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Title: JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl
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Fanart made by Kloud for my Nuzlocke Run (based on Chp 17)

I liked reading through the Nuzlock Challenges so I thought it would be great to do one myself, plus I though it would be nice to do one last challenging adventure through Sinnoh before BW.

I will be doing a runthrough of Pokemon Pearl and writing my progress here one a day or once every other day, like a journal entry.

I will be following these rules while playing through Pokemon Pearl:
1. Any Pokémon that faints is considered dead, and must be released.
2. The player may only catch the first Pokémon encountered in each area, and none else. If the first Pokémon encountered faints or flees, there are no second chances.
3. No duplicate captures, if I should enter a route/area and the first encounter(s) is a pokemon I already caught, I may continue searching until I find an uncaught pokemon.
4. I must nickname every pokemon I capture.
5. Considering a black out/white out to be "game over," even if there are Pokémon left in the PC and the adventure must start again.
6. Banning the use of potions and healing items, relying only on Pokémon Centers for healing.
7. No trading is allowed except with an in game NPC.
8. Holding items and berries are allowed.

The following post will contain my Progress Data which I will update daily. After that will be all of my chapters, please feel free to comment ton my progress and work thus far.

Thanks for reading! :)

Title: Re: JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl
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Progress Data:

Trainer Name: Aidan (ID: 41843)
Rival's Name: Aryeh

Pokedex Count: Seen -  Caught -
Current Location: Canalave City
Badges: 7

(I am further along in the game than in the chapters again, I have already beaten Team Galactic at Spear Pillar, caught Palkia, and am training him in the meantime as the 6th member of my team)


 Empoleon (Jetstream) Timid - Male - Torrent LV46
Moves: Grass Knot, Blizzard, Bubblebeam, Surf
Item Held: Wise Glasses

 Luxray (Shadowbolt) Lonely - Male - Intimidate LV42
Moves: Spark, Thunder, Charge, Crunch
Item Held: Amulet Coin

 Crobat (Nightwing) Naughty - Male - Inner Focus LV40
Moves: Fly, Confuse Ray, Roost, Cross Poison
Caught in Dusk Bull

 Medicham (Mindstrike) - Adamant - Male - Pure Power LV42
Moves: Ice Punch, Force Palm, Meditate, Hi Jump Kick
Item Held: Fist Plate

 Girafarig (Pearlpower) - Rash - Female - Inner Focus LV42
Moves: Psybeam, Stomp, Shadow Ball, Psychic
Item Held: Mind Plate Caught in a Premier Ball

 Bibarel (Bucktooth) Sassy - Male - Unaware LV21
Moves: Cut, Rock Smash
Caught in a Safari Ball


 Shellos (Rainstorm) Timid - Male - Storm Drain LV8
Moves: Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Harden, Water Pulse
*Caught in a Heal Ball

 Ponyta (Starlight) Bold - Female - Flash Fire LV15
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
*Caught in a Heal Ball

 Staravia (Braviary) Modest - Male - Intimidate LV16
Moves: Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor

 Bidoof (Bucktooth) Quiet - Female - Simple LV5
Moves: Tackle, Cut

 Pachirisu (Dawnie) Adamant - Female - Run Away LV29
Moves: Endure, Swift, Sweet Kiss, Discharge
Caught in a Great Ball

 Unown (Alphabet) Serious - Levitate LV20
Moves: Hidden Power

Mystery Egg

I also have Mystery Gift and will be getting the 3 Crown Beasts on this game, but I will not be using them at all, so far I have Raikou.

Dearly Departed:

 Starly (Mamepato) Gentle LV6

 Geodude (Stonehenge) Docile LV7

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Prolouge - Chapter 10

After watching an exciting episode of "Search for the Red Gyarados" on Jubilee TV, my Mom told me that Aryeh was looking for me, so I went over to his house and he bumped into me *thud*. We went to Lake Verity to search for a Red Gyarados, but someone was there, an old man and a cute girl, but they left. Aryeh went into the tall grass *he never listens to his mother* and I followed. We found a briefcase which must have belonged to the two people who left, while wondering what to do with it 2 pokemon came out of nowhere and attacked us! *I warned Aryeh* The briefcase fell open and 3 pokeballs were inside. I chose Piplup! We beat the Starly and the cute girl came back for the briefcase and was upset we used the pokemon. We decided to leave. We bumped into the old guy (who wasn't angry at all) and the cute girl named Dawn and they told us to come visit them at his lab soon. We both went home. Mom told me the old guy was Professor Rowan a guy who's famous for his studies on pokemon and that he lived in Sandgem Town. After giving me a pair of Running Shoes it was time to head to Sandgem Town! 

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins!
After speaking to my mom I left home to speak with Professor Rowan about using Piplup when the Starly attacked us, so we headed to Rout 201. I was finally able to walk into the tall grass with Piplup by my side.  Two Starly attacked us but Piplup quickly defeated them with a series of Pound attacks. After that quick stroll we finally arrived in Sandgem Town where we were greeted by Dawn. As we headed to the lab, Aryeh rused out and bumped into me *how rude* and then he just ran off. Dawn and I went in the lab and I was able to talk to the Professor. He asked to see Piplup amd saw how much he liked me and said he wanted  to give Piplup to me as a gift! *my very own pokemon, yay  :D* I decided to give him a cool nickname, Jetstream. Professor Rowan then asked me to help him with his research by collecting data on every pokemon in Sinnoh, so he gave me a pokedex. Dawn also says she has one and agrees to help me out by giving me a short tour of Sandgem Town. We then realized that the journey to complete the pokedex will take me very far so I have to head back home to tell Mom about the good news. Back to Twinleaf Town!


Chapter 2 - My First Capture!
After making my way back through Route 201 I made it back home to tell my mom what happened. She said she's got my back *she's so ccol* All of a sudden Aryeh's mom  came in looking for her " little boy". He ran off after speaking with the professor so he never told his mom that he was leaving *he's so impatient* She gave me a package to give to Aryeh for his journey. So now I was completely ready to start my adventure with Jetstream! I returned to Route 202 where I saw Dawn again and she gave me a nice demonstration on how to catch pokemon, and she gave me 5 pokeballs to use!  After Dawn left, I decided to give pokemon capturing a try and decided to capture the first pokemon I saw on Route 202. In that instant, a wild Shinx ran out and bit me in the leg! *ouch!* This was surely one tough little Shinx, and he battled tough too. Piplup weakened him down with Pound attacks, and once he was weak enough *like Dawn told me* I threw a pokeball, but it broke free! I threw another one and it broke free again! Like I said he was really tough, I threw a third pokeball and he was caught! I nicknamed him Shadowbolt. I healed my pokemon at the pokemon center in Sandgem Town and then battled 3 pokemon trainers on Route 202 and a few wild pokemon with Jetstream and Shadowbolt. At the northern exit of Route 202, I could see the bright lights of a huge city in the night sky.

Chapter 3 - Scavenger Hunt in Jubilee City!
Upon arriving in Jubilee City, I saw Dawn again, she liked how cool my Shadowbolt looked. She told me about a Trainer's School in town that I should check out. After I healed my pokemon at a PC, i went there and I saw Aryeh copying down the notes on the chalkboard onto his arm *that's so Aryeh*. I gave him his package, as he was checking out what was inside, he noticed he had 2 Town Maps, so he gave me ione. We both noticed that there was a Pokemon Gym in Oreburgh City, which was really close, and of course once Aryeh realized that he gathered up all his stuff and ran off in a blur *always in a rush*. The teacher then nvited me to challenge his two top students, who both used Abras, but my Jetstream was able to beat them no problem. Afterwards, I decided to explore this big city, as I headed north, a strange man grabbed my arm and said "How can you be a Pokemon Trainer and not have a Poketch?!" He told me he could give me a free one if I were to get coupons from 3 clowns in the city. As I looked around I saw no signs of clowns, and then out of nowhere a water balloon hot me in the back of the head *wtf*. A creepy looking clown was pointing and laughing at me and started bouncing away. I ran after him to get the coupon, he stopped behind the Pokemart and puled out two huge blastoise guns and sparyed me down. As he started bouncing away again I sent out Jetstream and showed him real water power by blasting him down with a Bubble attack. I stood over him and asked for the coupon, but he said he could only give it to me if I answered a question: What is the square root of infinity? I had Piplup beat him with Pund attacks until he said *uncle! uncle!* and gave me the coupon. I started walking towards the TV station when I saw an even creepier clown, I asked him for a coupon and he held out his hand to give it to me but when I did he grabbed my hand and gave me a huge shock with a hand buzzer, laughed and started to run off down the alley, I ran after him only to findhe got a huge zapdos gun and shocked me with 10000 volts of electricity. While he was getting a good chuckle, I ordered Shadowbolt to show no mercy. Shadowbolt got so angry he lit up the whole alley and started pummeling him with Tackles until he laid there beaten. He told me I had to answer a question: "How much rye could a raichu chew if a raichu could chew rye?" I took his zapdos gun and gave him a good shocking and he screamed *Please! No more! Take it!* As I left the alley I was confronted by the 3rd clown who was angry about what I did to his brothers. He pulled out a gigantic arcanine gun and as it was charging I ran over to the Pokemart alley, he chased me, and I grabbed a blastoise gun and sprayed it at the flame blast, which doused it and gave the clown a good soaking. Then I took the zapdos gun from my back and gave the clown a fully charged zapdos blast! As he laid there fried, I took the coupon from him. I went back to the Poketch guy and he gave me the watch in exchange for the 3 coupons. With a big grin, he asked "So how did you like the clowns?" I had both Jetstream and Shadowbolt attack him at once and blasted off saying "Jeez, can't kids take a joke!?!" After that fustrating scavenger hunt, I took a breather at the Pokemon Center before making my way off to Oreburgh City. Today wasn't all bad, I got a brand new Poketch!

