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1  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: November 27, 2016, 08:44:39 am
Pokemon Sun and Moon are out! Hype Shocked
I got rowlet. Which starter did you guys get?I don't think we talked much, but I'm pretty sure I remember you.
I'm majoring in Computer Science as well. I'm a senior right now.
It looks like you're doing well and I'm happy for you man. You'll make a game someday as long as you keep at it, haha.
Also, I actually took Japanese as my language requirement for college, but I haven't practiced the language at
all after passing the required intermediate level course. Teach me pls :p

Rowlet, too Cheesy I remember you Darkgale! Yeah, we didn't talk much but you were always around. Since finishing university I haven't used Japanese at all... It'll all be forgotten soon lol.

Enjoy Computer Science whilst it lasts, I miss it. xD What are you looking to do after it, programmer?
2  General / Social / Re: It's just dawning on me how important this community was to my growth as a teen on: November 01, 2016, 05:19:36 pm
Hello everyone, it's been a long time.

Been lurking every once in a while, thought I'd share a bit what's happening on my side.

I'm in 4th year Software Engineering now, still one year to go. I have managed to maintain my GPA at 4.16/4.3, and getting some scholarships every once in a while.
I've spend 8 months working at EA Sports on NHL15 in 2014, that was a blast. Next summer I'll probably be working at EA Motive, the new Montreal studio.
I'm in a game development student association, and I was appointed Lead Programmer, giving me tons of responsabilities and making me the reference about development and experience in the industry. Being involved has made me much more sociable, and I now have a pretty good reputation at my school. I'm also the main contact point between my school and Ubisoft.
With the club, I'm participating to various coding competitions, and we've gotten staff picks for 3 of them, and won one of them in May. Next winter I'll participate to a big competition and we really hope to gain a lot of prizes.
I've been in a relationship for the past 6 months, with a wonderful girl (name's Sophie) who is making my life amazing. We're constantly together, I'm spending half my time at her place, and we are extremely close. We have been friends for 8 months before going out together, so it has grown really steadily and I think it has helped us get to know each other. I am really proud to be with her.
In April of this year, I went, with my girlfriend and 6 other students, to UK and Ireland as an ambassador to my school, and for 2 weeks we met with schools and companies to develop partnerships. Who would've guessed that Shymon would ever become a public speaker haha. Still can't believe it myself.
I have also completed my first full game. It's a co-op/competitive game I've been working on since January 2013. Has beautiful graphics, is translated in 7 languages, and I was the only programmer on the team. It's not available yet and I don't think it ever will be because I left the team and they've decided to remake it completely. But I have been presenting my version at various indie meetups and it has been really cool. I am slowly getting more and more recognition from the industry and I feel it is making my future prospects look very favorable.
I think that's pretty much it, I still have my share of worries and insecurities, but I have been trying to keep myself busy and this has worked out well for me.

I am really grateful that I got to know this community and all of you guys. I feel you were around during the times in which I felt doubt concerning my own future and feelings. Chatting with you guys, playing with you guys, sometimes arguing with you guys, have shaped me as an individual and got me to grow in a lot of respects. I have learned to mature as a person while keeping my heart young. And I am so happy about that.

Thank you all for having been there for me, and for accepting me with all my excentricities and long posts.


Congrats Rosim Smiley EA, though? Ouch (you saw it coming)

I really regret not following the game dev path. I won a few dev contests in uni and got close to some studios but for some reason I just didn't follow it. My best friend ended up moving to Sweden to pursue his game development career after his game was nominated for a Bafta whilst I returned home and took up a local job. Thankfully there happened to be a huge global company right next to where I live, and somehow I never knew they existed lol. It's retail stuff, but hey, we get to deal with Nintendo which was a nice coincidence considering I'm a fan.

Hearing all my friends running off, chasing their dreams and doing great things... I get jealous. It hits me hard. My job isn't interesting and nobody sees my work aside from the people who use it to do their job - and they don't care. I still try to make games though, it's my hobby after all despite never ever finishing one.

I've moved up from a PHP developer to a C# developer and I have to say, C# is a beautiful language. I'm currently making my own code editor with it for Game Maker (gml) as one of my little side projects. Next up, I want to extend the GML language and make my own improvements on it - such as adding much-wanted OOP principles and giving it a typed makeover.

I miss our conversations, Rosim. All the best Smiley

Oh, and your game better not be another one of those moba games. Tongue However if you ever check back here, let me know when/if you release it. Let me play it!
3  General / Social / Re: Happy Birthday to me! on: November 01, 2016, 04:49:47 pm
Late happy Birthday.


4  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: November 01, 2016, 04:39:13 pm
Yay reading everyone's life updates and finding it hard to believe these were the same 14 year old kids I knew 6/7 years ago!

So here's my little update to those who care Tongue

I finished university last year (degree in Computer Science & Japanese Language). Sat here as a 25 year old now... during the active days of PPN I was 18 and had not so much interest in Pokemon. I loved my Piplup and would take the poor thing into competitive battling against people like Darkness Unleashed. Coming across this forum randomly got me into Pokemon Platinum and to you guys! Can't believe there's still people here checking every so often, it's nice to see familiar names for the first time in years.

Now I'm working as a backend web developer for a fairly decent company since graduating, and I'll be getting married uhm... in two weeks to a Chinese girl I've been with for four years. It feels crazy knowing how I had so little when I was 18, barely affording a DS to play Pokemon as my family was poor as they come. Yet, here I am. About to start a family. My biggest regret is being unable to show my mum the person I ended up as. She passed away in 2012 from cancer - it only took 4 months from discovery until it took her and we were completely unprepared for it.

