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Kloud's Tale- LG Nuzlocke [Bonus Comic up]

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Author Topic: Kloud's Tale- LG Nuzlocke [Bonus Comic up]  (Read 3924 times)
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« Reply #90 on: March 27, 2011, 12:18:17 am »

While I was reading this on another site it reminded me of your comic, part 4 when you beat Gary:

If you're a Pokemon creepypasta fan, you're no doubt familiar with the pasta (not really a creepypasta, but an interesting one) regarding Gary Oak's Raticate. When you fight Gary on the S.S. Anne, he has a Raticate, and when you next fight him in Lavender Town, he's in the Pokemon Tower, asking you if you've ever had to bury a loved one. His Raticate is no longer with him. The pasta referenced previously suggests that you killed the Raticate in your last battle; its injuries were too grievous to bear, and it died as you went on your merry way.

Well, some people have entirely too much time on their hands, as I've found out.

I enjoy looking up ROM hacks based on creepypasta. I think Pokemon is great, and I think being scared is great, so if I could get scared by playing Pokemon, that would just be the raddest thing ever. While browsing for hacks, I came across one titled "RaTICaTE." It was a Fire Red hack, so I assumed it was based off of the pasta I mentioned before.

The game progressed as normal up until just after you beat Gary on the S.S. Anne. When you enter the Captain's Quarters, instead of continuing into the room as your character and rubbing the poor, seasick Captian's back, the screen cuts to black for a little longer than it should and allows you to play as Gary. Unfortunately, it doesn't give you very many options. If you try to follow the main character into the Captain's Quarters, a textbox appears that reads "You hAve business to tAke cAre of..." and you're turned around. Most of the other doors have the same prompt. The only door you can go into is the one furthest to the left, at the end of the hallway. This room normally houses someone (I want to say it was a Gentleman and a Lass?) but in the hack it's empty. When you enter, you lose the ability to control Gary, and he walks to the middle. Another textbox appears, reading "FAilure is not An option..." and a cutscene similar to the Gym Leader openings from Platinum/HG/SS takes place. Instead of showing you versus a leader, however, it just shows a grainy Gary, crudely edited to look angry. A battle starts, Gary standing opposite of a Raticate (the Raticate is shown from the back, as if you were controlling it). Again, the sprite of Gary has been sloppily edited to look angry (just two diagonal lines above the eyes to make angry eyebrows), and a textbox reads "Not good enough RAticAte..." You aren't given an option to do anything, and an animation for Slash plays, recolored red using the fill tool and not much else. Raticate's cry plays, and some red appears, spraypainted on to mimic blood. Again, Gary says "Not good enough RAticAte," the slash animation plays, and a little more red is added to the sprite. This continues until the Raticate is completely obscured by red, and the battle ends. The overworld is shown again, almost exactly the same as before, except a Raticate sprite (the same one that appears when you check your Pokemon in the Start menu) is laying in front of Gary in two pieces, red spraypainted around it. Still acting without player guidance, Gary walks to each half of the Raticate, picks it up, and then leaves the room. You go back to playing as your own character, and the game progresses as normal.

Until the Elite Four Champion battle.

Once you reach Gary at the very end, instead of giving his stupid, pompous speech when you walk up to him, he says "I brought him bAck..." and nothing else. The fight starts, and continues as the Champion fight usually does, until Gary's last Pokemon. His starter (which was, in my case, a Blastoise) is replaced with the most goddamn creepy Raticate ever to exist. Playing it, I had expected this to happen given the intro to the fight, but I expected the sprite quality to be like the edits from when Gary killed his Raticate in the first place, heavy with fill tool recolors and spraypainted blood. This Raticate was leagues apart from the previous work; it was disgusting. Patches of fur were edited out, replaced with rotting, decayed gray skin. The teeth were yellow, one was chipped, and the upper lip was pulled back to reveal cut, bloodied gums that dripped onto the upper part of the teeth. The tail was rotted, showing the same decay that the skin had, and was missing most of the end of it. An eye hung from a sunken, atrophied socket, red strands holding it on from where it drooped near its paws, which were missing toes (and the toes it did have had gnarled, overgrown yellow claws protruding from them). The overall effect was jarring enough that I actually stepped away from my computer for a while to get a breath of fresh air.

When I came back and battled the atrocity, I found that it couldn't fight back. Whenever I landed a hit, the health meter would go down, and a textbox would appear. The first said "Do something RAticAte..." The second: "Fight bAck RAticAte..." And the third: "You Are fAiling me RAticAte..." I don't know if the text continued after that; I beat the creature in three hits. The battle ended, showing Gary and I standing alone in the Champion's room. Neither character was controllable, and the game held still for several seconds before cutting to black and fading back into the same room, minus one Gary.

After that, the game was completely normal. You went to the Sevii Islands, caught all the Pokemon you wanted, and never saw Gary again.
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