Chapter 4 - Oreburgh City, Here I Come!
It was a bright afternoon, my poketch read 16:42, it was time for he to continue my journey, I knew Oreburgh City was west of Jubilee by the Town Map, but I decided to go north for a bit to see what's there. I battled two trainers on Route 204 and Shadowbolt beat them easily, especially the one with a Magikarp. I walked into the tall grass and a starly started pecking my head *ouchies* I had Shadowbolt weaken it and I threw a pokeball and caught the starly! I nicknamed her Mamepato. I entered the cave ahead called the Ravaged Path, but noticed there were huge rocks blocking the pathways and I couldn't pass, so I turned back and headed west. When I entered Route 203, I saw Aryeh there who looked as if he had been training pretty extensively there. He saw me and ran over and asked if we could have a pokemon battle to show how powerful his pokemon are. I began with Shadowbolt, while he had a Starly, His Starly kept Growling at Shadowbolt, but a few Tackles eventually took it down. He then sent out his Turtwig while I called back Shadowbolt and sent out Mamepato. I kept using Quick Attacks, but Turtwig kept using Withdraw to until Quick Attack barely did a thing, then he took out poor Mamepato with 3 Tackles, the third tackle was so strong that Mamepato was thrown so far she splattered against the cliff wall and died! *Turtwig's so mean* I then sent out Jetsteam to finish off the weakened Turtwig with a barrage of Bubble attacks. Without even an apology for killing Mamepato he said GG and ran off towards Oreburgh Gate. I went back to the Pokemon Center to heal Jetstream and Shadowbolt, but there was nothing Nurse Joy could do for Mamepato, so she gave it to a youngster's Ekans to eat *yuck*. I returned to Route 203 and beat every trainer there, along with a few wild pokemon. I even caught a Bidoof and nicknamed him Bucktooth. I entered Oreburgh Gate and met a kind Hiker who gave me an HM device to teach pokemon how to crush Rocks blocking my path (like the ones in the Ravaged Path), but he told me I needed the badge from Oreburgh Gym to make it work. While walking through the cave I tripeed and fell on a rocky pokemon, a geodude. I had Jetsream used Pound a ton of times and I caught it, I nicknamed him Stonehenge. There were two trainers in the cave, but Shadowbolt and Jetstream handled them easily. I exited the tunnel to find a beautiful mining town bathed in the sunset, Oreburgh City!

Chapter 5 - My First Badge!
As I went down the steps of Oreburgh City, I was greeted by a kind stranger who asked if I had a gym badge. When I said I didn't, he said it's better  that I get one so everyone won't call me a complete noob, so he showed me where the gym was. When I got there, Aryeh was already outside, gloating that he won his first gym badge, he kept shoving his Trainer Case in my face *which smelled like moomoo chocolate* to prove it. Once he settled down, he told me that the Gym Leader, Roark wasn't there and he went off to work at Oreburgh Mine. So then I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and headed south to the huge mine. When I entered the site, I started walking deep down and then all of a sudden a wild zubat started sucking blood from my neck! *mega ouchies* I had Shadowbolt weaken him with Tackles and then I caught it. I nicknamed him Woobat. As I traveled deeper into the mine I kept tripping and falling down over every geodude in the ground, and my Jetstream beat each of them with Bubble attacks. I came upon a miner who had his Geodude crush the rock in front of him with Rock Smash. He then told me that he was the Gym Leader and said he would wait for me at the gym. I left the cave, tripping over even more geodude, which Jetstream continued to blast away. When I got back to the Pokemon Center and healed my pokemon. I asked them if they were ready to challenge Roark, Jetsream seemed especially determined after beating so many geodude in the mine. So I went over to the gym. As I entered I was approached by a strange looking guy who told me that Roark uses Rock type pokemon, and some good advice about what types of attacks work best against them. There were two trainers in the gym who Jetstream beast quite fast, and in the far back of the gym, Roark was waiting. He wished me luck and we began our battle. Jetstream blasted his geodude against the wall with a single Bubble attack. He then sent out a gigantic Onix. Jetstream used Bubble but Onix barely held on and used a move called Stealth Rock. He then sent out his last and most powerful pokemon, a Cranidos. His cranidos was faster than my Jetstream and used Headbutt while I used Bubble. Cranidos then used Leer while I used Bubble again. He then used Headbutt again which looks like it hit a weakk spot because Jetstream barely held on and then countered with a max powered Bubble! Cranidos then fell and I won! Something strange started happening to Jetstream after the battle, he started glowing oddly, Roark said that my Piplup has grown strong enough to evolve! And shortly enough my Jetstream evolved into a Prinplup! With my new Coal Badge in my trainer case, I went to the pokemon center to heal my pokemon and continue my journey!

Chapter 6 - A Sweet Smell in the Air
Continuing my adventure, I pull out my Town Map to see where to head to next, there is another Gym in Eterna City, which is straight north from here. I headed to Route 207 where I noticed there was a big cliff. I tried climbing up the mud slide but I kept falling down, there was no way I could get up there. I checked out my map again, and I noticed there was a longer way to get there by first entering through the Ravaged Path back ear Jubilee City. In the meantime, I saw there was tall grass here and decided to train my new Woobat for a bit against the Machops there (I tried to capture one, but Shadowbolt accidently gave it a really powerful Tackle). Afterwards, I went back through the Oreburgh Gate and saw there was an area in the cave that I could access with Rock Smash, so I decided to venture deeper in the cave first. As I ventured down into the cave, I was ambushed by a bunch of Zubats who kept on biting me and sucking my blood, luckily I used both my Woobat and Jetsream to fight them off. There was nothing much down there, just a few tems and a huge lake, so I decided to leave the cave. After making it back to Route 204, I made it back to Jubilee City. I healed up my pokemon at the PC and went north to Route 203 where the Ravaged Path was, however at the entrance there were these wierd space guys there trying to steal some papers and cds from Professor Rowan and Dawn *who especially looked horrified* The men were persistent in taking the Professor's work and thratened to hurt Dawn. She then had the idea for us to battle together against the 2 wierdos, so the battle began, I used Woobat while Dawn used her Chimchar. Here Fire Pokemon easily beat their Wurmple while my Zubat used Astonish on their Zubat and it was too scared to move. Chimchar then proceeded to eliminate the other Zubat. After the battle the 2 guys said they are from Team Galactic would return. The Professor and Dawn both thanked me for the help and went back to the lab. I entered throgh the Ravaged Path and had my Stonehenge use Rock Smash on the huge boulder. I left through the hig exit and 2 battles on that route, one was a double battle against two Pachirisu. As I set up camp for the night I smelled a very sweet aroma coming from  quiet little town up ahead.

Chapter 7 - Trouble at Valley Windworks!
It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for continuing my pokemon journey. The flowers along the road were swaying in the wind, and the aroma in the air was positively amazing as I entered Floaroma Town. I went to the PC to heal my pokemon, then ventured the town. I went into the flower shop and ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to my mom *her favorites are lillies*. When I left, there was a woman outside who said some Team Galactic guys were blocking the way to the meadow, where the famous Floaroma Honey is gathered.  I went over to confront them but one of the Grunts pulled out a Galactic Gun and threatened to vaporize me if I didn't leave. I had no choice, so I left. I went into Route 205 and saw a little girl crying at the side of the road. She said that her dad was taken captive by the Galactic guys at the Valley Windworks. I saw some Grunts across a stream but the fobid me to pass, saying Team Galactic has business here and to go away or be vaporized. I saw the windworks building guarded by another Grunt, who proceeded to challenge me to a battle since I wanted to go in. His Glameow was tough, but my Woobat defeated it with nice confusion hits from Supersonic. After the match, he ran inside and yelled that he locked it and there was no way I could get the other key from his cohorts at the Meadow. I returned to the Meadow, to find the 2 Grunts hassling a honey salesman, one saw me and yelled to go away and shot his Galactic gun, only it shorted out and blew up in his face, the other grunt said he used too much power killing Officer Jenny *points to pile of ash with blue hat*. They decided the only solution to deal with me know was to gan up on me by battling. After crushing both of their pokemon with Woobat, they ran to the Valley Windworks to join with the rest of their crew. The salesman noticed that one of the Grunts actually dropped the second Works Key. He gave me the works key along with a free Honey for helping him. I went back to the Windworks. When I used the key and entered the building, the same Grunt who locked the door was there and was shocked I got the key. He went to alert the others and the Commander. I defeated the weak guards with Shadowbolt. Then I was up against Mars, the Commander, the battle against her was incredibly tough. First up was Shadowbolt who was up against her Zubat. Both pokemon used Bite attacks but Shadowbolt rose victorious, and then she sent out a Purugly *and boy was it ugly*. I had a plan on taking this one down, unfortunately it required for me to sacrifice a team member. I called back Shadowbolt and sent out my Stonehenge, who was able to survive a Faint Attack, but wwas torn to shread by a Scratch attack and laid in rubble on the floor. I sent Shadowbolt out again who used his Intimidation ability to reduce the power of Purugly's attacks, I had him Bite Purugly twice until he was too weak to take another hit and called him back and switched out to Jetstream. Thanks to the Intimidate, Jetstream was able to take quite a barrage of attacks and take him out with Bubble attacks. After the battle, my Shadowbolt came out of its pokeball and started glowing funny, it was evolving! My Shadowbolt evolved into a Luxio *the Grunts were documenting the energy resonating from my Shadowbolt for some reason*. Mars called her Grunts to leave, and said she harvested enough power here to power plenty of Galactic Guns, and to look out for when Team Galactic will take over this world and make it their own *I wonder what she means* When they left, the little girl came rushing in and hugged her dad *aww* and they both thanked me for the help. Afterwards, I used Shadowbolt to catch a Shellos in the grass near the windworks, I named him Raincatcher. I went back to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon, but there was nothing Nurse Joy could do for my Stonehenge, she said she used the remains to dead Geodude for repairing the bodies of injured geodude, so I gave Stonehenge's remains to her. I decided to take a break here before heading out towards Eterna City.

