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Title: Ludicom Forum Rules
Post by: Kloud on March 24, 2010, 10:44:03 pm
Breaking the Rules

   A-All staff will be keeping an eye on the forum constantly. However, if you find someone breaking the rules, it is up to you or other members to report the posts, and to alert the moderators or admin about it, if you want something done.

   B-If a person does break a serious rule or does something to interrupt and disturb others, they will get a warning via a PM. Details of what will happen to them and what they have done will be on the PM. Do not argue about it, and just accept it, so you don't get yourself in more trouble.

   C-The second time this happens, without warning they will temporarily be banned for a short time period. We will not tell you when the ban will start, or when it will end. It will most likely end within 2-4 days, but it can be longer or shorter depending on how serious the offense was.

   D-The third time, you will be banned again for a longer period of time. The IP Address might become locked/banned, and it may be like that for a very long period of time.

   E-Do not evade bans or let a banned member use your account. If you are banned, do not try to make a new account, change your IP, etc. to get back. This will only result in more permanent IP bans.


   A-DOUBLE POSTING will not be tolerated. There will be specific times to use it only, which will be discussed on the part: I-EXCEPTIONS.
To avoid consecutive posting, follow the short steps below:

When you create a post when you have a post of your own right above, then you have a way to put them together:
  1. Select "Modify" on the top right corner of your post.
When putting it, just say "EDIT:" then post what you need to say. save it, and there you go.

   B-OVER DOSING on smileys, ALL CAPS or any lack of punctuation should be avoided in all the Forum. It is best if you do this in Social Boards in the appropriate topics, or in the Spam section. Anywhere else these posts would be considered spam and will be removed.

   C-WORDS and CHARACTERS you use in each post should be of a limited amount. You cannot have any one word posts. The minimum for each post is four words (aside from the Spam board, in which one word posts are fine). Try your best to make it in sentence form, and make sure it is reasonable and readable.

   D-OFF TOPIC posts are a major source of spam. It tends to happen accidentally. We urge people to try not to get off topic, but there will always be the moderators to watch people when they get off topic. They don't mean to get people mad, and they wont do it unless they are far off the main topic. It is the members responsibility to try not to get off topic. If you are too off-topic, the topics may be split.

   E-BUMPING topics are not allowed. You cannot "bump" a thread or topic over a month old. When you do, it will be locked. You always have the power to make a new topic for your own topic about it after the month has passed. When you do "bump" a topic, do not say bump. Make it over 4 words long, and less noticeable that you are trying to bump the topic. Please be patient, if you don't get an answer in your topic after being create, then you just need to wait. If you continue to bump it you will get in trouble.

   F-SWEARING is fine in small doses. However, overdosing on swearing or using it to insult someone is not allowed.

   G-SPAM is not allowed. Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages are posts with little relevance to a topic and the other posts. Members of this forum are not allowed to create posts that are devoid of content or invaluable text. Try to avoid this type of posts so you wont get in trouble. If we detect a member who is constantly making spam posts he/she will get a warning via a PM, and all the spam will be removed.

   H-EVERYBODY IS TO RESPECT OTHER MEMBERS. Do not flame, bash or insult other people in your posts. If someone acts uncivil, or harasses/intimidates you, you are not given the excuse to act the same in retaliation, instead, use the report to moderator button so we can take action. Language in the forum must not be offensive to others - words such as "gay" when used in a derogatory manner must not be used. Do not press upon other members' religious beliefs. Name-calling is not permitted, this includes words like idiot, retard, etc. Do not harass other users, including about spelling/grammar. This rule still applies to members of other sites, INCLUDING PPN.

   I-EXCEPTIONS when double posting are made if the thread is over a week old. You can post in it again, but do not say bump, and make it so noticeable you want the topic to continue by saying bump. It is the only time you will be permitted to double post if not a social or spam topic. Also, if the topic has been taken off the first page, and less than a week old. You are permitted to double post so it can be seen again, then one of the moderators can connect your two posts, while having it back up.

Flame Wars

   A-Do not start flame wars, do not take part in them, and report the topic to the moderators. Flame wars happen, and it is hard for them to be stopped. Flame wars degrade and decrease the forums reputation and the experiences for other members.

   B-There is never a right or wrong person in a flame war. So do not make people join one another side. Do not get people involved, and do not make things worse than what has become when it happens.

   C-Never have flame wars public. When one starts, always report the message, or PM a moderator and do not reply to the person who is starting the flame war. That way only that person can suffer the consequences and you wont get in trouble too.

   D-Flame wars will cause new members to dislike the forums, and the bad reputation continues there. No matter how much you want to fight back, just don't and do the right thing to do, report.


   A-When it comes to mini-modding, the rules are simple. It is perfectly allowed for a person to do so in small doses. But it is not permitted for the person to take control of the situation and bring it his/her own hands. That is the actual moderators job. When an actual moderator shows up, the mini-modder should cease and allow the actual moderator to handle it.

   B-If you notice a person double posting, or something along those lines, you have permission to tell them to edit the post. But if it is something unallowed, just report it and let the actual moderators change it.

   C-If anyone ever feels like there is one individual who is taking advantage of mini-modding, please contact one of the moderators via PM and/or report the moderator with proof of what he/she is doing.

   D-Do not assume the role of a staff member if you are not one. If a message violates the rules, use the "Report to mod" feature and we'll handle it.


   A-You are only allowed to have one main account per person. You may have other accounts in case of an emergency where the other is unable to be used for certain reasons like being hacked, or forgetting your password. Only one account should be used, and the other account should not be used for sending Arcade scores or altering the reputation of members.

   B-If you are found with more than one active account, you will be notified and very deeply warned. If a person EVER suspects a person having multiple accounts and pretending to be a new member, report it straight away with the following details:

1-Why you think this is true.
2-Give the accounts that you think are run by the same person.
3-Anything else you wish to add.

