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Title: The Pokéwalker- A Guide
Post by: Kloud on June 02, 2011, 06:47:53 pm

I will only be discussing the actual useage/gameplay of the Pokéwalker. For maintinence or troubleshooting, please see the manual that is included with the Pokéwalker or Google.

The Pokéwalker is a pedometer that interacts with Pokémon Heartgold and Soulsilver. One in included with each copy of the game when bought new.

Here are the basics:

•Every step you take gives the Pokémon 1 EXP. A Pokémon can gain one level per walk. To gain more, send the Pokémon back to your game and then back to the Pokéwalker.
•Pokémon gain happiness when you walk.
•There are two mini-games, Dowsing and Pokéradar. I will elaborate more on those below.
•The in-walker currency is called Watts. 1 Watt is earned roughly every 20 steps that are taken.

Got that down? Good, read on.

How do I Start?

Excellent question! The first thing you must do is take the small plastic tab out of your Pokéwalker to activate it. Do this carefully, as you can break it and cause a piece of plastic to become lodged in the battery pack. If done correctly, an image of the Pokéwalker sending a signal should appear onscreen.

The next step is to turn on your copy of Heartgold or Soulsilver. Once you reach a certain point in the game, the option "Connect to Pokéwalker" will become available on the Start screen under "New Game". Select this option. You will be prompted to select a Pokémon from your PC Boxes to send to the Pokéwalker. Next, you will need to select a course. Initially, two courses are available. More can be unlocked with Watts or events. Once you select your course, arrange your DS and the Pokéwalker as indicated in the DS screen. It takes practice to connect them effectively, so keep trying. Once it's sent over, the fun can begin!

How do I work the Menu?

The menu is full of useful tools. To access it, you press any of the three buttons. On the menu, there are several options, including Pokéradar, Dowsing, Connect, Trainer Card, Pokémon & Items, and Settings. On the menu, you can view your current Watt balance. To scroll through the options, use the right and left buttons. To select something, press the middle button.

•Pokéradar- Pay 10 Watts to get a chance to capture a Pokémon! Once you select this option, you will be taken to a screen with four patches of grass. One will have exclamation marks appear from it. Quickly select the patch. You may have to repeat this a few times before the battle begins. In the battle, you have three options. Attack (left button), Catch (middle button), and Dodge (right button). The object of this mini-game is to lower the wild Pokémon's health low enough for your capture to be successful (1-2 health bars remaining is usually best). Once you're ready, try to catch it! If you are defeated, you lose an additional 10 Watts, so be careful! You can catch and hold three Pokémon obtained in this way on your Pokéwalker. 
•Dowsing- Pay 3 Watts to have a chance to locate an Item! You have two chances per play. There are six patches of grass. Use the left and right buttons to move the cursor, and the middle button to select a patch. When you select a patch, if you are not successful, you will be told if the Item is nearby or far away. If it is near, it is generally directly to the left or right of the patch you just selected. If it's far away, it's generally two or more patches away.
•Connect- This option starts the signal to connect to your game to either start a stroll, end a stroll, or move your treasures to your game. 
•Trainer Card- This option contains your general trainer information, as well as a log of your steps taken.
•Pokémon & Items- This option shows you the Pokémon you sent to the Pokéwalker, the Pokémon you have caught while walking, and the Items you have found.
•Settings- This option allows you to change the sound settings and the contrast settings.

How do I unlock Routes?

Excellent question! The more Routes you've unlocked, the more Pokémon and items you can find. Therefore, the more Routes you have, the better.

Routes (listed in order of watts required, event routes listed in order found on Bulbapedia):
Refreshing Field, Noisy Forest, Rugged Road, Beautiful Beach, Suburban Area, Dim Cave, Blue Lake, Town Outskirts, Hoenn Field, Warm Beach, Volcano Path, Treehouse, Scary Cave, Sinnoh Field, Icy Mountain Rd., Big Forest, White Lake, Stormy Beach, Resort, Quiet Cave, Beyond the Sea, Night Sky's Edge, Yellow Forest, Rally, Sightseeing, Winner's Path, Amity Meadow

How to Unlock:
Refreshing Field and Noisy Forest are available at the start.
Most Routes are unlocked by gaining certain numbers of Watts. Some are only unlockable after obtaining the National Dex.
Beyond the Sea is unlocked by using the GTS.
Night Sky's Edge is unlocked with an event Jirachi.
Yellow Forest, Rally, Sightseeing, Winner's Path, and Amity Meadow are event-only. Only Yellow Forest and Winner's Path were released to non-Japanese copies.

I know this guide is old news, but I wanted to put it here since it is a guide that I created. I'll tweak it a bit to help make it more clear, but I don't think many folks are looking for 'walker advice anymore.