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Kinfin's Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge Story (Read only)

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Author Topic: Kinfin's Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge Story (Read only)  (Read 200 times)
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« on: November 11, 2011, 10:41:50 am »

Chapter 4: Why I'm So Tired

Okay, after this morning, and now what I've just gone through, I'm definitely done for the day. And I partially blame my kind nature on it. First thing's First/

Enter: Alexis
Species: Whismur
Gender: Female
Ability: Soundproof
Nature: Relaxed

Enter: Baggumaru
Species: Nincada
Gender: Male
Ability: Compound Eyes
Nature: Brave

Yes, this is the order I caught them. What I did was, since my sources, and by that, I mean I asked around, say that the only Pokemon in Rustturf tunnel are Whismur, but they also show up outside, I used Repels to get to the cave and catch a Whismur there. That way, I could rule it out outside, which is good, because I wouldn't have gotten Baggumaru otherwise. Unfortunately, I couldn't find use for either of them at the moment, so they're in the box right now.

As for what I did about the Gym?

Mary Evolved into Dustox
Notes: Ability Changed to Shield Dust. Type changed to Bug/Poison

Harland Evolved into Combusken
Notes: Learned Double Kick

You see where I'm going with this, right?

When I went into the gym, I went in with Harland as my lead, finisher, and ace. He Kicked his way through everything in the path. Roxanne's Nosepass almost gave me a scare, and her Potion use was annoying, but I pulled through.

VICTORY! Obtained the Stone Badge. The Stone Badge allows usage of the Hidden Machine technique 'Cut' to be used outside of battle. It also raises the attack of the owner's Pokemon.

So that's nice. But now comes the reason for my annoyance. I was going to take a nap after that massive training spree, when a distinct and familiar stench ran by me, as did a man in a recognizable suit. For what was likely the same reason I helped Birch, I ran after hearing the green guy's plead for assistance.

Running after that foul fiend, I also came across and old man who was blubbering on the ground. Apparently, a Pokemon of his, by the name of Peeko, was taken hostage by the same guy I was tracking down. I figured I'd help the guy and kill two birds with one stone. No offence Wright and Peeko.

The Pirate happened to be the same guy from before. And he apparently didn't even spend half the training time I did. I let Jane use Yawn to put his Poochyena to sleep, and let Lyn go berserk with the Headbutts. Very nicely done if I say so myself.

After retrieving the Goods and the Wingull, (did I mention it was a Wingull?), and returning them to there respective owners, the Old man by the name of Briney, said that he would repay me somehow. Meanwhile, the man in green took me directly to the Chairman of Devon himself, President Stone. He gave me a, rapidly increasing in popularity, Pokenav as a way of thanking me. But then he asked another favor of me. He asked me to play delivery boy for him by taking the goods to the Harbor in Slateport, and on the way, deliver a letter to his son, Stephen, who would be on Dewford. I curse my kindness as I said yes. But presently, I have no plans on how to get to either location. I guess I'll have to sort if out later though. I am bushed.

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