Chapter 8 - Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!
I began the day in Floaroma City. I called my moom on the video phone at the PC, and she told me she already received her lillies *those pidgeot mail carriers are sure fast!*. The next gym is in Eterna City, which was northeast from here, so I continued my journey by venturing into hilly Route 205. There were a bunch of trainers on this Route, which Jetstream and Shadowbolt quickly defeated. There was a nice old couple halfway into the route who offered a place for me and my pokemon to rest. After that quick stop, I continued heading north when I saw a gigantic forest ahead. The sign in front of the huge entrance read Eterna Forest, so Eterna City must have been on the other side. Upon entering, I saw a girl who said she was frightened to enter the forest alone and asked if I could team up with her and explore the forest together, so I agreed, her name was Kloud and said she wanted to become a Pokemon Nurse, she even had her own Chansey. Eterna Forest is a really huge forest, and was confusing to navigate like a natural maze. The funny thing about this forest is that whenever we stepped in tall grass, two pokemon would want to fight us at a time instead of only one *especially teams of bug type pokemon*, it's a great thing Kloud was with me then! *she even healed my team after every match, how nice!* We beat countless teams of wild pokemon. We even saw pairs of trainers also traveling through the forest and we had double battles against them as well. My pokemon really toughened up a lot and learned new moves too! We finally found where the exit was and Kloud thanked me for traveling with her and left. I exited Externa Firest and found myself at the upper end of Route 205. There were several fisherman on this route and I defeated them all in battles with my Woobat. At the end of the route, I saw the entrance to Eterna City! There was a Team Galactic member therewho proceeded to ask me to hand over my pokemon. I called out my Shadowbolt who began to growl at him and charge up for a Spark attack. He got scared and said he'd let me keep my pokemon *lolzx* After that, I went to the Eterna City Pokemon Center and rested up before going after my 2nd Gym Badge!

Chapter 9 - The Eterna Gym Battle!
I began my adventure today in Eterna City, the site of my next gym battle. I left the PC and decided to look around the town and see what's here, while I was doing so I bumped into a woman named Cynthia who saw my pokedex and knew I worked for Professor Rowan. She said she studies Pokemon Mythology and said I should check out the statue in town, she even gave me a HM to teach Cut to my Pokemon, but in order to use it I need the Eterna Gym Badge. The statue was huge, I read the worn writing which talked about the "Birth of PAL..." *I wonder if I'll ever see it*. I saw there was a Route to the right of the statue, so I decided to train there for a bit to prepare for the Gym Leader. Upon entering the  tall grass on Route 211, a wild Meditite jumped out and started punching me in the face! I used my Woobat to weaken this guy and capture him. I nicknamed him Mindstrike. I decided to continue training him on this route for a bit with Jetstream's help against the Hiker's Rock types. I went back to the PC, but along the way there was a tall building that gave me a sinister feeling, the sign read "Team Galactic Eterna Building, We Want Your Pokemon!" Dark Pulses of power were enimating from the building as if something evil was happening inside, there are giant trees in the way that made it impossible for me to get to the door *maybe I could Cut them down*. There was only one thing I could do to stop them, get the Badge and then storm the building. I went to the PC to heal my pokemon and they all seemed pumped for battle against the Gym. When I entered, that same creepy guy was there from the Oreburgh Gym, he said another boy zipped in here a few moments ago *Aryeh* and got the badge, and said the Gym Leader, Gardinea, uses Grass type pokemon. Gardenia was there too and said I can't battle her until I find and defeat all her gym trauners. So I went into the second room and there was a whole forest in the gym! It was so bright in here too, like a Sunny Day. Finding the trainers were a bit difficult because the trees were so tall, but when I found each trainer they gave me hints to where the next one was hiding which was great. My Woobat was amazing in this gym, his type combination gave him great resistance to Grass type attacks, and his newly learned Wing Attack destroyed the competition. Woobat even managed to single handedly defeated Gardenia! So now I have the Forest Badge! I noticed next door there was a man who could change the nicknames of pokemon for me, so I decided to change Woobat's name to Nightwing! After that, I went back to the PC to heal my pokemon. Later that day, in an instant, a huge wave of dark energy plowed through and blanketed Eterna City.

Chapter 10 - The Cloud of Evil
Everyone inside the Pokemon Center rushed out when the entire town shook at the explosion of power eminating from the Galactic Building! The entire town was covered in a dark cloud that sort of resembled outer space, and was getting even thicker as the Building seemed to be putting out even more power! I rushed over and had my Bucktooth use Cut to tear down the trees and I entered the building. Red Lights and alarms were flashing as many of the Grunts were running around all frantic, one of them saying "This is historic! Soon we will have our new world!". The security at the stairs stopped me and challenged me to a battle, to which Shadowbolt easily won. As I went up to the second floor, all of the computers were flashing warning signs reading "BATTERY CELL OVERLOAD! TRANSFERING POWER TO HQ". There were also several guards on this floor and Shadowbolt beat them as well. There was another guard at the top of the stairs on the 3rd floor, and I defeated him as well. A Galactic Scientist was there recording data to his LumBerry device. He said he would slow me down by battling so they could get as much energy as possible. He used a Kadabra but Shadowbolt took him out in one hit. There was a guard at the stairway only this time holding a Galactic Gun, he was charging it to vaporize me when a dark energy beam came down, zapped him, and reduced him to ash. I went up to the 4th floor and saw a Clefairy and Buneary hooked up to machines. It looked as if they were evolving, but the machines were draining that power and converting it into an unstable and intense beams. There was a man there beaten up on the floor who said those were his pokemon that Team Galactic was torturing. A Team Galactic Commander, Jupiter, was supervising the operation. She said the only way that the machines were going to stop is if I get through her so we proceeded to have a battle. Shadowbolt easily took down her Zubat, but then she sent out her Skuntank. It was faster and used Night Slash which did a lot of Shadowbolt, and I countered with Spark, wich luckily paralyzed her Skuntank. Shadowbolt was able to finish off Skuntank with a second Spark and win. She said this mission was over and that she gained enough information about the Pokemon Statue and hopefully harvested enough energy while she was in town, and that that I should stay out of Team Galactic's way in the future *she said this was my last warning* As Jupiter left with her Grunts, the machines started going crazy and the pokemon were screaming even louder, it was killing them! I had Shadowbolt charge up and use a Spark attack on the Control Panel which stopped the machines in their tracks and saved the pokemon! The man came over and took his pokemon and thanked me for saving them and said I should drop by his Cycle Shop after he and his pokemon got some much needed time to heal, and then he left. I went downstairs and everything looked normal, the compuetrs read "BATTERY CELLS DRAINED. POWER TRANSFER FAILED!" The sky above Eterna City was back to normal, and all was as it should be again!

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Chapters 11 - Chapter 17

Chapter 11 - Lost in Wayward Cave
I began my journey today in Eterna City. Now that I got my 2nd badge it was time to head to the next gym. According to my Town Map, the closest gym was in Hearthome, which was Southeast from here through Mt. Coronet. In the meantime, I saw a Buneary come in the Pokemon Center and it rushed over to me and gave me a big hug *aww*, it was the Buneary that I saved from Team Galactic! She had a message from her owner, for me to come over and see him before I leave town. I dropped by the Cycle Shop and the owner said he wanted to show his thanks by giving me a free Bicycle! It looks so cool, and now I'll be able to get to places really fast. I went down to the southern gate of Eterna City where I saw a research assistant of Professor Rowan. He gave me an Exp Share that helps train another pokemon in my party while another is battling.  Cycling Road was up ahead which gave me a perfect opportunity to use my new Bike *that I keep handy in my Silph Co Capsule in my Bag!* There were several Cyclists on the road itching to have a good battle, so I used Nightwing and Shadowbolt to defeat them all, and after a battle against a Cyclist with a Ponyta, my Nightwing evolved into a Golbat! I looked over Cycling Road and saw there was a whole area underneath that I should check out as well. As I exited Cycling Road I saw Dawn again, she told me she hasn't had much luck catching a lot of pokemon nor getting any badges. She gave me a nifty tool called the Vs. Seeker to scan locations and see if there are trainers I can battle. After she left I noticed there were cuttable tress blocking the way to the area I saw earlier from Cycling Road, so my Bucktooth quckly cut them down and I explored Route 206. Upon entering the tall grass, a wild Ponyta gave me a huge Tackle and hurled me into a rocky wall *ouch*. I battled her with Nighwing and captured her. I nicknamed her Starlight. I had 6 pokemon with me so the Heal Ball holding her automatically transferred to my P.C. There was a yodeling Hiker there who was attempting to scale the mountainside, but he challenged me to a battle in the meantime to get his "spirit a yo ddeling". After I breat his rock type pokemon with Jetstream, he went on yodeling and climbing. I continued exploring when I saw a cave opening straight ahead, the sign read "Beware: Wayward Cave (Enter At Your Own Risk)" As I entered the cave I quickly noticed why the sign made this cave to be so dangerous, it was pitch black, I could barely see the path in fromt of me. I remembered I picked up a TM to teach a pokemon Flash back at the Oreburgh Gate, so I taught it to my Mindstrike. He used his Psychic powers to light up the cave before me. I also used Mindstrike's Rock Smash to clear boulders blocking pathways in the cave. There was nothing but wild Zubat and Geodude in the cave, so this was a perfect oportunity to train my pokemon. There were also teams of Hikers and trainers in the caves with flashlight helmets exploring the cave, and they challenged me to double battles as well. As I kept walking through the winding and confusing paths of this cave, I found myself a bit lost in this natural maze. As I turned what seems like the millionth corner in this cave, I saw a young girl and her Kadabra being completely swarmed by like 100 Zubat. I called out my Shadowbolt to Charge up and use a full powered Spark at the swarm. They all flew off and I checked to see if the girl was alright. She looked fine, a few minor bites here or ther, and her Kadabra was ok too. She said her name was Claster and she got lost in the cave, and she was too scared to find her way out *her Kadabra also picked up on her fear and was scared too*, and asked if I could help her out, and I agreed. The funniest thing happened from this point on, two wild pokemon began attacking us at once similar to when I was traveling with Kloud back in Eterna Forest. We beat countless teams of Zubat and Geodude, and it seemed like hours passed by until we finally found the right pathway towards the exit of the cave! Claster thanked me and left. As I continued back out on Route 206, I heard someone yodleing in the distance; it was the Hiker I saw before except me far above me falling down at a great speed! I was trying to figure out a way to save him, when he called out his Onix who caught him by his vest in midair. Onix set him down and he said "Phew that was close!" and began his climb and yodleing again. I wished him luck. I left Route 206 and noticed a familiar town up ahead, it was Oreburgh City! I quickly biked through Route 207 and rode back into the town where I got my first badge. I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and take a rest before continuing my Pokemon adventure.