I owe to my unwillingness to give up making games, even though it was in Game Maker and I never finished a game. I now owe my career to it as it introduced me into the programming field.  (I still haven't finished a game yet... I'm still trying!) PS. Aryeh, no more dragons, please! We have too many dragons! Stop writing more in! Those were some nice memories xD

On the other hand...
20 days to go for Pokemon Sun/Moon and I am hyped. Bring it!
5  General / Social / Re: My ultimate confession on: November 01, 2016, 03:37:50 pm
Ninja bump.

I never double guessed you, Miku! Thank you for remembering me, it's nice to know our time talking and playing mmos together will be remembered Smiley
One of my personas was a girl once... I didn't battle any mental issues or depression though, I was just too 'shy' to come clean. Then relationships started to form with people I considered close friends, which I've now long since lost connections with due to abandoning that persona. I, too, swore to never let anything like that happen again so I've experienced a little of what you have here. It sucks having friends tied to a person that isn't you, friends that you cannot show your real self to, and friends that will fade away with that persona.

You made a big step with this confession and I'm proud of you. I wasn't able to do the same, and instead, lost a couple of good friends that I think about every now and then. I know it isn't easy.

Either way, it doesn't matter to me who you really are. You are Miku and we had some good times. I'll always remember playing Luna Online with you, Cade, and Shippo Smiley
Actually, the reason why I just checked out this site is because I was wondering what you were up to these days! Glad you lot are still around and checking this place out. I was worried I'd never find you guys again.

Edit: One last thing. Pay no mind to the spoiled "why didn't you disappear" comments earlier in the thread. I'm happy to hear from you again Miku and even more happy that you did NOT disappear!
6  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear] on: November 01, 2016, 03:13:33 pm
Oh wow, there's people here still!

I forgot the name of the forum and I found it by searching for Tim on Google D:
7  General / Forum Games / Re: The Excuse Game! on: October 16, 2011, 01:16:58 pm
I can't, I'm playing Minecraft. Sorry.

Unplug my computer for me and free me from this addiction!
8  Site Information / Site Discussion / Re: A domain? on: October 13, 2011, 03:16:54 pm
I"m pretty sure smfforfree allows you to associate a domain to a forum; and a domain =/= hosting.
I actually would be up for a fresh start for transfer to non smfforfree hosting, though.
For some reason I was thinking of getting a host as well., I just have the habit of linking the two together since it's normally what I look for.

Well anyway a domain name should be able to direct to this place - I've never actually setup a domain name to another host though so that's a hazy topic for me.
9  Site Information / Site Discussion / Re: A domain? on: October 12, 2011, 07:09:59 pm
Domain name would be nice but haven't we been over this before?
I'm not sure if SMF For Free will allow you to export SQL tables - At least I couldn't find the feature so the other solution is to email support or w/e.
Which I highly doubt they'll just give you the SQL tables in any case.

Unless everyone is up for a fresh start.
10  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: RAGE OF THE FIRELANDS!] on: October 04, 2011, 08:29:42 am
Nice to see you, Shihen, how are you doing?
If you ever need more help with Maths, you know where to find me Smiley.
I saw InfinityLogic disappeared. Sad to hear it.

Yeah IL died a while back, DC kept changing the site around an sadly it just got worse. He changed the domain name, forum software, lost all the old data, and without telling anyone about it until *boom - wtf is this*.

You best be ready to be swarmed with Math questions... kidding :p
11  General / Social / Re: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: RAGE OF THE FIRELANDS!] on: October 04, 2011, 08:19:10 am
Good, bad, I don't know. ^^
I must be going nuts Tongue.
I don't know what's up; you tell me ^^.

Magoo told me that a mysterious message created some fuss where I can't see. Made me laugh ^^. I had stopped hoping it made it to its destination, so I was really happy to hear it. Just saying. End of parentheses (...which I forgot to open.)

ROSIM! Cheesy

Hai. Cheesy
12  Site Information / Site Discussion / Re: My signature. But Why. D: on: September 30, 2011, 08:39:56 pm
I saw it the second way where it appeared to be 4 images, so I removed the 2 snapple ones after I got the reports this morning.

I don't know why it appeared like that if the one on your screen looked normal, but to make sure people don't see something odd try to ask someone to rate your sig the moment after you edit it (somewhere like the ToT), to make sure no mistakes happened or if it's within a reasonable size.
If Miku can't have her signature that big then neither should you lol. That Bellsprout takes up more room than anything else xD
13  Pokemon Discussion / Generation 5 / Re: Just got BW on: September 03, 2011, 12:19:13 pm
Which is great because I can't do that -.-
Ugggh... I hate how they move more features to wifi now which I can't use.
14  Pokemon Discussion / Generation 5 / Re: Just got BW on: September 02, 2011, 07:55:48 pm
Your starter Pokemon is... SLOWBRO! Evil
BW are the best. Meaningful plot. Interesting characters. Awesome music. Great graphics. AND COOL POKEMON! D:<
They're my favorite Pokemon games and by far.
I feel like the others before were missing something. XD
I still have mixed emotions about this game lol xD
The plot is fine along with the characters but I just can't get into the Pokemon themselves. Kinda sad that a lot of the cool features that I like in this game requires some sort of multiplayer.
I want to go into the dream world an mess around with my house since it's like the secret base in R/S (which I loved), just I have no idea how to get in it xD. (Just hope it doesn't require internet connection).

The DS doesn't support my Routers security settings so it won't connect to it so online play is out of the question.
15  Pokemon Discussion / Generation 5 / Re: Just got BW on: September 02, 2011, 12:24:45 pm
I think BW is a great game, it picks up definitely.  Though the game isn't that long tbh compared to others, it could do with more things.  The third version will be amazing though most likely.
I've noticed they have tried to make it more challenging and I do like that part about it. I just hate the new Pokemon lol.
I'll try playing it some more to see if the game does pick up (which I hope it does).
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