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Title: Interactive Furry Fic :3
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“What is that thing?” the little kitten had heard as she woke up next to her mother.

“I don’t know, but I bet it’s worth a fortune,” a second voice had said. “Are you sure you don’t want this creature?”

“I honestly don’t think I would have the patience for getting what it is worth. As long as you give me 20 percent of what you make off of her, I’ll just trust you to sell her for me after house breaking her.”

“Do you think it will be difficult?”

“Well, she’s part animal, isn’t she? Surely, it’s going to take some time to teacher what a toilet is.”

“You might be right, but it is strange the way she can moved her legs and other body parts like a human girl, isn’t it? I wonder if she will walk on all fours or only on two legs when she gets bigger.”

“I couldn’t tell you. This is the first time I’ve ever seen an animal born this way. I bet she will have as many human characteristics as she has animal though when she’s bigger.”

“And you are sure that you don’t mind if I take her for a while, raise her, then try to sell her?”

“Not at all. Just remember my cut when you sell.”

That was a conversation that Saori had long forgotten, but which had started her life away from her normal panther mother which had been killed protecting her. The hunters took her home to one of their homes, and she became a baby in his house.

Chapter One


Thirteen years later, there was a strange girl dressed completely head to toe in shabby human clothes, but which had fur covered arms and legs protruding from a blouse and skirt. The girl had large cat ears on the top of her head, and her face was dark with a white chin and a couple of white lines near the eyes. She was a panther-girl of the likes that the known world didn’t know.

“Saori!” George shouted to her. He had been her surrogate father since she could remember. “Time to get up baby.”

Saori slept at the foot of his bed like a cat normally does. He had put her in clothes, and even tried to teach her some human behavior, but she was more or less treated like a cat rather than a human girl.

“Purr...” she responded as he shook her awake.

“Are you going to make me some breakfast?” he asked her. She was a house pet, but there was something she could do that no other pet could do. She could cook and she could clean house. George was supposed to sell her about three years ago, but he just couldn’t get around to it, especially now she knew how to cook.

“Purr….” She responded.

George went to take a bath in the bathroom while Saori stretched, yawned, and stood up on her hind legs as though she were human. Actually, her legs were quite more human than her ‘arms’ were, though she did have human-like hands with the exception of retractable claws.

Saori started to lick her fur into place much like the grooming a cat does when it first wakes up or when it is about to sleep. She didn’t like water that much, but she would take a bath when George insisted that she needed one. Most days, however, when she was left alone about it, she would groom herself like a panther and then call it good enough.

Saori walked to the kitchen, and turned on the water flattening her rather prominent ears in a detestable way was she ran her ‘paws’ which were more like human hands with five fingers and opposable thumbs with the only difference being she had claws between the finger slits at the end of each finger instead of human nails. She swiped at the water playfully as she tried to judge the temperature. What was worse than the wet stuff messing up her nicely groomed fur, was if it was too cold or hot.

Finally, after a couple of swipes at the stream of water flowing from the faucet, she washed her paws the way George wanted her to before she made his breakfast. Beyond washing her paws, she also had to put on gloves that went to her elbows because if she didn’t wear them, he would complain of cat hair in his food.

Saori pulled on her gloves, which were nearly the same type as for humans cleaning places they thought was gross or something. She then got out a pan and bowl and started to make up the batter for waffles.

George had just started the water in the shower when she had started to mix the batter.

“Purr…,” she said to herself. She understood human speech quite well, but she didn’t like the way her voice sounded, so she usually refrained from speaking as much as she could, though she did know how to use the English language.

The waffles were nearly done when George came into the kitchen dressed in a striped button down shirt and dress trousers.

“Purr…,” Saori looked from the last waffle she had just cooked to George.

“Saori? Why are you being silly? I’ve told you that once you are awake, I expect you to talk normally.”

“Ye-ahhh!” it came out like a cat hissing rather than the yeah it was meant to be. “I know,” the eerie hiss continued. It was actually something between the sound of a loud whisper and the angry sound of a cat. “I just don’t like talking,” she finished in her peculiar whisper.

“I know, but how do you expect to get better at it, or to be accepted by others your age if you can’t talk, Saori?”

“Accepted?” she asked her left ear flattening for a moment while her mouth hung partly open exposing her pink tongue. “Who do you think will accept me?”

George smiled. “Surely someone will.”

“If you thought that, then why am I not at school?” she asked in her hissing voice.

“I’ve told you already several times. Kids can be cruel, and that’s why I’m going to wait until you are 18 to introduce you to other young people. Kids will pull your tail and make fun of you, but young adults can be a bit more forgiving.”

“I doubt that,” the whispering sounds continued from the girl.

George shook his head. He really didn’t know if waiting was going to do any good for her or not, but at least she couldn’t get angry and kill someone if he watched her. There was no question that her claws and her canine teeth could be deadly to a human if she were to get in a fight.

“Well, just sit down to breakfast, alright?”

Saori nodded, her ear once again perking up to its normal position.

As usual, they had their normal breakfast and then he went off to a place he called work though she really didn’t know anything beyond the house that they shared. Sometimes, she wanted to know what it was like outside, but she was a little scared to explore and he never took her out.

