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The City in the Sand

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Author Topic: The City in the Sand  (Read 279 times)
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« on: November 05, 2013, 10:32:52 pm »

Agi Zeronia, a Nation of extremes. The days give searing heat beating down, at night, winds freeze all without a way to keep warm. Once, this place was a wasteland. Uninhabited by anything other than the Pokemon that had the means to survive in such a harsh environment. Then, the people of the Vic-tal tribe discovered this land. At first, their people urged they avoid it, but the elders knew the secrets to survive. They led the people across seemingly invisible paths until they found the Oasis. The one true source of water in the desert. Underground paths of water united in this hole, and there, clean water was nearly limitless. It was around this spring that the city known as Kikar was formed. They used the principals of Frugal Living, they managed to create a city where all had what they needed. Unfortunately, human nature kicked in. Some wanted more than what they needed. So they took. Thieves and cheats. It was an inevitability. With such problems springing up, the elders decided their rulers need to prove themselves. And so, when a Prince was born, he was given to be raised by commoners. If he was truly noble, he would grow into a wise and kind man. These young men were watched through their lives and only made noble if they were truly meant to rule. It became the way of things, but not once did the commoners know of this, despite all the generations that passed.

Agi Zeronia has only one true city, the capital, Kikar. It does, however, have small settlements in the mountain regions to the north. These settlements are built around mines, and they dig for the gems and minerals that give Agi Zeronia it's worth. Kikar is home of a facility where glass of many colours are made. This is used to make various things, from windows, to jewelry. These are then exported and traded in caravans to other nations where resources are obtained. Food production in Agi Zeronia is limited, but the people have what they need through trading, and limited agriculture and ranching.

Kikar, a walled city, features buildings that are made from Sandstone. With abundant glass, they all have windows which are opened and closed appropriately to handle the climate. The palace where the chosen nobles and their guards and other staff live is ornate with golden roof and surrounded by a wall as well. The mining settlements feature tents of various types, which are meant to hold fireplaces to keep warm at night.

The nation's current ruler is Sultan Kien Fien Victeem. His story is a unique one. He was nearly rejected for Sultan as he grew up as a thief, but when he discovered that there was a plot to assassinate his predecessor, he selflessly aided the sultan and saved his life. This proved his resolve and knowledge of what is right and wrong. And he was made next in line for the throne.

Kien Fien Victeem, Sultan of Agi Zeronia. Placed among the commoners, as custom dictated, his commoner family was an unfortunate one. They had little for themselves. And so, as he reached his early teenage years, he was forced into a life of thievery. This was of course frowned upon by his predecessors and watchers. In a live of a thief, he learned various tactical techniques. Surprise, stealth, and scouting. But he was never like other thieves. He had to steal for his family, but he never took more than needed. Frugal. At age 18, he learned some usurpers planned to assassinate the previous Sultan, his true father. A fire of justice in his heart drove him to aid the sultan. He personally fought some of the assassins off while alerting the guards to their presence. When this was seen, his true identity was revealed to him. Kien was crowned at the custom age of 20, and his birth father retired.

Kien's leadership is based on his life as a thief. He encourages frugal living, as did his ancestors. He believe that Agi Zeronia should attempt to stay out of unnecessary conflict as it would surely damage his city. However, when he does need to enter conflict, he believes decisiveness is key. No movement is wasted, no strike unnecessary.

Kien also directs the trade routes of the caravans. Thus, he is very informed in international affairs, sending supplies where he can get the most for them. This of course, affects his neutral standpoint, as many trading between other nations is done through him as well, purely due to the willingness of his caravans to go anywhere.
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