We will always PM the person who reported it to let them know what is going on, and actions will take place.

   C-DO NOT give passwords or information about your account to anyone except moderators or admin when needed. Be sure to keep it as protected as possible.


   A-There are certain types of advertisement allowed and disapproved of. Be sure not to create so many topics about advertising, and try not to advertise things that are not permitted or it will get removed.

   B-Certain advertisements approved of would be if you want to talk about your own forum, website, other sites you know of, or if you want people to come onto a certain blog or live broadcast, is perfectly allowed. But however, you cannot over do it. Make a maximum of two topics related to it, and do not brag, wine, beg, or argue to others that you want them to view or join what you advertise.

   C-Advertisements that would be disapproved of would be ads unrelated to Pokémon, ads to get money, if a new member posts advertisements everywhere related to the category it will stay for the time being, but if not, it will be removed. NOTHING inappropriate in public viewing is allowed under any circumstance(PM certain links if you must, where it is not viewable to younger viewers but be warned what you link to others and who you link it to).


    A-SIGNATURES and AVATARS are permitted to everyone. Anyone can have them, as long as it is appropriate in a PG level. Cartoons, Bands, or anything in those categories can be put up. NOTHING sexual, violent, or offensive to a person is allowed. If someone has a problem, PM a moderator to see what they can do. Also, do not put links to dangerous/offensive websites, if you do you will get in trouble.

About the signatures, there are some size restrictions that you must follow:

1. The total width of your signature image(s) should not exceed 800 px.
2. The total height of your signature image(s) should not exceed 500 px.

Maximum size example:

However, you may have more than one image, or have a slightly larger image as your signature as long as it is not excessive. You can also add other images like adoptables, etc. But don't fill your signature space with huge images, a lot of images or a lot of adoptables. Try putting them side by side, organize them so your posts doesn't look huge and so you don't annoy other members. If you have a huge signature, it will be removed and you will be warned.

   B-PICTURES are allowed. As long as it has to do with the appropriate topic conversation, and has nothing offensive, violent or sexual in it, it is allowed.

If you would prefer not to see any signatures, you can turn them off in your Profile -> Look and Layout Preferences.

   C-PERSONAL PHOTOS are allowed. As long as it has nothing of you being violent, sexual or to get people offended. It is at your own risk to put up personal photos, just make sure it is in the appropriate topic where you put it.


   A-There should be no direct links to ROM downloads or ROM sites. The same goes for anything else that can be pirated: software, movies, etc. Be sure to follow this rule or you will get banned.

   B-From now on, please PM one of the moderators or Admin to see if it is okay to put up a certain ROM made of your own or in that similarity. Most likely we would allow certain ROMs made by yourself to be put up in the correct boards, as long as it is safe, and nothing illegal is taking place.

   C-Do not ask for illegal content, discuss cheating devices or cheat codes. This includes episode downloads, Gameshark, Action Replay, ROMs, etc

   D-Gameshark/Action Replay/Codebreaker and other cheat codes posted on these forums are not endorsed by Ludicom, and improper usage could result in permanent data corruptions to your game(s). Cheat codes posted by Ludicom members are not verified to be legitimate and using them is solely at your own risk. Ludicom is not responsible for any damage brought forth to your game(s) as a result of using any such codes.

Ludicom Forum-wide Rules

   A-RESPECT the site in general. Treat it with care and make sure it can always be a safe place to be. Be sure to respect others, if you do have problems with a person, ignore the person and report the person if you need to. There will be no flaming of people.

   B-BE AWARE of the topics made. Try to not create the same topic that was already made.

   C-DO NOT question any bans that we issue. Bans will only be issued in a very serious situation, and while we are willing to tell you why a member was banned, we will not revoke a ban because you feel it was unfair. Do not petition or in any other way attempt to push or force us into banning/unbanning members.


    -Being a new member does not give you a temporary immunity to the rules, so please read them and follow them.
    -Do not quote really huge posts in any topic to avoid lag.
    -Don't change your username every day, and don't change it into a very long one or to an inappropriate one.
    -Don't ask or hint about how good of a staff member you would make. If an addition to the staff is needed, we will notify everyone.
    -Contact one of the staff members if you have an issue (via PMs) or post a topic in Site Discussion.
    -Read topic-specific rules, if present.
    -Read board-specific rule topics, if present.
   E-ALWAYS have fun and follow the rules.

Title: Re: Ludicom Forum Rules
Post by: Kloud on March 24, 2010, 10:48:29 pm

1. Hidden boards: There are hidden boards for members who have reached a certain post count. These boards are for the discussion of mature material, as well as the posting of material that is more private (such as photos or talking about more personal things, such as problems or relationships). Access to these hidden boards are a privilege that can be taken away at any time.

There is a second hidden board for members of the Blessed rank.

2. Karma: The Karma feature should not be abused by members. If you abuse this feature, you will lose the ability to modify the karma of others, and if it becomes a big issue, the feature may be removed altogether.

3. PPN: This is not a place to complain about PPN. Members are perfectly welcome to discuss PPN in the designated topics in a respectful fashion. Discussion of PPN is not to take place outside of the designated topics or be disrespectful, moaning, complaining, etc. It's fine to express your distaste about something, but do it maturely and respectfully.

Title: Re: Ludicom Forum Rules
Post by: Kloud on May 21, 2010, 06:26:50 pm
I edited the rules a bit more so that they better reflect the rules in practice here.

Title: Re: Ludicom Forum Rules
Post by: Kloud on March 27, 2011, 05:17:12 pm
Another edit. Nothing major, just an addendum that probably isn't needed... But better it be mentioned and unneeded than needed and unmentioned. ;)