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1  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: The Inferior 6 - A RTM on: December 14, 2013, 05:32:12 pm
I have edited the team a little after testing. Please check the RMT (I also noticed that I actually spelt 'RTM' wrong (somehow)). Tell me what you think.
2  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: The Inferior 6 - A RTM on: December 14, 2013, 04:34:55 pm

Honestly, it wasn't a counter you can check some of my battle videos if you don't believe me Tongue
Yeah, I believe you. I made a change to a team as when I played you, I noticed a weak link in my team. Can we rematch, I want to test it?
3  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: The Inferior 6 - A RTM on: December 14, 2013, 04:20:25 pm
Ah ok, would you like to do a battle on Showdown then? (I haven't counter teamed it don't worry Tongue)
I'm online on Showdown. Find my name (in the PM) or tell me yours and I'll challenge you

My name is MightyMuffin is anyone else wants to challenge me Smiley
4  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: The Inferior 6 - A RTM on: December 14, 2013, 03:43:17 pm
Ah ok, that's actually good for me since I don't have to breed a new Garchomp Tongue

@TMNS Last bit of advice, watch out for those Talonflame's after you've sacked Tyranitar cos they could very heavily hit your team. It will always beat Heracross and Venusaur, and if they have a few speed EVs then Excadrill will also fall victim.

The team is looking pretty solid though, nice work!

Yeah, I do have trouble sometimes with Talonflame but Slowbro is quite a good check to it. I would have Scald for this purpose but 9/10, they will switch out Talonflame (only not switching out if they overpredict me to do something) so I use Toxic to hinder what comes in and play it from there.
5  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: The Inferior 6 - A RTM on: December 14, 2013, 03:17:01 pm
We definitely should. It would also be fun if someone could organize a multi battle tournament where you enter with a partner. I haven't finished breeding, etc the whole team yet, I'm partly there as when Blaziken got banned, I had to basically dump my team in my box and make a new one.
6  Wireless / Competitive Battling / The Inferior 6 - A RMT on: December 14, 2013, 10:58:58 am
I'm new to making teams so bare with me a little

I've been inactive with stuff and what not and I thought I would make this. Currently on showdown, it is 1450 but I haven't been playing with it for that long (it wins a fair few more than it loses). You can try this team out if you want, I like it and I think it works. Obviously there are always improvements to be made

So lets introduce the lot (I can add pictures if you would all like, I will have to be told how to do this though):

Tyranitar - Garchomp - Excadrill - Heracross - Venusaur - Slowbro

Tyranitar - Ted
Ability: Sand Stream
Item: Focus Sash
Nature: Adamant
Evs: 252 HP/ 252 Attack/ 4 SpD
Moveset: Thunder Wave/ Stealth Rocks/ Crunch/ Stone Edge

The idea behind ted is to get my SR up but also to hinder sweeper leads with Thunder Wave. Thunder wave is always helpful throughout the battle. My team isn't particularly fast and Thunder Wave will always help with this. People don't expect it and allow my to kill that pokemon after I get my rocks up. Crunch and Stone Edge are reliable STAB moves that provide good coverage. The Focus Sash allows me to get off at least one Thunder wave and my SR. The bulkiness created by the HP investment allows it to have higher survivability to be able to hinder more pokemon.

Garchomp - Scampi
Ability: Sand Veil
Item: Life Orb
Nature: Jolly
Evs: 4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed
Moveset: Fire Fang/ Earthquake/ Dragon Claw/ Swords Dance

One of my two main sweepers. Garchomp's 333 max speed is quite weird and out speeds the pokemon with base 100 speed. Fire Fang is weak but provides good coverage. There maybe are better moves but I think it works. Earthquake and Dragon Claw are also good STAB moves and can deal a lot of damage. Swords Dance will allow me to set up if need be and is the best move to use when predicting a switch. Life orb is for that extra damage and Garchomp is quite bulky so it can afford to lose that little bit of HP. Sand Veil created great synergy with Tyranitar increasing Garchomps sweeping potential.

Excadrill - Guacamole
Ability: Mold Breaker
Item: Air Balloon
Nature Jolly
Evs: 4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed
Moveset: Rapid Spin/ Swords Dance/ Earthquake/ Rock Slide

Hazards are nice when I'm using them but not so much when I have to deal with them. Rapid Spin removes this. I do however have no pokemon that are actually weak to any hazard so some may disagree to my choice of Excadrill and you are welcome to find a suitable replacement. Swords Dance is to set up once all the faster threats have gone. I can also take on greedy Talonflames what don't invest in speed as Rock Slide is an OHKO. Earthquake and Rockslide are great moves that provide great coverage. Earthquake can hit pokemon with levitate too which will kill a rotom with no speed investment. I suppose that Mold Breaker is a bit of a waste as I can take further advantage of the sand that Tyranitar has but it is hard to also have Excadrill take advantage of this too as sand got a nerf and Garchomp is the main pokemon that I will want to take advantage of it. Air Baloon is also to get rid of that ground weakness

