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JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl

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Author Topic: JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl  (Read 1319 times)
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« on: March 04, 2011, 01:30:16 pm »

Progress Data:

Trainer Name: Aidan (ID: 41843)
Rival's Name: Aryeh

Pokedex Count: Seen -  Caught -
Current Location: Canalave City
Badges: 7

(I am further along in the game than in the chapters again, I have already beaten Team Galactic at Spear Pillar, caught Palkia, and am training him in the meantime as the 6th member of my team)


 Empoleon (Jetstream) Timid - Male - Torrent LV46
Moves: Grass Knot, Blizzard, Bubblebeam, Surf
Item Held: Wise Glasses

 Luxray (Shadowbolt) Lonely - Male - Intimidate LV42
Moves: Spark, Thunder, Charge, Crunch
Item Held: Amulet Coin

 Crobat (Nightwing) Naughty - Male - Inner Focus LV40
Moves: Fly, Confuse Ray, Roost, Cross Poison
Caught in Dusk Bull

 Medicham (Mindstrike) - Adamant - Male - Pure Power LV42
Moves: Ice Punch, Force Palm, Meditate, Hi Jump Kick
Item Held: Fist Plate

 Girafarig (Pearlpower) - Rash - Female - Inner Focus LV42
Moves: Psybeam, Stomp, Shadow Ball, Psychic
Item Held: Mind Plate Caught in a Premier Ball

 Bibarel (Bucktooth) Sassy - Male - Unaware LV21
Moves: Cut, Rock Smash
Caught in a Safari Ball


 Shellos (Rainstorm) Timid - Male - Storm Drain LV8
Moves: Mud Slap, Mud Sport, Harden, Water Pulse
*Caught in a Heal Ball

 Ponyta (Starlight) Bold - Female - Flash Fire LV15
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Tail Whip
*Caught in a Heal Ball

 Staravia (Braviary) Modest - Male - Intimidate LV16
Moves: Quick Attack, Wing Attack, Double Team, Endeavor

 Bidoof (Bucktooth) Quiet - Female - Simple LV5
Moves: Tackle, Cut

 Pachirisu (Dawnie) Adamant - Female - Run Away LV29
Moves: Endure, Swift, Sweet Kiss, Discharge
Caught in a Great Ball

 Unown (Alphabet) Serious - Levitate LV20
Moves: Hidden Power

Mystery Egg

I also have Mystery Gift and will be getting the 3 Crown Beasts on this game, but I will not be using them at all, so far I have Raikou.

Dearly Departed:

 Starly (Mamepato) Gentle LV6

 Geodude (Stonehenge) Docile LV7
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