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Roleplaying Guide Tutorial for New RPers!

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Author Topic: Roleplaying Guide Tutorial for New RPers!  (Read 204 times)
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« on: January 11, 2011, 12:12:14 pm »

Here are the rules that all Roleplayers must follow when Roleplaying here.  Remember that a Roleplay is a story except it's got more than one person involved so treat it like a book being written.  Here is an update of the roleplaying rules and courtesy.

Rule 1: Grammar, Spelling and so forth.  Please be correct when it comes to your grammar and spelling.  When a person's ability over the English language is really bad, it messes up the story and ruins the quality.  Not to mention it will it make it hard to read and understand your posts.  In the past, I've had to leave RPs because of the terrible writing.  If you really can't spell something right because it's a super hard word, then fine it's not your fault (though google does exist).  If you make a typo I understand, they happen when you type too fast and such, but if the typo is quite bad, please try to fix it and clarify your intentions.  We all want to enjoy RPing with eachother but to do that, the English has to be legible and have quality to it.

Rule 2:
God-Modding and Power-Modding.  A lot of RPers are tempted to break these rules.  Don't make your powers in an RP too strong, don't be a totally unbeatable overpowered character.  The adventures and plot points in a story must be a challenge.  If you just sweep through everything like a diety or Blissey/Arceus hybrid on crack, then you'll take all of the enjoyment out of the story.  Doing that is called God-Modding and is against the rules.  Power-Modding is controling someone else's character without permission.  It gets annoying to the other person and they might not want you doing something with their character.  Even small things that move another person's character can be annoying.  Ask a player's permission before doing anything with their character.

Rule 3: Playscripting and such that stops it being an RP.  This makes me sigh, why do people have to resort to doing this.  Remember that RPs are a story, not a script.  Do you not know how to write in a normal format?  It breaks a rule in any self respecting RP and limits everything, not to mention it looks out of place in the RP when everyone else is doing things properly.  If you want just mainly dialogue and not much description, you can still do it in a story style.  Here is an example of playscripting
Me: yush, this is a rule break, I shall ban hammer myself now
Ongoing Spectator: But you has no ban hammer
Me: I left it in the car, be right back
Yes, playscripting is annoying.  What is even worse is when people do everything in *stars*  I've seen people put actions, and even dialogue in stars.  It's terrible and isn't like writing a story at all.  Just write what your character is doing normally, putting star actions is a rule break. Also avoid doing the RP in present tense.  A story is done in past tense as it's showing things that happened.  I've seen people switch between tenses before and it's not good (example: He walked to the park where he was seeing a person and he says to the person something and they said hi).  Use "said" not "says", this isn't happening live, we don't want inconsistencies.

Rule 4: The Fourth Wall.  Don't ever break the Fourth Wall.  It's the solid foundation that keeps any story alive.  Fourth Wall means breaking the fact it's fictional and including real life into it.  This includes talking to the audience for example.  Here are some examples that are bad.
If someone makes a mistake in spelling or such, please do not include your spelling fix in the Roleplay:
Person laughed "it's spelt failure, not falure."
It's completely unrelated to the story and should only be fixed out of character not in character, to be honest it's embarassing, not to mention annoying.
Another example is suddenly knowing someone else's plans.
player 1: "I'm going to go them and I'm going to fight them" person1 decided to himself.
player 2: "person1 has decided to fight us, we must attack him!" said the really lame RPer
When a person makes a plan, you may have read it in real life but your character doesn;t.  Don't suddenly have psychic powers and read everyone's mind because this breaks down the Fourth Wall along with the entire Roleplay, taking away any credibility and ruining the plot.  person1 in this example has just made a decision to himself, how the hell does the second player know this already magically.  This kind of thing has caused me to just walk out of a Roleplay annoyed in the past because it's probably the worst rulebreak of them all and killed everything.  Another thing that affects the Fourth Wall is changing the weather or time.  If it's the middle of the day in the Roleplay, don't suddenly say it's the middle of the night.  Time doesnt flow the same in an RP than it does in real life because it waits for a bunch of posts to happen.  If you are chatting to a person in the RP and a couple hours goes between posts, the conversation is still happening but a couple hours did not go by in the roleplay.  The best thing to do is have the RP creator make the time and such change once everyone else has finished what they were doing so that time can change without messing up someone's plot.

Rule 5: Machine-Gun Posting.  This is a rule to prevent being left out.  If not all of the Roleplayers are on and they start posting and RPing a lot and it goes over a couple of pages, think what will happen to the other RPer who comes online and has seen that the RP has basically gone out without them.  They may even want to leave the Roleplay.  It's not nice for a couple of people to Machine-Gun post in an RP because it ruins it for everyone else.  Just remember that others are offline but still part of the RP so keep it that way, keep them included and don't let the RP trail off without them, so have some restraint when posting a lot.  Sure people may be in different time zones but that's not really an excuse.  One thing that comes up alot is when a group of characters from different players are together and then two of those players keep talking for lots of posts and it's like the other character is suddenly very silent and has nothing to say, that just is unrealistic there so it should be avoided.  Keep in mind other people who may be in the same scene as you.

Rule 6: Battling in a Roleplay  This is Virtual Battling.  It can be any sort of battling but I'm going to use Pokémon battling as an example.  Sometimes it can get pretty difficult.  People end up power-modding other people's Pokémon, they say the other lost.  They want to win badly and end up godmodding.  Things like Surf and Water Gun take ages to KO a Chimchar.  So I'm goin to give advice on how to battle properly without problems such as god-modding and arguments.
• This is probably the most important thing.  Discuss what will happen in the battle Out of Character before the battle starts.  This lets the trainers maturely decide who wins, and how long it takes, etc etc.  This will avoid foul play and make the RP continue nicely like a good story.  If ever I want to battle someone in an RP, I'll want to discuss with them what happens first; who wins or not, how it could affect the plot, which of our Pokémon faint and stuff.  It really makes things a lot easier and lets the story flow still without chaotic interuptions.  Work things out.
• Don't Ever Power-Mod!  If you a battling them, and then you say something like their Pokémon fainted, Then you are Power-Modding which is actually breaking an RP rule.  The trainer of the Pokémon decides if there Pokémon faints or not, otherwise you'd be controling their character which is Power-Modding and is bad.  Though the same goes to the player in that remember to not God-mod or do anything like having your Chimchar survive 3 million Surf attacks from a giant Kyogre.  Be sensible in this.  Your opponent isnt allowed to control your Pokémon, but you have to control your own though, so dont do anything ridiculous like that.  Be realistic about things pretty much.
• If you really want, you could have a real Pokémon battle.  If it wasnt a real battle, I'd suggest discussing what happens in the battle first, otherwise then both of you wont know what will happen and it will be crazy.  However the only way for no problems coming from the fact neither of you knowing what happened, it to have a regular real-time Pokémon battle.  However you cant use your regular teams, you gotta use your RP Pokémon, but if you dont have them, try using a simulator like Pokémon Online.
I hope these guidelines help you with following the rules.  I highly suggest following them, otherwise there will be lots of trouble when you guys battle eachother.

So those are the rules of Roleplaying and advice on how to follow them.  If you are unsure about things, please remember to pay attention.  I'm always here to help with things too.  Thanks for reading, if you did so.  Here is a tl;dr: (don't be overpowered, use proper grammar and spelling, don't playscript, organise battles before battling, don't control other players, don't be psychic and break the fourth wall, don't do tons of posts without other people)

- Aryeh, the guardian of the Roleplaying board

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