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1  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: December 08, 2019, 02:42:23 am
You know, every once in a while, I suddenly remembered how much I used to be active in PPN, drapionet, evionet and then here, and the nostalgia train hits hard.

Welp, today is that day again.

Sorry I didn't check in discord anymore. I probably should when I can. But yeah, I don't think I can ever truly forget about this place since it was quite a big part of my early teen years growing up. Even as life moves on, I still wonder once in a while how are my friends I knew from here are doing right now.

Hope all of you are well. I miss y'all and the fun times I had talking to everyone.
2  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: September 20, 2017, 11:35:30 pm
I always wondered if you had noticed lol
It was fine a month ago. Ah well I'm too lazy to change it XD
3  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: September 08, 2017, 09:41:24 am
Smiley Wink Cheesy Grin Angry Sad Cool Huh? Tongue Lips Sealed Undecided Cry Evil Azn

^vote which emot you want me to add to the discord chat Tongue keep in mind gifs dont actually move, they'll pause

 Shocked Roll Eyes Afro < already added, but I can't be asked to save all them so pick the best ones
Grin Tongue These two is the one I use oftenly sooooooo

What the heck happened to my DP and signature pic
4  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: July 22, 2017, 05:28:44 am
Just an idea I had. I'm sure a fair few of you have Discord if you're still active in online communities etc. I've made one that I'm gonna idle in if anyone wants to join. If we get a few people in it could end up pretty fun! Link doesn't expire. I'm on at UK times but feel free to ping me whenever!
Ooh sounds interesting. I will try to join later as I don't have discord now. Need to wait until I got WiFi XD

It feels nostalgic to post here my gosh
5  General / Social / Re: It's just dawning on me how important this community was to my growth as a teen on: July 22, 2017, 05:25:25 am
Hey everyone, I'm glad to see all of you doing well with your life! I still do lurk here every months or so and finally today I managed to bring myself to post something and share what's happening on my side.

Currently I'm waiting for my fourth and final year in university to start so I can finally get my degree in Communication and Media. I managed to stay in the average so hopefully all in all it will be fine.

Life is.. different compared to back when I was active in the forums. I used to be quite anti-social and awkward when talking to people in real life. That's one of the reason I prefer to be online I guess. I guess​ the turtle persona I used for my online avatar suited me; awkward and always hiding in its shell for protection.

I decided to change all that during college and tried to make more friends in the real world and slowly, I left my shell and be more open towards people around me. That was also the time I stopped visiting forums and partake in it. I also met a girl just after college and now she's my best friend/my significant other Smiley

But I still miss all of you greatly. After all, I still consider most of you as my earliest friends despite that you're halfway across the earth from me. I still intend to keep that, so thats why I checked the forums occasionally to see how all of you are doing and to remind myself of all of you (I am also friends with some of you on Facebook)

So thank you everyone for being here. I considered you my  second family before, and I guess I still do. I heard we have a discord channel so I might check that out later, or if any of you are on Facebook or WhatsApp, I wouldn't mind adding you too so we wouldn't lose contact.

I hope to be able to talk to all of you again.

Kloud and I are married, have a baby due in a month, and all is going pretty good.
I know this is overdue, but congratulations! I'm go glad it worked out well with you two ^^

6  General / Social / Re: My ultimate confession on: January 27, 2015, 06:35:47 pm
I...I am in the loss of words too. To think that Miku is not who I thought he was. To think that I used to have a short crush on her >///<

Anyways, hello everyone. I know, I have disappeared for god knows how long. I never intended to visit this site actually in the first place until Aryeh suddenly tagged me on facebook about some random advertisement xD and that... that actually made me think about all the memories I had with all of you since PPN and here. So, I decided to drop by as a guest at first. I read through some of the new posts at social network, then I saw this.

Miku, or Sean, I don't know if you will ever read this or not, but I just want to say that even though your entire persona is not what I thought it was, you're still a good friend to me in my heart. It's not the appearance that counts. It's not the gender or what you do, but what we have been through with each other. You're the one of the main reason why I stayed in PPN for a loong time.