Saori washed the dishes and cleaned his bedroom up while he was gone, and then she went to the living room and curled up in the chair to relax. She really didn’t understand television that much, but she did like to read once in a while, when he brought back some easy to read books. Most of the things she could do were because he had taught her.

Saori’s diaper felt warm and wet under her skirt, but that was one thing that he didn’t really teach her about taking off or putting on a new one. He had always done it for her since she could remember, and this morning, he had just been in a hurry and forgot, so she’d have no choice but to stay like that until he came home. She would try not to wet it too soon again because she knew from experience, that after the third use, it would start leaking.

At around two, Saori stretched and opened her eyes which though normally seemed like normal human blue ones, at the moment, glowed a strange yellow color, as the pupils had become larger and darker. Her ears picked up the disturbance in the distance, and her body told her that something was about to happen outside that always frightened her.

Suddenly, the smell of rain reached her nose, and she arched her back defensively as she prepared for the loud noises of the thunder to fill the room. A few minutes later, that is exactly what had happened. She jumped nearly a foot from the floor and hissed. Then, she ran for the bed and under it, quite quickly and nimble as you please. She was half cat after all.

Another crack of thunder caused her to wet her diaper again, but she didn’t mind that so much as she did the storm raging outside. She never liked storms.

“Master! Where are you?” she wanted to call out. She knew he was at a place called work, but right now, she wanted to believe that work was just a place he went to get a break from her, and actually, he was close enough to hear her if he wanted to.

Continue from here if you read the above:

Shaking, Saori stayed under the bed for nearly twenty minutes until the lightning and thunder had passed. When it had changed to just down pouring rain, she climbed out from under the bed and shook herself off. Her skirt and blouse were dusty and dirt clung to her arm fur. She sighed. She had to take a shower now, even though she hated the water.

Saori walked to the bathroom and took off her blouse. Beneath it, her fur mostly covered her chest because she was still too young for it to be that noticeable. She had no undershirt or bra because the fur made it impractical for an undershirt. A bra would not be needed for a little longer though her nipples were starting to peak through her fur.

She slid down her skirt along her black furry legs. The fur was just visible, but if you looked close enough, if someone did care to shave her, there was a bit of pink skin that could be seen under it that made her look a bit more human. Thankfully, the master did not think shaving her legs was necessary, and she loved her fur.

Pulling down her diaper, the thing was drenched in yellow pee, her butt was clearly cracked like a human one, and the tail had extended from the tail bone of her half human form. It was just right, that she could raise her tail out of the way when she put a diaper on and the diaper still kept her from peeing all over the floor. It was good that she rarely had to poop because that would be a different matter.

She looked down at her vagina. It was also mostly hidden by fur. Pubic hair was almost non-existent because of the fur that already covered her, but around her butt and her vagina, the hair was much lighter so that the pink of her privates could clearly be seen.

Saori used her hands to brush the dust from her fur around her arms and legs and then she climbed into the shower raising her head above the spray as she most detested water on her face. Then she let the water matt her fur down and wash off the dust and the pee along her privates.

Nearly fifteen minutes later, after she had thoroughly soaped up her fur with shampoo and washed it cleaned, and she had taken a wash cloth and wiped at her face until it felt light of any dirt also, she got out of the tub and shook herself vigorously. Fine spray flew in all directions thoroughly covering the walls, the toilet, the sink, and everything else in the bathroom including the dirty clothes on the fall. Saori didn’t think anything of it. To her, it didn’t matter. She would clean up the bathroom from top to bottom whether she used the shower or whether George did.

She gathered her clothes to be taken to the laundry. Now, however, she faced a problem. Once she had put her clothes in the wash along with some of George’s, she had to redress herself, and she still didn’t really know how to put on a diaper properly. She sighed and just put on a blouse and skirt leaving the diaper off for now. It wasn’t like she’d see anyone, but still, she now had to be careful of where she was when she had to pee. He would definitely be very upset if she peed on his carpet.

Hours later, George came home to a nice clean house and a surprisingly well groomed and shiny fur Saori.

“Did you take a shower?” he asked her surprised.

“Yes, mast-ah,” her near hissing voice whispered through the air.

“I suppose you are naked under your skirt then, are you?”

She nodded, both ears going back flat against her head.

“Don’t be upset,” he whispered to her. “I know you can’t help it, but you know, I should have you wearing panties. You are a bit too old for diapers.”

She looked at him curiously.

“Why don’t we go get you some in a little bit?”

Saori smoothed down her skirt. “You mean you’re going to take me out?” she asked him.

“Yeah, I think I should. You have to learn to live in society sometime. But you need to be extra careful and stay very close to me. You may not realize this, but you are worth a lot of money and bad people would kidnap you to sell you into a zoo where you will be kept in a cage and gawked at by others. They won’t put clothes on you, and they will laugh at your funny body.”


“Yes. So promise to obey me so I can protect you?”

Saori nodded.

“Alright, I’ll help you get a diaper on because if you pee all over the store a lot of people are going to get upset.”

Saori didn’t even know what a store really was. She had seen glimpses of it on TV, but even TV confused her. It was always about a life she didn’t know anything about. How can someone do those kinds of things they did on TV. At her house, she knew only one thing. She slept at the foot of her master’s bed, and he kept her dressed decent and fed while she did most of the house chores.