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16  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: June 13, 2017, 09:58:45 am
I'm going into IT. Getting a certification first, then taking a cyber security college course.
17  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: April 30, 2017, 11:28:46 am
Hey everyone if you're reading this at all.  If anyone wants to get in touch, even if only to say hi, please do.  My steam is neonrideraryeh, I'm on that all the time I'm online.  I'm not really on skype anymore.  You could find me on discord sometimes if you want to add me, same username there too on everything.  Also on reddit if anyone wants to PM since I often don't remember to show up on this forum.  I don't check it too often and still figuring out how it works, but I have twitter as well, also a facebook but again not on it often.
Discord ID numbers?
18  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: March 27, 2017, 02:51:20 am
Are we doin' life updates in here for the people that barely show up anymore? Sign me the heck up, lads.

In my senior year of high school currently, just finishing everything up. I've been accepted to several different universities and plan on going to one on the other side of the state around August to pursue computer science and graphic design. Pretty sweet deal, in all honesty.

Played through the main story of Pokemon Moon, but that's about it. It was honestly better than Alpha Sapphire, which I couldn't even get past the third gym in. It was just too boring for me, sadly. Pokemon just hasn't been as hooking for me in the most recent editions, and I feel like being on this website when the previous games game out helped me stay interested in them. Instead of Pokemon, I've spent more of my time on art and actually talking to people. Got into professional wrestling too, because my interests always seem to gravitate towards the less feminine ones. That's just how it goes, I guess?

I've definitely been a lot more confident as a human being in the past few months, though. Finally separated myself from my ex girlfriend (which I don't know if I even mentioned here: she broke up with me back in 2014 or something) and went through a couple abusive relationships, one emotional and the other a bit more uncomfortable. Only surrounding myself with people that actually care about me, and thankfully my mental health has gotten a lot better. Still have issues with depression, anxiety, and god knows what else wrong with me, but long gone are the weeks where I would spend every night trying to die. I'm sorry for being such a piece of shit back in the day about all of that, by the way. I overreacted over a lot of shit back then and I probably caused a lot of annoyance or distress with the stuff I said sometimes.

I'm 18 now (don't look like a piece of shit anymore nowadays ), and holy shit it's actually kind of crazy to think I joined this forum at age 12, what with half of the things I was saying. That being said, I absolutely don't regret it. Being on here, for as short as it was, was one of the best things that I was a part of. You all were so nice to me and I seriously can't thank you enough. This website formed me into the sarcastic asshole I am now and I really can't thank y'all enough. Thanks for dealing with me, friends. I still care about you all so much, believe me.

Hey, if possible, we should get back in touch. I really valued your friendship.
19  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: March 11, 2017, 02:16:20 pm
did the big bad wolf blow your old house down?
Let's just say life is shitty at the moment.
20  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: January 30, 2017, 12:08:34 am
I'd like to make a formal apology for my inability to take a joke in the past. I was young, fire in my blood, and a head way too big for my shoulders. I still feel guilt for a lot of tension I caused, thank you to anyone who considered me your friend, and anyone I bitched out, it was probably uncalled for, and I'm sorry.

Kloud and I are still together, still married, we have our one year old boy and a second one due any day now. We'll also have a brand new, built from the ground up house in a few months.
21  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: September 22, 2016, 07:33:34 pm
Hi guys
22  General / Forum Games / Re: The "Odd Statements You've Heard or Said" Game on: May 25, 2016, 07:51:49 pm
"Give me that TP so I can do a quick Blow-Job" Kloud, just now. She was talking about blowing her nose.
23  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: May 21, 2016, 10:57:52 pm
I started streaming to twitch. It's going well... I mean, you know, the 16 deaths in the Wedlock could be a lower number, but otherwise. going well.
24  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: May 03, 2016, 10:01:42 pm
Kinda been talking about this place to folks on twitch...
25  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: April 09, 2016, 05:54:47 pm
Hope you're enjoying your fancy Pokemon themed blog Stark.
26  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: January 26, 2016, 10:03:24 pm
Because youre store isnt as busy as ours. Youve talked about doing reshop before but thats unheard of for cart attendants cuz we have no time for such luxuries.
YOu think I have time for it? They want me to do it anyway. Even if I'm lugging carts nonstop, I still get bitched at if I don't get at least four carts worth of reshop out. We all have it hard in our own ways. Cope. Least you aren't being physically assaulted.
27  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: January 26, 2016, 04:01:01 pm
It's not easy work though. Im literally the first cart guy this stores had in over 5 years who didnt leave after 6 months because you get paid the same or less as others who do way less and who dont have to clean up shit off the walls in the womens restroom.
I disagree. I'm the only cart attendant our store has had in over a year who's not a lazy asshole or a literally mentally handicapped yet somehow condescending jackass. Don't see me bitching.
28  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: January 25, 2016, 10:03:16 pm
I put in a lot of effort at this job, it's why I became a trainer.
That wasn't a 'you' specifically. It was a 'you' generally. As in, it's good pay for easy work.
29  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: January 25, 2016, 01:50:33 am
They cant when theres literally one sales floor TM in the entire store.

All people who can cart are cart attendants, and we're all looking for new jobs cuz we get treated like shit here.

I did, I had a credit card bill with many a car repair on it that I paid off with that money as an xmas gift cuz I needed it paid off before january cuz no interest period.

You act like im being lazy but im not. I take every shift offered, I work the shitty shifts cuz im the only one with open availability, but it's the fact that shit pay and shit hours means I have little money left over to save away.
Best pay you're going to get with the amount of effort you put into anything.
30  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: January 24, 2016, 11:11:32 pm
CDL requires no degree, only one month training where you learn the laws and rules and they teach you how the truck works kinda.

9 an hour wont get you a studio apartment in the ghetto over here :x

our supervisors all have 2+ hour travels to work cuz the cost of living is so high here that even with 12.75 an hour they can only afford to live way out of town.

Also, here in clapistan, degrees hurt your job chances cuz employers know the second you get a job offer in the field you want, youll leave and theyll have to spend more time hiring and training your replacement.

And I may be able to get a loan but my credit aint good cuz I just got a credit score so the interest will be high and ill be a shoe string budget for a few months until I get better at trucking and can make more money.
mine say 9.07 cuz I got a 7 cent raise cuz me and the 2 others I orientated with qualifiied for a review/raise by literally 1 day. Base pay is 9 an hour.

My GF makes 9.25 an hour cuz she transferred to foodave and they get a 25 cent raise. We orientated together.

The GSA has no cashiers to spare cuz no hours and the LOD aint going to send the lone hardlines person to get carts cuz then thered be no one left in the store.

We have no hours to schedule people cuz flow gets to stay and work until they have nothing left to do so they take their sweet time doing stuff so they can get that 40 hours a week and the ETLs and higher are seemingly okay with this, so the whole store suffers. Shits fucked over here and theres nothing anyone can do about it so I'm trying to get out and do better with my life.
Well, our stores are different then, because at my store, base is 10.

GSAs can requisition salesfloor TMs if they need to. If anyone out there has ever worked carts, they'll probably be asked to help you out. Happens all the time at my store when things get chaotic.

Least the discount is good. 10% off is nothing to sneeze at.

You should have made good on the holiday incentive bonuses when they were still around. Overnight on blackfriday would have gotten you an extra six and a half bucks an hour.
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