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Kloud's Nuzlocke Run- Platinum [Completed]

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Author Topic: Kloud's Nuzlocke Run- Platinum [Completed]  (Read 5863 times)
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« on: January 02, 2011, 01:48:07 pm »

Journal of Progress

Each entry will include a time and date next to the description. Writing in black will signify objective writing, and writing in teal will be my subjective writing (feelings and the like). Events that I need to draw for will be marked with a *, and those that I have drawn for (and posted the drawing) will be marked with a ☆.

My team:

- Roca- Male- Overgrow- Level 35- Bashful Nature- Route 201
- Nala- Female- Rivalry- Level 38- Adamant Nature- Route 202
- Emily- Female- No Guard- Level 36-Hasty Nature- Route 207
- Zuzu- Male- Inner Focus- Level 35- Serious Nature- Ravaged Path
*- Swiss- Male- Flash Fire- Level 35- Timid Nature- Heartome City

Box: - Bud- Male- Poison Point- Level 14- Naive Nature- Route 204
- Patchy- Female- Run Away- Level 11- Gentle Nature- Route 205
- Frier- Female- Unaware- Level 12- Jolly Nature- Eterna Forest
- Luna- Female- Cute Charm- Level 17- Lax Nature- Mt. Coronet
- Precious- Female- Trace- Level 17- Gentle Nature- Route 208
- Letter-Levitate- Level 23- Relaxed Nature- Solaceon Ruins
- Vinny- Male- Intimidate- Level 19- Naughty Nature- Route 209
- Z- Download- Level 25- Sassy Nature- Veilstone City
- Burner- Male- Flash Fire- Level 20- Hardy Nature- Route 210
- Rhyme- Female- Levitate- Level 28- Lax Nature- Route 211
- Whopper- Male- Water Absorb- Level 26- Bashful Nature- Great Marsh 1
- Tanner- Male- Unaware- Level 26- Lax Nature- Great Marsh 2
- Noodles- Male- Chlorophyll- Level 29- Bashful Nature- Great Marsh 3
- Zoom Zoom- Male- Speed Boost- Level 31- Lax Nature- Great Marsh 4
- Rose- Female- Water Absorb- Level 30- Mild Nature- Great Marsh 5
- Sarge- Male- Chlorophyll- Level 28- Impish Nature- Great Marsh 6
- Nap- Pressure- Level 47- Jolly Nature- Distortion World
- Arbor- Male- Snow Warning- Level 35- Gentle Nature- Route 216

Dead: -Kappa- Female- Damp- Level 7- Docile Nature- Oreburgh Gate- Level 7-7
- Rocky- Male- Sturdy- Level 20- Gentle Nature- Oreburgh Mine- Level 7-20
- Inferno- Male- Run Away- Level 20- Serious Nature- Route 206- Level 16-27
- Wave- Female- Storm Drain- Level 41- Adamant Nature- Valley Windworks- Level 9-41

1/2/11 (5:14 PM)- Started my adventure. Picked Turtwig as starter. Fought Rival. ☆Battle was strange as hell. His Chimchar just kept using Leer- it never even tried to attack. Needless to say, even though one of my Tackles missed, I won.☆ On my way to nickname Turtwig, I'll post another update sometime tonight.
         (10:28 PM)- Have been working steadily through the first parts of the game. Caught my first Pokemon- was a female Shinx. Not bad. I was kind of hoping for a Starly, but Nala is so cute, I can't help but adore her. Currently grinding to train them up a little- hoping to have each to level 10 before bed.
1/3/11 (2:12 PM)- Entered Jubilife, caught a Budew on Route 204. ☆Nearly lost Nala to poisoning due to Bud's Poison Point. Luckily, make it to Pokemon Center in time.☆ Also noticed that my caught Pokemon (Nala and Bud) seem to have perfect IVs in at least one stat.
          (4:43 PM)- Fought Rival again- Starly fought normal, ☆but Chimchar used Leer every move again. My first encounter on Route 203 was an Abra. The ball didn't hold it, and it Teleported away. I was enraged. xD
          (7:50 PM)- So I caught Kappa and Emily. Have been training all of them. ☆Kappa died in possibly the most fail way possible. Emily's brother saw Kappa help me capture her, and OHKO'd Kappa while I was training with a Low Kick Crit. I actually found this to be kind of funny, as Kappa was never really struck me as smart. Then Emily mauled her brother. What a dysfunctional family LOL
1/4/11 (3:33 PM)- A lot has happened since my last update, so I'll give you the short version. I caught Rocky, Zuzu, Wave, Frier and Patchy (in that order). Lots of grinding- no deaths. I'm up to the Eterna Gym, so I've completed everything before that (including the Oreburgh Gym, a few Galactic battles... nothing really interesting happened). Moving along... xP
1/5/11 (9:05 AM)- I continued to progress through the game last night. I made a number of new allies (it's pretty easy to guess what order I caught them in based on the map), but I lost a good friend. Rocky died last night in my battle with Galactic Commander Jupiter in the Eterna HQ. He sacrificed himself to save Nala from Skuntank's Night Slash crit (he would have made it had it not been a crit). I spent the better part of the rest of my playtime sadly moping about, and later decided to press on. Rocky would have wanted me to be strong- he saved Nala for a reason. So I made my new friends... I got my Eevee last night, last thing before bed and saved. When I woke up, it was not only Timid, but shiny. Had to rub my eyes a bit to make sure I wasn't still half asleep LOL. I also got a Ponyta, which is important. So while last night was very sad, I made progress.
1/6/11 (9:23 PM)- Wow. I didn't advance in the story too much , but it feels like so much has happened. I've been having trouble getting my one capture in- many seem to get critted at the wrong time, I run out of balls, or it kills itself before I can catch it. But I've made a few new friends. I managed to get past Fantina without any casualties. I also beat my Rival (on the way out of Heartome) with no issues, too. However, as I moved north from Solaceon to buy some Moomoo Milk, I decided to fight some trainers in the cabin selling the milk. I was allowing Inferno to take them all down- he just mowed through them. Until we went across a Heracross. I figured we could OHKO it, or at least finish it the second turn. I Flame Wheel. The Heracross just barely survives. And it uses Counter. Inferno died today because of this. I wasn't sad like I was with Rocky. No... This was more a feeling of guilt. I should have known that Heracross could counter and used Ember instead. I felt kind of... Inadequate is the best word I can find. I don't know what I'm going to do from here on out. All I do know is that I'm going to grind like mad. I can't be that careless in the future. Emily evolved avenging Inferno's death. In fact, several of my Pokemon have evolved. I have to keep at this. *determination*
1/9/11 (12:44 PM)- Been moving through the game's story pretty quickly now. Got the badge at Canalave today. Headed to Snowpoint now. Most of my party has evolved. Also caught six Pokemon in the Great Marsh- one for each area of the Marsh. When Zuzu evolved into Crobat... It was completely unexpected. I evolved my Eevee into Flareon and renamed it Swiss (I felt that name was more fitting now). No deaths so far, which is good. Also, my rival's Chimchar finally used a move besides Leer! It was Flame Wheel. It took him until the battle at Canalave to actually use anything  but Leer, so it was an Infernape now. xD The big part of the update today is the evolutions... It took me forever to decide how I wanted to evolve Swiss. It's nice to see everyone getting stronger- I think this team might get me to the E4. I'll avenge those who fell to get me this far. That's a promise. Oh, and I crushed Jupiter again. Felt good. xDDD
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