Heracross - OptimusPrime
Ability: Moxie
Item: Choice Scarf
Nature: Adamant
Evs: 4 HP/ 252 Attack/ 252 Speed
Moveset: Close Combat/ Earthquake/ Mega Horn/ Stone Edge

Before you say anything, yes I know this is the third pokemon to use earthquake and you are welcome to find a more suitable move (for either of the pokemon that use it). As the other half of my main two sweepers, this pokemon should be aiming to get a high body count. Mega Horn and Close Combat are powerful STAB moves and Stone Edge will kill Ice and Flying types that don't expect the Scarf. I use Moxie to gain that extra attack and is a great perk for getting that revenge kill. I didn't need it to be Jolly as It will out speed more or less anything but mega Manetric (and Jolly Scarf Heracross which I have actually seen once). It also can take on Mega Khangaskan as it resists the Sucker Punch.

Venusaur (mega) - Bubbles
Ability: Overgrow - Thick Fat
Item: Venusaurite
Nature: Calm
Evs: 252 HP/ 252 SpD/ 4 Spe
Moveset: Leech Seed/ Giga Drain/ Sleep Powder/ Sludge Bomb

On my team I always like to have a dedicated wall or two to have a secure switch in that can also take hit. Venusaur does this and can also deal hits very well. Believe it or not, it beats Aegislash 1v1 with this set. It has a very high SpA stat, even with no SpA investment which is why it appealed to me. You are probably wondering why there is no Synthesis and the answer to this is that it doesn't need it. When you send something to sleep, use Leech Seed and a Giga Drain, it gets back to full health. Giga Drain + Leach Seed means that Synthesis is redundant but if you think it works better with Synthesis, do hesitate to tell me. In testing, I have found that it works better with with this set rather than with Synthesis. I am not open to suggestion in replacing Sleep Powder. A threat asleep is not longer a threat Wink

Last but not least...

Slowbro - Oreo
Ability: Regenerator
Item: Leftovers
Nature: Bold
Evs: 252 HP/ 252 Def/ 4 SpD
Moveset: Toxic/ Slack Off/ Ice Beam/ Fire Blast

Again, I like to have one or two dedicated walls and I like Slowbro as it can survive until very late in the game, even with very high usage that game with Slack off + Regenerator. I know that with Toxic, I now have 3 status moves on my team but Sleep Powder can only effect  one pokemon (without breaking sleep clause) and Tyranitar as a lead will more times than not die early and I want to inflict status as much as I can. Ice Beam is used over Scald as it won't get the burn as they will be toxiced. Fire Blast is for some reason unexpected in Showdown and kills a lot of pokemon that are weak to it.

Thank you so much for reading. And and all suggestions and comments are welcome from altering moves and Evs, to replacing a whole pokemon. If you think it needs improving, say so and tell me the improvement, they will greatly helped. Post too if you like it, even just to say "Nice Team." It's always nice to be complemented on hard work :p

I will post the threats if you want but I'm not sure on the most of them, you can suggest threats to a threat list if you like (but please explain why they are a threat too).


After further testing (thank you JK for helping with this), I noticed a weak point in the team.

I think now is a good time to add a threat list:


Talonflame is a threat as if they invest in speed and Tyranitar is down, it is free to sweep. My team is week to flying and fire attacks and playing vs priority flying is not very good to say the least


Every pokemon on my team excluding garchomp is weak to either fire or bug. If my garchomp can't outspeed the volcerona (or volcerona has set up), there is nothing I can do to ever kill it.

Alakazam/ Espeon:

I can't inflict status on it to hinder it due to it's ability. I have the same trouble as I have vs volcerona. Every pokemon on my team excluding garchomp is either weak to fighting, phychic or ghost and every pokemon weak to this gets ohko'd. I can't rely on outspeeding it with Heracross as my only check. Even though it is my only check, I can't safely switch it in (same vs volcerona) so I will have to sack a pokemon every time I see it


I can't make it fall asleep to nullify the threat and I can't do a lot of sustained damage if they are physically defensive. It can also heal it off with it's ability to reuse a berry. It causes a lot of problems to my team

There are other threats, I will update later (or when I come into a new threat)

So with this information...

I need to get rid of a pokemon and replace it with a check. I decided the pokemon that would have to bit the bullet is Excadrill. I don't need the rapid spin being that toxic spikes are wiped out by a Venusaur switch in and non of my pokemon are actually weak to stealth rocks. As a result of this, I never took advantage of my Excadrill and more times than not just used it as the foder to get a safe switch in on my Heracross. I have pokemon with earthquake so I don't need it again

I have two candidates to replace. My first, I considered Gengar. I thought that if I can somehow get behind a sub, I can take care of my threat and disable the move that deals the heavy damage. Well Alazkazam still outspeeds and will kill it and then I am left in the same problem before. I am now faster than Espeon but Alakazam is much more common. It is a strong pokemon but doesn't quite cut it. I will maybe consider using a Gengar in a future team but this team is not good for it.