Chapter 12 - An Unexpected Surprise in Hearthome City
I began my Pokemon joirney today in Oreburgh City, as I was about to leave the Pokemon Center, I saw Roark the Gym Leader, I showed him I got my 2nd badge. He said he knew I could do it and wished me the best of luck. As I rode north into Route 207 and up the mud slide, I saw in my map that HearthomeCity was straight past this pathway through Mt. Coronet. I beat several trainers on the Route and entered the huge mountain. While insode, I met the strangest man. He told me that the world began with Mt. Coronet and the Sinnoh Region. He also kind of sounded like those Galactic Guys, he said this world wwas filled with strife and despair and that it needed a makeover and then he left *I wonder who he was*. After exiting the pathway, I found myself on Route 208. I used Jetstream to defeat the Hikers with their rock type pokemon, and Shadowbolt to defeat the other trainers. I also decided to take a small training break and train Mindstrike against wild Bibarel and Machop in the tall grass. After that small bout of training, I headed into Hearthorne Cuty. Upon entering, I saw something hopping in the distance, it was a Buneary coming at me at great speed, folllowed by her trainer. Buneary hopped in my arms and the trainer ran over exhausted. She thanked me for helping her catch her Buneary before curtain time. She explained to me that she was a Pokemon Contest Judge and that I should drop by the Contest Hall when I get the time. Afterwards I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and then I decided to explore the town. I first checked out the huge contest hall. There was a woman at the doorway and said that she was the Gym Leader! Her name is Fantina and she said she is also an expert Pokemon Coordinator. She noticed I only had 2 badges and said I wasn't ready to challenge her, much less defeat her yet and recommended that I challenge other gyms first. She said she is also going on a small sabbatical to develop her newest contest technique to dazzle and awe everyone and bid me farewell until later. After she left, I entered the Contest Hall and saw the same Judge I met before with someone I wasn't expecting to see, my mom! I had no idea before today that my mom was a retired Pokemon Coordinator; my mom and the Judge lady were apparently rivals back in the day. She said since I was Johanna's son, I just might be a Contest star like her and said I should enter contests sometime. Mom even took me up to the wardrobe store and bought me a Tuxedo should I wish to enter, she then wished me luck on my journey and took the bus back to Twinleaf Town. After she left, I ecided to see what else was hete in Hearthorne City. There's a lady named Bebe who lives next to the Pokemon Center who designed the PC/Pokemon Storage System. There's a Pokemon Fan Club and a Poffin House where a kind girl gave free treats to my pokemon. There's even a foreign building that kind of looks like a church and Amitty Square at the north of town. As I headed to the south of town, I bumped into none other than Aryeh, who challenged by to a battle right there. I beat his Starly easily with my Mindstrike with Rock Tomb, and defeated his last 3 pokemon with my Nightwing fairly easily as well. He said he will toughen up to finally beat me and said he was going to challenge the Veilstone Gym next. When he left, I thought it would be a great idea to challenge that gym as well since Fantina is absent, so I set my sights on Veilstone City. I went back to the Pokemon Center to rest and take a break before continuing my adventure.

Chapter 13 - What Really Happens When Pokemon Die
I began my journey today in Hearthorne City. While examining the Town Map I noticed there were three exits in town, one south, east, and west. Veilstone City is Northeast from here, so I left the Pokemon Center and started riding towards the east exit. There was an old man there who offered to give me a Pokemon Egg, but my party was full so I had to go back to the Pokemon Center and deposit my Starlight in order to hold it, he told me eggs need to be around other pokemon to hatch, so I placed it in my Bag, thanked him, and kept riding along *I wonder what will hatch from it?* I rode into Route 209, when I entered the route I saw a large area of tall grass so I decided to check it out to see what kind of pokemon were there. There were no pokemon in sight until all of a sudden a wild staravia flew down and stole my hat! It started flying away, I had Nightwing fly up and battle it. With one swift Wing Attack, Staravia dropped my hat and started falling, I threw a pokeball and it was caught! I nicknamed him Braviary. There were a lot of trainers on the route and I battled and defeated each one with Jetstream and Nightwing. Along the route I saw a strange hallowed tower by a running stream. As I got close to it, I heard a scary voice that said "One day, I will devour your soul!". I examined the small structure but nothing was there. From there, the route continues directly north, as I began to ride away I heard the same voice again and it said "Oh yes, your soul will make a delicious meal, you know your fate!" *that was really wierd* Up ahead there a few more trainers that also challenged me to battle in which Jetstream and Shadowbolt. There's a tall structure due east called the Lost Tower, I entered it and I started to get a really stange feeling like I was being followed...there were tombstones everywhere with names of pokemon, so this is where pokemon are sent once they have died. There were several trainers who requested to battle with me in the battle areas of the tower, many to double battles, Jetstream and Shadowbolt really make a great team. On the top floor of the tower there was an old couple there, the old woman rushed over to me and looked really closely into me eyes *personal space?* She said my soul was filled with unsettled business with the spirit world and that it was good I came before deadly aparitions arose to swallow me in shadow *what?* She took me over to the huge tombstone in  the center of the chamber and said if there are spirits out there seeking to contact me I can view them here. The tombstone staarted to glow oddly and then I saw purple and black clouds. I looked deep in it and I saw a Geodude! It was being crushed over and over and crying out in agony! The old woman asked if I recognized the pokemon and I did, it was Stonehenge, my Geodude that was killed by Mar's Purugly! I asked her why it was in so much pain and she says when pokemon are torn from the world in unnatural deaths, their spirits are trapped in that moment until the Trainer comes to a resting place and sets their spirits free. She asked if I still had a physical sample or its Pokeball for the ritual. I still had a small piece of Stonehenge's body with me, so she told me to hold it in hand and to think of only Stonehenge. She then said some really wierd words and the piece of Stonehenge started to heat up and then disintegrated into ash. The tombstone started glowing brightly and Stonehenge wasn't in agony anymore! It looks as if he thanked me and then disappeared into a mysterious light. The tombstone started to get dark again and the old woman said that I still had another pokemon suffering in the Spirit World. It was Mamepato! It appeared as if she was melting alive, I told the woman that Mamepato didn't die that way, that she was Tackled to death by a Turtwig. She asked me what I did with the corpse, I told her I gave it to a Nurse Joy who then gave it to a Youngster's Ekans to eat. She told me that Mamepato's life force was still in its body and that it must have finally died when it was digested by the Ekans' internal acid, and it feels that pain. I showed her I still had a feather left from Mamepato and she performed the same ritual and Mamepato's spirit was free and entered the light. She then said my soul was cleared from damnation for now and that the next time one of my pokemon dies I should come right away. Her husband, the old man, then stepped forward and said apologized for his wife's rashness, he said she's one of the best Pokemon Medium's around, very few are born each generation with the ability to calm anguished pokemon in the spirit world and that she means the best. He then gave me a Hidden Machine to teach the move Strength to my pokemon which allows them to move really big boulders out of pathways. I then left Lost Tower and then I saw there was a town directly north, Solaceon Town. I decided to take a break at the Pokemon Center at this point after that experience at the Lost Tower.

Chapter 14 - Too Many Eggshells in Solaceon Town
I began my Pokemon adventure today at the Pokemon Center in Solaceon Town. It was a quiet little place, and I decided to see what was here before continuing my ay to Veilstone City. it became quickly apparent that this town has a huge litter problem, there were pokemon eggshells everywhere on the grround. I saw an old man sweeping the street nearby and I asked him why the whole town was like this. He pointed towards the Pokemon Daycare Center and said "It's those damn IV breeders I tell ya, they come here to breed so many eggs in search for the 'perfect' one, I hate them! They show no regard for the environment, they hatch their eggs here, drop the shells and if they don't like the pokemon they release them! How heartless and insensitive they are, and how nice it is to see a real trainer who cares for the pokemon he catches :)" He then saw I had an egg in my bag and said "You're one of them, aren't ya!" He chased me for a while with his broom until he got tired and gave up. I ended up near a strange cave formation which happened to be the Solaceon Ruins. The interior looked very old and very peculiar pokemon live there called Unown, I managed to weaken and capture the first one I saw with Jetstream's help. I nicknamed it Alphabet. I ventured deeper into the winding paths of the ruins, after so many stairways and winding paths, I fell into a secret chamber which had very strange writing on the wall that looked like Unown *I wonder what it says?* There were several items, including a very old plate that seems very important. I exited the ruins using a Silph Co Escape Rope I found, one end of the rope just magically levitated and went to the exit while I held on the other while it pulled me fast through all the stairways and out of the ruins *Silph Co sure makes the niftiest things!* I made my way back to the pokemon center, where I healed my team and set my sights on continuing my way to the next gym. As I was leaving, the same man with the brpoom saw me again and chased me out of town. I found myself on Route 210 where there I battled several trainers with Mindstrike and Jetstream. There was a cafe nestled in the woods. I went inside an the maid at the counter said that the first glass of Moomoo Milk was on the house. She went over to her miltank and got some fresh milk for me. As I was drinking it, the miltank winked at me and blew me a kiss *awkward?* There was also another maid and a few trainers in the cafe who wanted to battle me, and I used Mindstrike to beat them all. As I was about to leave, the same miltank gave me another googly eyed look *wierd*. To the left of the cafe, I saw a group of ood looking Psyduck blocking a path to another area, but they stood so firm that they couldn't move, I tried to move them over myself but they still wouldn't budge. I even tried to jump over the whole group of them, but they used some kind of Psychic attack to hurl me back *how rude* The Psychic blast was really intense, and I read in my pokedex that Psyduck get their psychic power from their chronic headaches, well they must all have some really strong one today. I checked my map and Veinstone City wasn't that way anyway, it was due east past Route 215. So I headed into the route, and there was a sudden downpour! I managed to do some extensive training on this route with all of my pokemon, against trainers and wild pokemon. I even found another one of those plates on this route that seemed to call out to my Mindstrike to hold. I found a nice area in some trees which was dry to set up camp for the night before entering Veilstone City tomorrow.

