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Into Their World AU

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Author Topic: Into Their World AU  (Read 3664 times)
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« Reply #435 on: March 17, 2014, 06:36:47 pm »

Michael looks up at the sky raising an eyebrow at the message. "Weird bugs don't just disappear on their own. Though whether it is gone or not might as well relax a while longer." He says shrugging as he leans back in his seat simply relaxing in the Pokemon Center and having some food to eat while the others went about beating the gym as well.
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« Reply #436 on: March 20, 2014, 08:28:17 pm »

"Shinjaku shinjaku!" Richie growled with a crooked smile, he pat Alison and Ian on their backs, "If ya feel tired, ya can rest in th' Center-" he gave a quick cough, "Ahem- you guys rest up, I'll be right back with Fantina's badge!" He coughed twice more as he walked on.


"Too crazy!" Ricky cheered for Shelby as she defeated Byron, "I thought his Steelix had you for a second there!"

Ricky high-fived Shelby then proceeded in front of Byron, cracking his knuckles, Drapion mimicking him, "Lucky! Next is me, Byron! Let's get it on!"

Ricky sent out his Bastiodon, "As to not show a replay, I won't be using my Torterra!"

"How very kind of ya, but that's gonna hurt ya quite a bit! Magneton!"

"Tsk tsk! Bastiodon use Earth Power and wreck that magnet!" Ricky ordered. Magneton and Bastiodon quickly fell to Ricky's Bastiodon. Steelix following suit to Munchlax's Rock Smash, though through quite a bit of time.
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« Reply #437 on: March 24, 2014, 07:29:26 pm »

After Ran cleared the gym, a total sweep with her Drifblim, she spearheaded the jaunt to Hearthome. The rainy route much easier to traverse in reverse, it didn't take long before reaching Solacion and finally Hearthome. Once there, with a team of empowered Pokemon, Ran made short work of Fantina before trekking the supprisingly short route through Orreburg and Jubilife and into Canalave where she recuperated her Pokemon at the PC before heading over to the Library, wanting to take a moment to take in some of the game world's history.

Meanwhile, after explaining to Shelby that he'd be meeting up with her later along the road and that she should go it alone if she left town, Dylan and Daichi entered the Gym. Daichi's team was actually poorly suited for this particular gym, so having Dylan's support was invaluable to him. The two of them beat battered and melted through the metal themed gym until arriving before the dirt covered Byron. The battle mostly consisted of Daichi's Pokemon playing support and giving Byron's the run around while Dylan's more capable Pokemon, including his freshly evolved Roseraid, played striker, toppling the metal mammoths. In the end, the two of them were rewarded with matching Mine Badges.

"Hey Daichi. Thanks. I can tell you were using me to beat a gym you'd have had little chance in, but it made me feel useful again, and I appreciate it."

"No problem. I think you just needed to get that Bodyguard thing going. Everyone needs to feel like they have purpose. You know she didn't leave because she didn't like you, right?"

"Yeah, I know, but it's still a thing... I don't know... You'll understand one day I guess."
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« Reply #438 on: March 24, 2014, 09:07:09 pm »

Shelby smiled and waved at Ricky as he went into the gym. Daichi had run up to her as she was waving, and she was confused about his advice to go alone. However, after all they'd been through together, she had a feeling that he knew something she didn't. She'd spent her whole time here traveling with others, anyways, so, she considered, maybe she'd enjoy traveling alone awhile. She let Tofu out of his ball.

"Just because I'm traveling alone doesn't mean I'll be traveling foolishly. Always good to have another set of eyes on your back, right?" She smiled at the Gallade. "We should stock up on supplies. The trip to Snowpoint is going to be a long one, considering that there's noplace to get winter clothes. At least, that I've seen." She shrugged and headed into the Pokemart, picking up supplies, including some ration supplies that'd keep her fed if she were to be stuck in the snowy plains ahead. She let Winter out, held Tofu's hand, and was whisked back to Heartome.


Jack had remained unconscious. It was obvious that he wasn't going to wake back up. The little Inn had become empty- the event was finished, and no other living souls were there. That's when his body seemed to pixelate- the pixels went up into the sky, like sparkles, over the ocean. It was a beautiful sight to anyone who would be watching.

However, the pixels were keeping close to one another, and they were headed in the same direction. Snowpoint City.
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