After further looking into it, I noticed that what I really need is a pokemon that can outspeed most of the threats. A pokemon that is versatile and that provides the coverage. I realised that Greninja is great for this. Not only does it outspeed Espeon and those greedy Alakazams who are modest and not timid, It will kill a Trevanin with a STAB, Expert Belt Ice Beam, it can also OHKO a Talonflame and will OHKO a Volcerona after Stealth Rocks

So welcome...

Greninja - Baka
Ability: Protean
Item: Expert Belt
Nature: Timid
Evs: 4 HP/ 252 SpA/ 252 Spe
Moveset: Extrasensory/ Dark Pulse/ Ice Beam/ Hydro Pump

These moves provide good coverage and get a 30% boost from Expert Belt when hit super effectively. Vs a pokemon with no SpD investment, a super effective hit should be an OHKO, especially after SR damage. I need the Timid nature as I want to utilize the great Speed of Greninja. It beats a lot of threats to my team (explained above) and even after a few games, I feel more secure when playing against a threat. Another option is Grass Knot but that doesn't hit any of my threats super effectively so I will not be utilizing the Expert Belt. U-Turn is also viable but it will be more for scouting purposes as there is no Attack investment on Greninja so to me, it is a waste of a move. I also picked this pokemon as it is good vs pokemon who are not threats too. It beats a lot of pokemon, making them guess the type I am going to change to. 
7  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: Competitive Battling Quick Questions Thread on: November 04, 2013, 11:15:26 am
I think you can breed it with Tyrantrum.

Also, why is there two threads for quick questions?
Tried and it does not work. I'll just wait until Poke bank.
8  Wireless / Competitive Battling / Re: Competitive Battling Quick Questions Thread on: November 03, 2013, 04:17:44 pm
How do I teach Garchomp Stealthrocks?
9  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: Gible Giveaway! 3-4/6 IVs at 31 (5/6 soon) on: November 03, 2013, 03:05:22 pm
And you too!
10  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: Gible Giveaway! 3-4/6 IVs at 31 (5/6 soon) on: November 03, 2013, 02:51:20 pm
Sorry I took so long, I'm ready to trade whenever you are. You're Muffin right?

I'm a little busy. I can trade in about 10 or so minutes.
11  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: Gible Giveaway! 3-4/6 IVs at 31 (5/6 soon) on: November 03, 2013, 02:22:26 pm
I think I have you added already lol

I'm just in the E4 at the minute, I'll post when I've finished. What nickname do you want me to give the Gible?

Can you please name it 'Scampi'? Cheesy
12  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: Gible Giveaway! 3-4/6 IVs at 31 (5/6 soon) on: November 03, 2013, 02:06:17 pm
Yeah sure Smiley
All of the Gibles are Jolly with Sand Veil (I would have bred Rough Skin but I don't have a Gabite Friend Safari). Also, what nickname would you like on it?

I'll take the 5 IV one, if you don't mind as it should save a little bit of time breeding them.

My fc is 0688 -5239 - 8806

When are you available to trade?
13  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: Gible Giveaway! 3-4/6 IVs at 31 (5/6 soon) on: November 03, 2013, 01:48:58 pm
Can I have this one please:

2. HP/Atk/Def/Spe (31/31/31/x/x/31), Female, Level 1

Just out of curiosity, what is the nature (preferably jolly) and ability (not too fussed, both are just as viable)?

I have been breeding togepi and got a couple of good ones that didn't make the final cut

I have a 5 31 IV calm togepi (male) with all but attack. It just has the hustle nature. If you get a female serence grace one, you can easily breed the perfect togepi. I also have a 4 31 IV calm Togepi (male) missing attack and special attack. It does however have the serence grace ability.

If it's not too much trouble, if this is not claimed, 2. HP/Atk/SpDef (31/31/x/x/31/x), Male, Level 30, I'm sure it will be happy as the other half to the the other gible as a breeding pair to get a 5 31 IV Gible.
14  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: JCB's LF on: November 01, 2013, 08:24:00 pm
I can get a Gooey Sliggoo.
15  Wireless / Trade Requests / Re: Can someone evolve my 2 Togepi's? on: October 25, 2013, 08:00:34 am
I'll evolve them if I can breed a baby from them once I've evolved them.
You can breed them Tongue Collectively, they have 31 IVs in HP/ Defense (both)/ SpA/ SpD (both)/ Speed
One is calm and both have Serene Grace
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