Chapter 15 - Battle of Brute Force
It was a bright and sunny morning, I was on Route 215, not far from the site of my next gym battle. I decided to do some early morning training witth my pokemon. After that I arrived at Veilstone City. It looked like there was so much to see and do in this town, but most importantly, I had to get my 3rd Badge. I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon, and the Nurse gave me a flyer for the Department Store down the block. I decided to check it out before heading to the Gym. There were mant floors here, each for different kinds of Pokemon items. I went up to the third floor and bought a Blizzard TM for my Jetstream and a Thunder TM for my Shadowbolt, I also used the Grass Knot TM I go from Gardenia and tought it to Jetstream as well.  Afterwards, I walked up to the Gym and I saw Dawn there, she said she was in town to do some shopping and wished me luck. I checked with my pokemon before entering and they all seemed ready to take the challenge, especially Shadowbolt. I entered the gym and I saw the same creepy guy again *is he following me?* He told me that the gym leader, Maylene, uses Fighting type pokemon. I used Shadowbolt to defeat all the Blackbelts there, Thunder attack proved very useful against all the Machokes in the gym. After I defeated the last Blackbelt, Shadowbolt began to evolve! He evolved into a Luxray, and his first battle is against Maylene. After I solved the puzzle in the gym, I made it to Maylene's platform. She seemed a bit nervous because she said she's new to being a Gym Leader, but she seemed very eager to fight. Shadowbolt dominated the gym battle, he used Spark to take out her Meditite, and then Machoke with a Thunder. Lastly, her Lucario used Drain Punch and I used Spark, which luckily paralyzed him and slowed him down to I could finish him off with a second Spark. After the match she said she was really hungry and took out a burger withhad the Cobble Badge on it! She almost ate when I noticed and told her, she then took it off the burger, cleaned it off and then gave it to me, so now I have my 3rd badge! I left the gym and I saw  Dawn again and she had a black eye and she was crying, she said that she dropped her pokedex and some Team Galactic grunts took it and beat her up when she tried to get it back. I went over with herand we joined in a tag battle to defeat the two grunts. Jetstream completely destroyed them with his newly learned Blizzard attack attacking 2 pokemon at once, Dawn's Clefairy used Metronome to use an attack I've never seen before called Judgment. After they were crushed, the two grunts then dropped Dawn's pokedex and remarked on how Team Galactic had sent a secret weapon to Pastoria City and that we'd all pay in the end. They then ran into the warehouse of the huge power company in town. Dawn told me that the power company is just a front for Team Galactic's evil organization and that law enforcement is to scared to go after them, but we both wondered what they now meant by a 'secret weapon'. She said she was headed down to Pastoria City to visit the Great Marsh so she could capture more pokemon, and told me a gym was down there as well. She told me she would go to the infirmary at the Pokemon Center to help her black eye heal before leaving town. I told her I'd take her there and stay with her. I will take a break at the center before heading down to Pastoria City myself as well.

Chapter 16 - Off to Pastoria City!
I spent the night at the Veilstone City Pokemon Center where Dawn got treatment at the Human Infirmary for her black eye. I woke up today in her room where I saw she was gone. I went upstairs and the Nurse told me that Dawn had left earlty this morning and left me a note: "Thanks for being so sweet in looking after me last night, I won't forget it! - Dawn" I used my Trainer Card to get some free breakfast and food for my pokemon like I normally do and got some snacks for the go. All  the young trainers really liked my pokemon and thought they were so cool. After leaving the pokemon center, I checked my map to see which was the closest way to get to Pastoria City, the location of my 4th Gym battle. The route directly south of here leads directy there. As I was leaving town, a man told me that Team Galactic had an HM to teach Fly to my pokemon in their warehouse. I decided to check it out, the guards from last night were still gone so I was able to sneak in and surely enought, it was there! A guard inside spotted me and fired a Galactic gun at me, but lcukily I dodged the blast and made it outside. He came outside and started firing wild blasts at me, but luckily I got on my bike in time and rode out of there. As I left town at that point I found myself on Route 214, a route filled with tough looking trainers. As I walked into the tall grass, I was hit by the Psybeam of a Girafarig! I used Midstrike to weaken her down and then I captured her with a Premier Ball! I nicknamed her Pearlpower. The Premier Ball was transferred to my PC Box, but there was something about her that made me want to train and battle with her, so I went back to Veilstone and deposited my Egg to have her on my team. After that, I used Nightwing and Jetstream to battle them all and funny enough they both evolved! My Nightwing is now a Crobat and my Jetstream is now an Empoleon! The Vs Seeker I got from Dawn a while back really proved useful her in my training, I kept using it to rebattle trainers like the ones with 3 Roselias and Ghost types to toughen up my Pearlpower, now she's really part of the team! After doing a lot of trainer here, I found myself on Valor Lakefront, the site of one of 3 lakes in Sinnoh, another being the one near my hometown Lake Verity. The oddest thing though is that there were people guarding it saying that they need to protect the lake, I wonder why? Below the grassy area was a beautiful resort area called Hotel Grand Lake. There was a really fancy restaurant there called the Seven Stars Restaurant. The greeter said that the customers here are all trainers and have battles in the upper level and that they all play double battles. I battled 5 sets of trainers with Shadowbolt and Pearlpower as a pair. I went into the main building where the receptionist allowed me to take a break and rest up my pokemon. After that I found myself on Route 213, which had a nice beach. There were several kids playing and  fisherman, some of which were trainers and wanted to battle, I used Mindstrike to defeat them all, the fisherman with a Gyarados was tough though. There was also a stange man who lived in a small house on this beach who had a very strange obsession with feet, emphasis on strange. He had pictures of feet everywhere, sculptures, and shoes *really freaky* The guy sprung up out of a big pile of shoes and he looked rabid, he called himself Dr. Footstep and demanded I remove my shoes and let him examine my feet. I denied, but he jumped across the room and grabbed my leg and forcefully tried to take off my shoes. I tried to kick him off but I finally had enough and called out Shadowbolt to give him a Thunder attack, which gave me time to make my escape. After that ordeal, I saw a small area with a Honey tree and I applied some Honey to it that I finally made my way to the end of Route 213 and entered Pastoria City! I saw the entrance to the Great Marsh which Dawn told me about, but I saw a Team Galactic grunt there who had a huge box next to him with the Galactic logo on it. I approached him but he pulled out a Galactic Gun and told me that a pushover like me with only 3 gym badges wouldn't stand a chance against Team Galactic. As I left, I heard him say something about where he should set off the package from Veilstone *bomb!* I went over to the police station to try and report him, but it was locked and there was a sign on the door: "This facility is now owned by Galactic Energy Co. and is hereby closed until further notice." There was nothing I could do. From here I decided to go to the Pokemon Centerto heal up my pokemon, but I could sense the tension from the Pastoria natives about Team Galactic's presence in town. Tomorrow I will go after my 4th badge here, and hopefully find a way to stop Team Galactic before they do something terrible.

Chapter 17 - An Oceanic Battle!
I woke up early today at the PC in Pastoria City. Y pkemon and I ate a quick breakfast and started to head out when the Nurse called out my name. She said it was dangerous to go out at this time with Team Galactic about especially since there are already 4 murders in town just this month, all vaporized by Galactic gun blasts. I told her I wuld be careful, and I went outside. There was no one outside at all, I turned at the corner and saw the Police Station, only this time there was activity inside. It was the same Galactic grunt from last night, only now he was assembling some sort of metal cylinder and getting instructions over a videophone. I thought of barging in, but I saw his Galactic Gun on his belt and I didn't want to risk my pokemon or myself of getting hurt. I saw the Gym was down the block so I decided to go for the challenge now and deal with Team Galactic later *somehow* I entered the Gym and saw the same creepy guy that was at the other gyms *why is he following me?* and said that the leader, Crasher Wake, uses water type pokemon *although that was evident from the huge water arena* I had to solve the puzzle of the gym in order to get to Crasher Wake's platform by adjusting the water levels of the gym. As I navigated the arena, i battled several gym trainers with Shadowbolt, who's Electric-type attacks proved very beneficial. I finally made it to the leader's area, but there was nothing there except another small pool, and then all of a sudden a really tall and tough looking guy sprung up from the pool and laughed loudly. It was Crasher Wake and he said his water pokemon were going to drown mines *that was mean* and the battle began. Out first was Shadowbolt and Gyarados *the intimidation was in the air* Both pokemon charged at each other, but Shadowbolt's Spark attack electrified Gyarados on impact and sent it hurling across the gym. Out next was Quagsire, Crasher Wake laughed loudly again and said my Electric pokemon was going to drown. Of course I knew about Quagsire's immunity to Electric type attacks due to his part Ground type, so I substituted Shadowbolt for Jetstream, who's Grass Knot easily dispatched of Quagsire. Last out was his Floatzel, I brought Shadowbolt back out for the last round. Floatzel was faster and use Brine, but Shadowbolt came through and eliminated Floatzel with a powerful Thunder attack. With his huge jaw dropped, he jumped back into his little pool *can he breathe under there?* I yelled "Hey, what about my badge?!" and a small container was thrown up from the pool. Inside was the Fan Badge along with a waterproof tape recorder, in which Crasher Wake said ""Waaaaah! Waaaaah! ...Snivel, hic. ... You meanie!" One of the gym trainers told me to not mind him and that he gets this way each time he loses, and that he eventually gets over it. Anyway, I got my 4th Badge! As I left the gym, I saw strange sparks flying into the air from near the entrance to the Great Marsh...

