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The Roleplaying Ideas Thread

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Author Topic: The Roleplaying Ideas Thread  (Read 2843 times)
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« on: May 14, 2011, 12:40:27 pm »

I had a idea for one.

I was gonna call it "Dream World Catastrophe!"

It was a peaceful day in the world of Pokemon in the Unova Region. Trainers battling, competitions occurring and scientists creating new ways to benefit the lives of Humans and Pokemon. As the scientists began to work, they had the idea to maybe make way to make dreams a reality! They worked for 16 years perfecting a machine that utilized a persons and Pokemon's dreams to create a new reality. Professor Nagi, creator of this world tested this Dream World engine on his son Ishmael. Ishmael as he dreamed thought up a Pikachu and befriended it. The experiment was going great, they monitored his Dream World experience and then came time to wake up. As soon as Ishmael eyes opened, right besides him, was a unusual looking Poke Ball. Though the Professor didn't anticipate this, his son opened it to reveal a Pikachu! To be precise, the Pikachu he dreamed of. Professor Nagi couldn't believe his eyes, that a person's feelings could create a Pokemon! Overjoyed with this discovery, he tried it on a Pokemon. He used his son's Dream World Pikachu. As it slumbered, he noticed their was an unusual difference. The Pokemon was having a sort of nightmare, scared that he was putting the Pokemon at risk, he woke the Pikachu. The poor thing was too scared to go near it or him. Nagi figured the machine was probably best to only use for humans.

10 years later, Nagi and his teenager son finally managed to perfect the machine to work on both humans and Pokemon. The Pikachu Ishmael owned still didn't trust the machine, but decided to give it a try. As it dreamed, it was no longer burdened with nightmares and also befriended a Pokemon. But the Pokemon it dreamed up was a Mew! The Professor knew that it could make Pokemon, but legendary ones seemed out of his ideas. When came time to wake Pikachu, he didn't think a Mew would come with it. But shockingly, he was wrong! A cute Mew fluttered about happily as the son, father and Pikacgu were completely astonished at this turn up!

Nagi, the sole creator of this machine had a terrible thought one night ago though, he felt that if he made this machine to purchase, it could make him rich, but at what price. He knew the machine could be used for evil purposes, so instead of making it national purchasable item, he made tournaments for people to win  Dream World Pokemon, so anyone can have a go at the machine.

This ideal seemed flawless to him, till... A group of shady people asked him if they may purchase his machine. They offered money beyond a person's reach, but the respectable Nagi declined. Furious at this denial, the man left. Nagi prayed that this machine wouldn't fall into the wrong hands like that group of businessmen, but when word came out that those businessmen had made their own machine, Nagi, he couldn't believe it... It was near impossible. People had been skeptical about this and asked the good professor Nagi on this. Nagi couldn't believe they were selling a product like it. As soon as it hit the market, it was removed all at once. The businessmen were sent to trial claiming they had copyrighted the material. Though it was a nightmare now for Nagi when they won the case. The false documents that the men had ruined him! Stricken with anger, he vowed that those men will never see the machine! Nagi was then sent to jail for obstruction of justice for not handing the machine over. The men raided his lab but couldn't find any trace of the machine.

Ishmael, hiding from the men, moved the machine into the Orre Region and kept it at the Pokemon HQ Lab where another famous scientist, Professor Krane, and his son Micheal, a shadow snag expert in the past helped him conceal it since the Shadow Pokemon problem slowly died down. Professor Krane knew that having that machine in his lab may cause him to be targeted, he hid the machine in a secret room of the lab, where only Micheal and Ishmael had access to it.

A dark day was now upon the family when both Ishmael and Professor Krane were captured by the shady businessmen, who later turned out to be a team called, Team Rampage. They wanted Micheal to surrender the Machine and all the Pokemon created by it to them, or they will never be seen again!

Micheal, dealing with this complex ordeal at mind remembered the 10 trainers that have also stood up to certain bad guys like these. So that's when he sent a call to these 10 trainers to help him complete his goals to saving the Professor and Ishmael, and stopping Team Rampage!

But at the same time, the machine grew corrupted and spawned a Pokemon on it's own. A Darkrai emerged out of the Dream World Machine! It was in injured state and near death. Micheal's big heart decided before he fixed the machine, he first help the Darkrai. The Darkrai, now healed, returned into the machine. Micheal didn't know it was possible at first, but the conversation it had in it's dream gave him an idea on how he could stop the bad guys plans. He would use the power of nightmares to counter the Team's idea of using the machine. But he needed to get the machine working first... Will he be able to in time? Who are these 10 Trainers? Do they stand a chance!?

The ten trainers are actually Red, Leaf, Ethan, Krystal, Brandon, May, Lucas, Dawn, Hilbert (Can stay Black) and Hilda (Can stay White)

I'm not too sure on this but enjoy the read (please...?^^).
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