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Title: Trading Board Rules & Proper Trade Procedure
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Ludicom's Trading Board Rules & Proper Trade Procedure


Last Updated: March 25, 2011

I. Trade Threads

Each member is allowed to have one (1) Trade thread/shop and one (1) Giveaway thread on this board. For your Trade thread, you may be as detailed as you'd like in describing your Pokémon. You may list IVs/EVs (if known), natures, movesets, ribbons, etc. Generally, if you are an honest trader, the more detail you provide, the more likely others will want to trade with you.

Be very specific whether you are trading pokemon on 4th Generation games (DPPtHGSS) or 5th Generation games (BW).

II. Hacks

In terms of a pokemon's legitimacy, if the pokemon is hacked, say so.  Again, the more honest you are, the more likely you will have good business here.

What to do if You are Scammed?

Contact a mod privately via PM. Fully explain the situation. The Subject of your PM should be "Bad Trade".

In the message, include the following:

a) Who scammed/cheated you?
b) What was the agreed upon transaction? (include a link to the place where the agreement was made, if possible)
c) What happened?
d) What would you like to see done about this?
e) Do you have anything additional to add that we should know?

The more detailed you are in your report, the better we can help you. If you don't report bad trades to us, we cannot help you with them. We must know the details before taking action.

III. Quick Trade Thread

There is a Quick Trade thread, for use when in need of simple requests, such as looking for specific pokemon or needing a specific service. Use keywords [Have] / [Want] / [For Trade] along with exact Pokémon/item names/service. This makes it easy for others to identify exactly what you're looking for.

IV. A Note on Currency

There is no currency system on Ludicom, everything will be conducted through a bartering system (hence a trade for trade basis), or giveaway. Trading for PPN Pokedollars is also acceptable until further notice, and must be agreed upon by both parties.

V. Proper Trading Procedure

After a trading arrangement has been organized, register your Friend Code on your user profile so that others can quickly add you to their Pal Pads.

Meet each other over Wifi, bringing the pokemon you both with to trade, or have servicing. After the trade/service has been completed, examine your pokemon to make sure everything is satisfactory. Feel free to leave a positive karma point to your trading partner for a good trade/transaction completed

Common decency?

Do not "hi-jack" other people's threads/offers. For instance, if somebody has made a post "Looking for a Pikachu holding the item Light Ball", and somebody replies that they have both a regular Pikachu holding a Light Ball and a PKTOPIA Pikachu that they would part with, and you want to offer on the PKTOPIA Pikachu, do not post that. Contact the seller via PM. The seller offered the Pikachu to the person first, and it is outright rude to use their offer as your own.

Thank you, all. I appreciate your reading this and I hope that this helps foil scammers!     


Enjoy yourselves!

Title: Re: Trading Board Rules & Proper Trade Procedure
Post by: JCBellsprout on September 14, 2011, 07:33:05 pm
Modification - 9/14/11

V. Proper Trade Procedure

When arranging a trade, please register your FC's on your user profile beforehand. You can add your friend codes by clicking "Profile" at the top and then "Forum Profile Information".

You should notice two text boxes under "About Me", these fields are marked "Main FC" and "General FC's". Edit these at your convenience. This feature allows for people to quickly see your FC  so you can get your trades done faster.