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Chapters 18 - 22

Chapter 18 - Run Grunt Run!
I had just completed my Pastoria Gym challenge when all of sudden I saw sparks fly near the Great Marsh. It was the Galactic Grunt I saw earlier! I saw watching from the street corner as he had his Galactic Gun connected to the metal cylinder. It appeared as if energy was flowing out of the gun and into the cylinder. He was speaking to someone over his portable videophone *it was Mars!* She told him to slow down the flow or...BOOM! His Galactic Gun exploded. Mars then said that he drained too much power too fast to charge the device, it then appeared as if she saw me over the videophone because then she yelled at him again, this time saying "You moron! You're being spied on by some kid, and you don't even have your gun! Take the bomb to the area of detonation at once!" The Grunt turned around and saw me, he picked up the bomb and started running towards the town exit. I started chasing him, I called out my Nightwing and had him move in for a fast Wing Attack which toppled him over right in front of the exit. However, he sprung up pretty fast, picked up the bomb, and punched me in the gut. He called me a persistant pest and said that if I keep chasing after him he was going to pulverize me to death, and then he ran out of town. I was about to chase after him when none other than Aryeh slammed into me with one of his famous THUD's. He proceeded to challenge me to a battle right there and now. I tried to explain the situation but he said I was lying and afraid of "getting beat by his smexiness", so I had no other choice I had to take him out fast. Out first was my Nightwing vs his Starly *not even evolved?* The round was over before it started as a powerful Wing Attack took it down. Out next was his Buizel, I withdrew my Nightwing and sent out Mindstrike, who's High Jump Kick sent Buizel flying high  :D Next up was Aryeh's Ponyta, I withdrew Mindstrike and sent out Jetstream, who's Bubblebeam proved too much for Ponyta to handle. Last out was Aryeh's Grotle who's battle cry was also his defeat cry as a powerful Blizzard attack took it out ia flash. Awestruck with his swift defeat , I got on my bike fast and aplogized for the rush and rode out of town to catch up with the Galactic Grunt. I rode into Route 213 and I saw the Grunt on the beach being chased by that Dr. Footstep. I had my Nightwing use Confuse Ray on them both; the Grunt started spinning in circles while the "Doctor" hopped away into some trees. The Grunt came to his senses *sort of*. He started talking about how they needed the energy from the Valley Windworks to make the ultimate weapon, and that his boss must be a scientific genius to make something like this. He then realized I was easedropping and tried to punch me in the face, but Nightwing bit into his arm his blood starting dripping on the sand. After he shook Nightwing off he started running again and I chased him. He made it through the Hotel Grand Lake leaving a small trail of blood in his tracks. I caught up to him again near the restaurant where he was panting heavily. He said he had to do this, for his boss' new universe, or he'd be obliterated and he started running ahead slowly. He collapsed just ahead in front of the entrance to the lake, he said "So close..." *so the lake is the target!* He got up and realized I was standing behind him, he said the only way to get rid of me now was to beat me in a battle. He only had one pokemon, a Glameow, Nightwing used a single Wing Atack and hurled it straight back at the Grunt's face. He then fell down to his knees and started sobbing and then he got a call on his videophone, it was Mars, she said he was 3 minutes late on detonation time. She saw his red face and said "You idiot, you failed didn't you! Oh well, not we have to redo our plans because of your idiocy!" She then told him to wait a moment right there and a really fast Crobat flew down from overhead. He grabbed onto it's lower wings with one hand, the bomb in other, the Crobat glowed a strange blue color and flew him away! *I can't believe Crobat could support his weight and the bomb, it must have been done by the Hidden Machine Fly, it gave that Crobat the super-strength it needed to fly him away!* They flew towards Veilstone City, probably back towards the Galactic Building there. I guess Team Galactic was stopped, for now anyway. I saw some people speaking up ahead, it was the woman I saw from Eterna City, Cynthia who studies Pokemon myths. She explained to me she was trying to get inside Lake Valor to conduct research on the mirage pokemon said to live on an island on the lake. She quickly changed the subject from there and asked if I have seen a group of strange Psyduck on Route 210 *of course, the rude ones that sent me flying with a Psychic attack* She then gave me some Secretpotion to give to them to help them with their intense headache. She wished me luck on my journey and then she left. From here, I decided to go back to Pastoria for the night, but instead of walking the way back, I used the HM Fly to teach my Nightwing how to fly me away! It was so cool, he did the same thing Team Galactic's Crobat did, and it was amazing flying through the air at that speed, I was back in Pastoria in no time! I decided to check out the Great Marsh before I went back to the Pokemon Center forthe night, I paid the entry fee, got my Safari Balls, and went inside. There was a man at the entrance who gave me an HM for Defog for being the 1 millionth trainer to visit *how cool!* I went into the muddy area where I saw a Bibarel, it took 3 Safari Balls to finally capture him, I nicknamed him Bucktooth like my Bidoof. It was getting pretty dark so I left the Marsh early and went back to the Pokemon Center. I got cleaned up and had a nice dinner along with my pokemon.

Chapter 19 - Trouble in Celestic Town
I began my adventure today in Pastoria City. I used my Nightwing's new Fly technique to fly me over to Solaceon Town so I could use the Secretpotion on the group of Psyduck near the cafe. As I entered Route 210 and passed the cafe, I saw that same Miltank in the window winking at me and blowing me kisses again *wierd* I saw the group of Psyduck, still standing firmly in place, so I sprayed the Secretpotion bottle on each of them until it was empty. The reaction worked wonders and the Psyduck appeared to be back to normal again and went back to their home. Cynthia then came and said she saw me fly over not too long ago and wanted to see how the Secretpoition worked. She was glad to see everything was ok and asked if I could do her a favor. She asked if I could give an Old Charm to her grandma in Celestic Town, a place not too far ahead if I continue going along this route. I agreed and she said the trip there would be worthwhile for me as the terrain is a great place to train my pokemon. As I entered the area, I saw a sign that said "Warning: The Northern Area of Rt. 210 Experiences Heavy Fog on a Regular Basis. Use a Pokemon with Defog to Safely Navigate" Given this notice, I went back to the Solaceon Pokemon Center to deposit my Bucktooth in the PC Box and withdraw my Braviary, with whom I used my newly acquired HM to teach Defog. I left  the Pokemon Center and I saw a familiar old man hitting a trainer in the head repeatedly with his broom for littering. He then noticed me and yelled "Hey! I remember you!" and started chasing me again till I ran out of town. I went back to Route 210 and had Braviary use Defog to make the area around me visible. The route was really great, a lot of bridges to get to the different ciffs and a waterfall. The mountainious terrain was also home to a lot of wild Machokes who were great for my pokemon to train against. There were also several trainers here which my pokemon also battled and defeated. I also found a nifty Shadow Ball TM here that I taught to Pearlpower. I finally made it to the end of the route and found myself in Celestic Town, but something wasn't quite right here, everyone was running around screaming "We're gonna die!", some pushing me over in order to get out of town. I saw an old woman and I asked her what was happening here, she said a minute ago a spaceman activated a bomb in front of the ruins and said in 5 minutes we will all be dead. I ran over to confront a Galactic Grunt who was laughing maniacally saying that the Galactic Bomb was going to kill us all. He saw me and said if I was going to mess with him, he might as well battle me to stall out the clock, so our battle began *3 minutes left* I chose Shadowbolt while he used a Beautifly and Croagunk, both of whom couldn't stand a chance against his Spark attack. *2 minutes left* After the battle, he said I wasn't going to get anywhere near the bomb and pulled out his Galactic Gun, his aimed it at me and shot a blast but Shadowbolt and I dodged it, he tried to fire again but the gun shorted out because it was apparently low on power. I had Shadowbolt incapasitate him with a Thunder attack so I could figure out how to disarm the bomb *1 minute left* I examined the bomb all over but there was no off switch *30 seconds* I considered having my pokemon attack it, but then it might blow up sooner *15 seconds* I was beginning to give up hope when a man jumped down and defused the bomb with 2 seconds left on the clock. The town was saved! I recognized the man, I saw him in Mt. Coronet a while back. He told me his name is Cyrus, and that he wanted to make a new world, but there was no universal power in this town. He then asked me that if I discovere any power from the legends of Sinnoh that I must inform him immediately *who is this guy?* and then he left. Celestic Town's Officer Jenny then came with 2 other policeman to take the Grunt into custoddy and the bomb, she thanked me for my service and for stopping Team Galactic's terrorist attack. The Grunt woke up and started screamed "No! You insignificant roaches must die!" as they took him away. The old woman I saw before came over and thanked me for saving the town as well. She noticed I had the Old Charm and asked if I got that from Cynthia. She said she was her grandmother, so I gave it to her. She said while I was in town I should examine the ruins and learn about the folklore of Sinnoh. I went inside and saw a giant cave painting of 3 pokemon forming a triangle surrounding some sort of sphere. Cynthia's Grandmother came in and said this all represents the creation myth of Sinnoh and that the three beings maintain the world's balance. She said she also had something useful for me, an HM for Surf! She said it was Cynthia's but she didn't need it anymore *how nice!* I thanked her, and I left the ruins to go back to the pokemon center to heal up my pokemon. There was a broadcast on Jubilee TV about the return of the Contest Star Fantina as she made a debut with her nw techniques at the Contest in Hearthorne City. I then realized if she's back in Hearthorne, she must be back at the Gym as well, so I decided to head there tomorrow to challenge her. In the meantime, I spent the rest of the day training on Route 211, getting my pokemon ready to challenge Fantina!

