first, otherwise then both of you wont know what will happe and it will be crazy.  However the only way for no problems coming from the fact neither of you knowing what happened, it to have a regular real-time Pokémon battle.  However you cant use your regular teams, you gotta use your RP Pokémon... but if you dont have them, try using Shoddy Battle for it.

I hope these guidelines helps you.  I highly suggest following them, otherwise there will be lots of trouble when you guys battle eachother.  ^_^

- Aryeh

Title: Re: Roleplaying Rules - The Tiers
Post by: Scarlet Spider on May 21, 2010, 12:49:51 pm
To avoid people with bad grammar and bad Roleplaying skills and such, Kloud has implemented the Tier System.  When someone makes a Roleplay on Ludicom Forums, the creator can give a person a Tier of A, B or C

A- The good advanced Roleplayers... people like Sakashi, Kloud, me ;) ;)

B- Pretty decent Roleplayers.  They arent the best of Roleplayers here, but at least there posts are understandable and do ok.

C- Bad Roleplayers who have bad English, and break Roleplay rules like God-Modding

So if you want to keep bad RPs out, then give your Roleplay a tier.  If your RP is tier C, then all people are allowed in.  If the RP is Tier B, then the people who are C are not allowed in.  If the RP is Tier A, then only the Tier A people are allowed in.

Good luck with your RPs :D

- Aryeh