 I know how you felt as I used to go online to escape reality too. I hated real life. For me, PPN were my remedy. That was why I was willing to stay up late into the night most of the time to chat with you all. Then... yeah, stuff happened. Some of our good friends moved on and we all lost contact with them. Though, I'm glad to see that alot of you still stayed here Smiley

I did not expect that you're asian too Sean. We are not much in difference then. I am 19, I am Asian, I live on the other side of the world where Starrk kept thinking it was in China. xD But yeah, I do miss you... I miss you all too. I'm sorry that I didn't go back here that much anymore. Life caught up on me. I am no longer in high school but in university now and life had gotten really, really busy. Though, one good thing is that I no longer hated real life like I used to. In fact, I am happy with what I have now despite the ups and downs. I hope it goes the same for all of you too Smiley

I'm sorry for the long post, but reading Sean's confession made me emotional... :/ I wish he would stay too so we can learn about the REAL Miku too and accept him as a REAL friend. But yeah... he left.

I don't know when would I come back to visit again, but I will some day. I'll try to stay here longer one day to catch up with you all, but for now, I am in university now and I have classes coming up >< So I am sorry that I couldn't stay for long...

It's really nice knowing you all though. Aryeh, Miku/Sean, Wes, Kloud Stark (intentional old joke is intentional). Zohaib, and everyone else. Even though we are oceans apart, I am really glad to have met you Smiley

Until next time.
7  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: The 50's] on: March 25, 2014, 08:12:50 am

where have you been? q.q i missed you!

Hey! Where've you been? I missed you. xD
hey! where you been bro
you need to be on more cos we miss ya
maybe get skype too Cheesy cos that'd be great
Hey guys! I'm glad you all still remembered me. Cheesy
Man, I miss this place alot. ;-; It brings back so much memories.

So, anything going on recently? I see Starrk, Magoo, Zohaib and Kloud is still here. I'm still figuring out who Arrow is. xD
Is Miku and Aryeh still around...?
8  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: The 50's] on: March 14, 2014, 07:56:59 am
Ill be up for a little bit more but I have a doctors appointment in 5 hours so I needs mah beauty sleepz >:V
*Appears out of nowhere to Scare Starrk*
9  General / Social / Re: The Silent Room on: March 14, 2014, 07:52:07 am
*Wakes up from what seemed like a long sleep*
*Looks around his own room, which has been long neglected and filled with spiderwebs*
*Exits his room and goes into the main room*
*Eric Wonders how long have he been out*
10  General / Forum Games / Re: Sorry [User], but your ____ is in another castle. on: December 15, 2011, 01:21:05 pm
Sorry Aryeh, but your nothing is in another castle.
11  General / Gaming General / Re: What are you currently playing? on: December 07, 2011, 10:41:54 am
Have you ever tried cr0wning a Witch? You know, just walking up to her and offing her with one shot? It seems hard to begin with and I thiiiiink you can only do it with some sort of shotgun, but once you get into doing it it's really easy and fun. I prefer the auto-shotgun. 8D
Or a deadlier way, chainsaw the witch, my favorite activity in L4D 2 with my friends. :p
12  General / Gaming General / Re: What are you currently playing? on: October 30, 2011, 10:13:24 am

Also, this is all personal. I can't stand the series. I've seen people get bullied because they don't own COD. It's fucking ridiculous.

   This is the main problem here. I have seen people getting insulted dissed because they don't play or own COD. Kinda sad to watch at times especially if the insults continued for long. Most people here still prefer old shooters like Counter Strike so the insults thrown at them are mostly like "OMG you still play CS? noob go play cod. it's 10x better than that shit cs."

   At least things are improving when Battlefield 3 came out. I can counter-counter the cod fanboys if they don't own BF3 or keep saying cod is much better than bf3. It's fun watching their reaction at times. xD
13  General / Gaming General / Re: What are you currently playing? on: October 28, 2011, 02:49:31 am
Heck even Space Invaders > MW3
Still getting the game for the story though... =/

Can't wait to try out battlefield 3 after my exams. xP
14  Site Information / Introductions and Farewells / Re: General Intro/Leave of Absence Thread on: October 10, 2011, 08:00:23 am
I am leaving for two months or so. O level examination starting tomorrow. =) Wish Me luck!
15  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: RAGE OF THE FIRELANDS!] on: October 07, 2011, 06:57:31 am
Study WHILE drinking! Cheesy Somehow..
That......... is actually a good idea! Cheesy
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