Chapter 20 - The Most Difficult Gym Puzzle Ever
I began my pokemon journey today more determined than ever to get my next badge, Fantina said I wasn't ready last time but wait till she sees how much I've improved. All over Jubilee TV were replays of her dominating performance at the Pokemon Contest, which I have to admit was pretty amazing, she must be just as tough a gym leader. I called out my Nightwing after leaving the Pokemon Center in Celestic Town to fly me over to Hearthorne City. As soon as I arrived, there were posters everywhere of Fantina, she truly is a celebrity here. As I approached the gym, I checked with my pokemon to see if they were ready, and they all seemed prime for battle. I entered the gym, and to nosurprise, that same guy from the other gyms was there *man is he creepy* He told me Fantina uses Ghost type pokemon. I went up the lever and on the second level there were 3 doors and a sign. The sign read "3 plus 5 plus 7 is?". How was I supposed to know? I'm only 10! I was never any good at math in grade school, and now they want me to do math! I had no clue what the answer was so I guessed, and each time I guessed wrong! I battled the trainers in the incorrect rooms with Jetstream. After getting up to the 3rd floor there was another math problem! This one said "12 plus 28 is?" Gosh, 2 digit numbers really now? I got the question completely wrong again and faced the two trainers with Jetstream. After getting up to the 4th floor, there was yet another math problem *this gym was starting to annoy me* only this time it was multiplication "3 times 13 is?" I had no hope of getting this right, of course I chose the 2 incorrect doors yet again and beat with with Jetstream. I got up to the 5th floor next, only this time it asked for the first room's answer, I had absolutely no clue, and of course I chose both incorrect doors again, only this time, when I opened the 3rd door, Fantina was behind it and gave me huge scare *Ohohoho!!*. She said *in a spooky voice* it was time to get down to business so she can send my pokemon to their graves, and the battle began. Out first was Jetstream vs Drifblim, Jetstream was faster and unleashed a powerful Blizzard which did a lot of damage since Drifblim is part Flying type and was eliminated. Out next was Mismagius and it looked to be her toughest pokemon. Jetstream used Bubbleam while she used Magical Leaf, but Jetstream took little damage from it. I went for another Bubblebeam while she tried a Shadow Ball, but Jetstream's Steel type resistance made it's damage minimal. Lastly she tried a Psybeam, but yet again Jetstream took it like a champ and finished it off with a powerful Brine. Last out was Fantina's Gengar, this fast pokemon unleashed a Confuse Ray which got the best of Jetstream for a bit, but he held strong, he was able to break through it once to use Bubblebeam while Gengar's Shadow Claw barely did a thing to Jetstream. Finally, Jetstream was able to shake off the confusion and finish off Gengar with another Bubblebeam. I won the match! Fantina congratulated me on my pokemon's strength and apologized for her scariness earlier. She awarded me with the Relic Badge! As I made it out of the gym, I saw Cynthia again, she thanked me for delivering her Old Charm to her grandma. She also heard what happened in Celestic Town with the bomb and was worried about Team Galactic's next strike on Sinnoh. She said there was a Library in Canalave City, and there was also a Gym there and suggested I check it out. I went back to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and decided I should do some deep training before I head to Canalave City. I checked my Town Map and planned over the next few days to venture out to areas of Sinnoh, like the Old Chateau, Route 212, Route 220/221, and now surfable areas which I hadn't been before. This is a great opportunity to strengthen up each of my pokemon to new levels by battling new trainers and wild pokemon. I'll start my journey back up soon!

Chapter 21 - Getting Back in the Motions
The past few days were really great, my pokemon and I ventured through swampy areas, Surfed to new areas on Jetstream's back *it's so cool*, and even went treasure hunting underground * I found some nifty Heart Scales*. When I visited Fuego Ironworks, there was a cute little Pachirisu that gave me some Sweet Kisses, I just had to capture her and I did, I nicknamed her Dawnie. With a cute pokemon, I was also able to take a nice stroll through Amitty Square. All of my pokemon also reached new heights in level and power, even my Mindstrike evolved into a Medicham when I rebattled trainers using the Vs Seeker. I finally decided it was time to head back out on my journey and head to Canalave City. I read my Town Map and saw Canalave City was directly west of Jubilee, so I flew there with Nightwing. When I got there, I felt I was being stalked as I was walking through the city, I had Nightwing walk with me for protection. As I approached the western gate, I was jumped by 3 people, 3 clowns to be precise, with crutches and bandages. They said they wanted revenge for what I did to them weeks ago *they completely deserved it and they aren't even funny* They surrounded me and each pulled out Galactic Guns that they said they bought of Sho's Black Market and aimed them at me; the lead clown said they'd see me in hell. Rght as they pulled the triggers, I quickly ordered Nightwing to Fly me up high *wow Nightwing is fast*, which got me safely away from the beams of energy but as the 3 beams intercepted each other, the combination of power reversed the energy waves sending the blasts back at the guns and the clowns, vaporizing them all. As Nightwing lowered me down, all that remained were 3 piles of dust each with 3 red rubber noses *I could hear odd laughter in the wind*. After that ordeal, I went through the western gate and found myself on Route 218. I saw that the only way to continue on this route would be by crossing the water, which is no problem for Jetsream's Surf technique. I found several trainers on the opposite side of the route who were itching to battle, Shadowbolt did a great job defeating them. After that short route, I found myself in Canalave City! It was a great looking port city with ships everywhere on the canal. I was walking over the bridge when, THUD!, Aryeh rams into me like his usual self. As I lay down on the bridge, he didn't even try to help me up, instead shoving his chocolate stained Trainer Case in my face with 6 gym badges. As I got up he said he's got to be a million times better than me now and challenged me to a battle right there, and of course I accepted just to prove him wrong. Out first was Shadowbolt and Staravia *the intimidation was in the air* Staravia used Quick Attack while Shadowbolt used Spark right back. Out next was a Heracross. Shadowbolt used a Spark attack, but Heracross barely held on *survived due to the Intimidation factor from b4* while he used a Brick Break back, but next turn another Spark easily finished it off. Next round was Ponyta who was easily taken town by a Spark, as was Buizel next. Out last was Grotle, I decided to finish like last time and sent out Jetstream to take it out with a powerful Blizzard. After the battle, Aryeh said he just got his 6th Gym badge here and said I should get it as well now, so I quickly went to the Pokemon Center here to heal up my pokemon and headed to the gym. With no surprise, the same creepy guy was there to greet me; he said the gym leader, Byron, uses Steel Type pokemon. I knew Fighting type moves worked well against Steel types, so I decided to use Mindstrike for this gym challenge. The entire gym is filled with moving metal platforms which I had to navigate to get to Byron's level. There were several gym trainers along this path which Mindstrike asily handled with a series of High Jump Kicks and Ice Punches. I finally made it to Byron who noticed I had Oreburgh's Gym Badge on my jacket. He said I defeated his son, Roark, but he said he's much tougher and I won't get pass his sturdy pokemon, and the battle began. Mindstrike was my choice while he went with Bronzor. Bronzor's defense's couldn't withstand the raw power behind Mindstrike's Hi Jump Kick and was taken out. Next out was Steelix with a huge roar, both pokemon charged at each other with huge force, but Mindstrike's HJK pounded Steelix on contact and sent it flying across the arena. Byron's last okemon was a Bastiodon, without a chance to attack or defend, Mindstrike unleashed another powerful HJK to take it out and win the match! Byron was impressed with my battling and awarded me with the Mine Badge!*I even got a nifty Flash Cannon TM* I made my way out the gym and saw Aryeh who congratulated me on getting my badge *but remarked on how he would be Champ first* and said I should head to the library asap, so I followed him. I entered Canalave Library, the place Cynthia told me about, and the place was filled with old books and volumes. I went up to the 3rd floor where I saw Aryeh, Prof. Rowan, and Dawn! Aryeh was quick to leave, but the Professor gave him a stern look and he decided to stay. Prof. Rowan began talking about his research on the evolution of pokemon and the 3 lakes of Sinnoh where mirage pokemon are said to appear, if he were to gain data on them it may shed light on how the process of Pokemon evolution works. He then asked each of us to go to the lakes and find the pokemon that are said to be mirages. He said we should split up and investigate individually: Dawn to Lake Verity, Aryeh to Lake Acuity, and then me to Lake Valor. As the professor gave each of us folders with info, something strange happened, a huge earthquake shook the building. Books started falling everywhere, Aryeh jumped over the table to 'protect' Dawn. It finally stopped. Prof Rowan asked if we were all ok *Aryeh was pretty close to Dawn*, he then said we should go outside to see what happened. As we stood outside, everyone was frantic about the earthquake. Prof Rowan realized this was not a natural occurance, and that something somewhere must have gone horribly wrong. A sailor approached us to give us news that he just got over the radio...

