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Kinfin's Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge Story (Read only)

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Author Topic: Kinfin's Sapphire Nuzlocke Challenge Story (Read only)  (Read 200 times)
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« on: November 11, 2011, 10:42:16 am »

Chapter 5: Near Death Experience

Okay okay okay. I nearly had a heart attack. That was stressful as hell. Sweet mother of Arceus. Phew. Give me a second. I'd tell you straight away, but there's a bit of stuff that happened first, and I don't want any grey areas. Just, let me breath for a moment. I really should not be writing now.

Okay, so this morning, I woke up feeling better than ever. That's the thing about working yourself to exhaustion. When you do get some rest, you feel like you've slept for three weeks, in a good way. That's when I remembered the favors I promised Stone. I had no idea how to get to Dewford or Slateport. The Rustturf tunnel was blocked off when I went there yesterday, and the only other way was by sea. I was clueless. But I figured sitting around on my @$$ was getting me nowhere, so I took a stroll around town.

That's when I ran into May, I mean that literally too. I rounded a corner, and next thing I knew, we were both flat on our @$$es. At least the impact was soft.

"Oh, hey Dylan!" She rather cheerily said as soon as she realized it was me.

"May, right? What're you doing here?" I said, half pretending to care.

"Oh, I was just doing some research for dad. Gathering some data. Same old some old. You?"

"I'm trying to figure out how I'm going to get to Dewford and Slateport. The only way to Slateport by land is blocked off, and I don't have any means to travel by water."

"Ya know, I passed by Mr. Briney on my way here. Maybe you can ask him. He lives on the Petalburg side of Petalburg Woods."

"Maybe- wait, did you say Briney?"

"Yeah, do you know him?"

At this point, my eyes kinda lit up. Time to pay your debt old man. "May, I owe you one!" And with that, I ran off.

So a few cliff hops later, and I was back on the other side of the woods. Right away, I saw the old man's house, and more importantly, his boat. I'd say I basically burst through his door, but he actually doesn't have one. I guess you don't need one in the tropics if you don't have a dehumidifier. But that's not the weird thing. The weird thing is that when I cam in, the old coot was running in circles chasing after the Wingull. Strangest sight I've ever seen. Regardless, I interrupted to ask my favor of the guy. His exact words were,

"After all you've done for me, such a simple task is asking too little. Of course I'll lend you my assistance."

And with that, we set sail.

Upon our arrival, I noticed a Gym on the island. A Fighting Type Gym. This would be a problem, but I figured delivering the letter was more important. From what I gathered from the locals, Stephen was in the local cave. Well, that and a fishing rod. (Get it? Gathered? Someone just gave me the thing)

Enter: Lucah
Species: Tentacool
Gender: Female
Ability: Liquid Ooze
Nature: Rash

Enter: Gertrude
Species: Geodude(ette)
Gender: Female
Ability: Strudy
Nature: Quiet

I decided that for now, I'd use these two instead of Jane and Dainn, but I'll still manage them with the team. More work? Yes, but will it be worth it? Most definitely.

Now, when I was in the Cave, some dude told me that use of the move Flash would be necessary. I disagree. All I had to do was follow the wall. Sure, It was dark, but it was a small cave anyway. It didn't take me too long to find that Grey haired guy named Stephen. He thanked me for making the delivery with the ability to teach Steel Wing to a Pokemon. Maybe later...

Now comes the hard part. The Gym. Fortunately, that cave put me where I needed to be... more or less.

The Good thing about the place was that the only 'Puzzle' involved was the darkness, and you know how I handle that, right? The trainers other than the Leader were cakewalks too. But the Leader himself, well.

Since this was actually interesting, I'll wright the details of it out.

I lead with Harland. I figured since he was almost level 20, he'd be able to clean house, right? Wrong. I got Brawly's Machop nearly down twice with a flurry of Pecks, but moth times, Brawly healed with a Super Potion. Then came the part where he got the upper hand. If I healed, he used Karate chop, which was nerve-wracking every time. If I even tried to attack back, and he got a Crit, Harland would have been down for the count. He couldn't stay in. But who else could It have been? Everyone else would either be hit harder, or be at huge risk from the Seismic Toss he revealed early on. Two of either of those could spell certain doom for everyone except...

"Go, Mary!"

Mary was a good 5 levels below that Machop, but fortunately for me, his attacks hit for nothing. Mary used confusion all day until finally, Machop had fallen. Then came Makuhita... actually, I had no reason to fear now. Three Bulk Up's later, and it was doing nothing still. It didn't stand a chance, until It for a critical hit! Mary barely pulled though that Knock off, but she did. And with a final confusion, it was over. Amazing, my level 19 Combusken had issues, but me level 12 Dustox cleaned house.

The way I write it, it sounds less stressful than it was, but trust me, my heart was pounding.

Still, victory came my way...

Victory! Obtained the Knuckle Badge. The Knuckle Badge allows use of the Hidden Move 'Flash' to be used outside of battle. It also earns respect from all Pokemon level 30 and lower, even those obtained through a trade.

And with that, I headed to the Pokemon center, to collect myself. Next stop is Slateport. I'll be heading there soon, after I level my head out a bit...

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