Chapter 22 - The Cosmic Blast
A sailor from the Canalave docks rushed over to us outside the Library to give us important news he just received from Pastoria City. There was just a huge explosion at Lake Valor! The explosion was powerful enough to be felt throughout all of Sinnoh, but areas closest to the lake were devastated by the powerful earthquake. He also said there were reports of airships heading towards Snowpoint City and Twinleaf Town, the areas closest to the other lakes, it was Team Galactic! Aryeh, impatient as always, said he was heading up to Lake Acuity and bolted. Prof Rowan said I should head to Lake Valor asap to see exactly what is happening there, while he and Dawn would go to Lake Verity. I quickly called out my Nightwing to fly me over to Pastoria City. As I flew overhead, I could see the devastation that this bomb had caused *and this was only one bomb, imagine if they plan to do the same thing at the other lakes!*, streets and walkways were torn up, buildings destroyed, and as I flew down to the panic filled Pastoria, I could see a huge fire and smoke coming from the lake. As I landed in the panic of the Pastoria Streets, I returned my Nightwing to its pokeball, got on my bike and started heading towards Lake Valor. I left the city ok, being careful of cracked cement and made it onto the beach Route 213, where the crazed Dr. Footstep spotted me and threw shoes at me as I rode. The Lakefront was up next, but the damage here was unbelievable; the resort was completely destroyed by the earthquake. People everywhere were injured and trapped beneath rubble. Ambulances were arriving from a city called Sunyshore to the east. I saw a little girl crying up ahead with a Chingling, a huge flaming support beam from a building was about to fall on them, so I quickly rode over and pulled her to safety in the nick of time. I gave her to one of the Machoke from the ambulance crew and made my way to the lake. As soon as I stepped foot into Lake Valor, well it wasn't a lake anymore because all the water was gone! I saw Magikarp flopping around everywhere in the mud *it's amazing they survived the bomb* and there were Team Galactic grunts everywhere. There was one near the entrance that I was spying on from behind a boulder. He said Lake Verity was next and all they had to do was wipe out the 'hick town' called Twinleaf *oh no he didn't* I jumped out from behind the rock when he least expected it and punched him down. His Galactic Gun fell from his belt and onto the ground near me. As he was inching for the gun, saying "I'm gonna kill you, you vermon!", I picked it up and fired it at him, turning him to a pile of ash before my eyes *I just killed someone...* I attached the gun to my belt in case of another jam. I continued to venture my was into the bottom of the lake. I saw many wild pokemon running from the fiery grassy area and trees above and running to the hills. There was another Grunt up ahead, but this one had pokeballs attached to his wrists, so I challenged him to a battle and defeated him with Mindstrike and then he ran off. There was another Grunt up ahead *laughing at the impact at the Galactic Bomb* who spotted me and wanted to battle me, so Mindstrike quickly dispatched with him as well. I continued making my way into the lake, but there was a guard blocking the path to where a whole group of Grunts seemed to be gathering around a cavern. This Grunt had a Galactic Gun in hand; there was no way I could get past him, so I had no choice but to wait until his back was turned and I fired at him with the one I had *the gun ran out of power after this*. 2 Grunts heard the blast, one rushed over to battle me while the other went to warn the Commander in the cavern. Mindstrike's powerful moves defeated the Grunt in no time and I was able to make my way to the cavern where I met Commander Saturn. He said he's heard of me from Mars and Jupiter, and that my further opposition to Team Galactic will no longer be tolerated, so he challenged me to a battle. Out first was Mindstrike vs his Kadabra. His pokemon was faster and used a Psychic attack while Mindstrike was able to counter back with a solid Ice Punch. Out next was his Bronzor. Mindstrike launched a HJK, but Bronzor evaded it by using Gyro Ball and hit Mindstrike; who also took heavy damage from missing the HJK. Mindstrike barely had strength left, but he went for another HJK which made contact this time and took out Bronzor. Saturn sent out his Toxicroak next, i called back Mindstrike because he was too weak to go on and sent out Nightwing. Nightwing flew up high in the cave as Toxicroak tried to attack it, but Nightwing flew down and eliminated it with a powerful tackle. After the battle, Saturn stood in disbelief at his loss, and said at least he was able to stall me here. He said by now the other Commanders will have arrived with their battalions at the other lakes, and said all I have to do is listen for the explosions and the legendary pokemon will be theirs. He then left with the remainder of his squad. I quickly left the cavern and headed back home to Twinleaf Town with Nightwing's help, because Team Galactic will strike there next!

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Chapters 23 - Present

Chapter 23 - Return to Lake Verity and Chaos at Iron Island
As I touched down in my hometown, the streets of Twinleaf were in chaos as Team Galactic Grunts were everywhere! There were running the people out of town and said they are making it their newest base of operations. When I got to my house, I saw a Grunt trying to wrestle my mom's Glameow from her arms! I called out my Shadowbolt and had him charge at him with a Spark attack. With my mom's help we were able to drive the Grunts out of Twonleaf with Shadowbolt's and Glameow's Thunder attacks. My mom thanked me and said she'd get Twinleaf back to normal. I rushed over to Lake Verity to see what Team Galactic was doing there as well. I saw Prof Rowan at the entrance handcuffed; he said I need to help Dawn rescue the legendary pokemon who appeared when Team Galactic arrived. As I went up ahead, there were tag teams of Grunts who said they had to stall me so they challenged me to double battles. I used Shadowbolt and Pearlpower to defeat them as fast as I could. I rushed up ahead to see what was happening, Commander Mars was there having a battle with Dawn. Dawn had her Chimchar out while Mars had her Purugly; Chimchar was getting badly beaten, brutally Slashed by Purugly multiple times. By the time I got there Chimchar laid bleeding on the grass, Dawn picked up Chimchar and started crying. Purugly was about to use a Slash attack on Dawn when Mars saw me and called off the attack. She said I was too late; she captured the lake pokemon when it appeared without even having to use the Galactic Bomb to scare it out, and now she said it was time to get revenge for defeating her at the Valley Windworks, so our battle began. I sent out Pearlpower while she sent out Golbat. Golbat was fast and used Bite but then Pearlpower countered with a powerful Psychic which took it out. Out next was Bronzor, I substituted Pearlpower for Jetstream, who used Surf to wash Bronzor out of the match. Last out was Mar's Purugly, I substituted again and sent out Shadowbolt. Purugly tried to used Hypnosis, but Shadowbolt evaded its effect and charged at Purugly with a Spark attack that hit it in its weak spot. After the match, Mars said they had 2 lake pokemon and had 1 left to catch at Lake Acuity and that there was no chance I could stop them now, so she left with her Grunts on her airship. Prof Rowan rushed over *handcuffed* and said I made a great effort. Dawn's Chimchar was very badly wounded so we all ran over to Sandgem Town's Pokemon Center. The Nurse Joy there said Chimchar would have to stay there a while to recover from all the wounds. Dawn was so sad because she didn't raise her pokemon to be strong enough to take down Mars, I tried to console her the best I could. Prof. Rowan said he got in touch with Aryeh via videophone. Aryeh was using his portable phone from Route 217. He said the Team Galactic airship hasn't arrived at the lake yet due to the heavy Blizzard, so they are trapped near Mt. Coronet until the visability clears. Aryeh said he'd continue making his way up to the lake so he could protect the legendary pokemon. Prof Rowan was completely confident in Aryeh *unhanduffed now thanks to Officer Jenny's help* and was glad a tough trainer like him was there *um, yea right xD* There was an emergency call coming in for the professor from Iron Island. A miner said the wild pokemon living in the mine there were attacking humans and each other to the death; there were 5 fatalities already of miners being torn apart by wild Steelix. Prof Rowan asked me to go there and see what is causing the pokemon to go crazy like this. He told me there was a ferry at Canalave City that could take me there in minutes. I wished Dawn luck with Chimchar's recovery and flew with Nightwing to Canalave City where I hopped on the ferry and headed to Iron Island. When I got there I could hear pokemon roars and explosions coming from deep within the mine. An Officer Jenny pulled me over with a group of other trainers. She thanked us all for coming and said there was only one way to stop the pokemon from their vicious rampage, for us trainers to battle them and make them faint. She said for each of us to pair up because multiple pokemon will gang up on a trainer, like the first squad of trainers she sent in. Some Machoke came out with a decapitated corpse of a trainer, who's head was apparently eaten off by a Steelix. I took a closer look at the body, all that I recognized was the name tag similar to the ones Officer Jenny just gave us *Hello...My Name is BRELOOM!* Everyone looked like they had teamed up already, but there was 1 trainer left. He introduced himself as Orgo, a competitive battler and aspiring gym leader, and said he would be honored to team up with me and venture into the mine. Lastly, Officer Jenny sadid if anyone should find the source of what's causing the pokemon to go mad then we should report back to her immediately, and then the 5 teams of trainers went inside. Orgo had brought his Lucario with him while I used my Jetstream and Mindstrike to swiftly take down the many rock and steel type pokemon that lived in the mine. Pearlpower was also great at using its Psychic blasts to take down all the Golbat who kept swooping down to try and suck our blood. We even helped out a few teams of trainers we saw along the way; Orgo and I were the perfect team. We managed to get really deep into the mine when all of a sudden we started to hear a strange buzzing sound. We went up ahead to the huge elevating platform where we saw two Galactic Grunts capturing a bunch of pokemon using a strange kind of pokeball. They also had a strange radio on the ground near them. They spotted us and told us to get lost, Orgo confronted them and asked what they were doing here. They said they were using a radio signal program that they got of Sho's Black Market to enrage every undomesticated pokemon in the mine to the point where they would fight to the death, and the ones who survive would be caught by using Galactic Balls, developed from hacking Master Ball technology *the same ones the use to capture the lake pokemon*, and sent to HQ. Orgo then had his Lucario use Bone Rush on the speaker, slicing it to pieces. The 2 Grunts got really mad and said we should be afraid of them because they're known as the Galactic Dueling Duo and they challenged us to a double battle. Their teams of pokemon were no match for our fighting type team of Mindstrike and Lucario. After the battle, Orgo used a rope he kept in his bag to tie up the Grunts' hands and said he would lead them back to Officer Jenny, he said the platform up ahead leads to a small service exit that I could use to get out, and then we said our goodbyes. I made it out of the cave and with the case of Iron Island solved I decided to head back to Sandgem Town with Nightwing to see how Dawn and her Chimchar are doing.

Chapter 24 - Through the Snow to Lake Acuity

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