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JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl

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Author Topic: JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl  (Read 1319 times)
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« on: March 04, 2011, 01:31:11 pm »

Prolouge - Chapter 10

After watching an exciting episode of "Search for the Red Gyarados" on Jubilee TV, my Mom told me that Aryeh was looking for me, so I went over to his house and he bumped into me *thud*. We went to Lake Verity to search for a Red Gyarados, but someone was there, an old man and a cute girl, but they left. Aryeh went into the tall grass *he never listens to his mother* and I followed. We found a briefcase which must have belonged to the two people who left, while wondering what to do with it 2 pokemon came out of nowhere and attacked us! *I warned Aryeh* The briefcase fell open and 3 pokeballs were inside. I chose Piplup! We beat the Starly and the cute girl came back for the briefcase and was upset we used the pokemon. We decided to leave. We bumped into the old guy (who wasn't angry at all) and the cute girl named Dawn and they told us to come visit them at his lab soon. We both went home. Mom told me the old guy was Professor Rowan a guy who's famous for his studies on pokemon and that he lived in Sandgem Town. After giving me a pair of Running Shoes it was time to head to Sandgem Town! 

Chapter 1 - The Journey Begins!
After speaking to my mom I left home to speak with Professor Rowan about using Piplup when the Starly attacked us, so we headed to Rout 201. I was finally able to walk into the tall grass with Piplup by my side.  Two Starly attacked us but Piplup quickly defeated them with a series of Pound attacks. After that quick stroll we finally arrived in Sandgem Town where we were greeted by Dawn. As we headed to the lab, Aryeh rused out and bumped into me *how rude* and then he just ran off. Dawn and I went in the lab and I was able to talk to the Professor. He asked to see Piplup amd saw how much he liked me and said he wanted  to give Piplup to me as a gift! *my very own pokemon, yay  Cheesy* I decided to give him a cool nickname, Jetstream. Professor Rowan then asked me to help him with his research by collecting data on every pokemon in Sinnoh, so he gave me a pokedex. Dawn also says she has one and agrees to help me out by giving me a short tour of Sandgem Town. We then realized that the journey to complete the pokedex will take me very far so I have to head back home to tell Mom about the good news. Back to Twinleaf Town!


Chapter 2 - My First Capture!
After making my way back through Route 201 I made it back home to tell my mom what happened. She said she's got my back *she's so ccol* All of a sudden Aryeh's mom  came in looking for her " little boy". He ran off after speaking with the professor so he never told his mom that he was leaving *he's so impatient* She gave me a package to give to Aryeh for his journey. So now I was completely ready to start my adventure with Jetstream! I returned to Route 202 where I saw Dawn again and she gave me a nice demonstration on how to catch pokemon, and she gave me 5 pokeballs to use!  After Dawn left, I decided to give pokemon capturing a try and decided to capture the first pokemon I saw on Route 202. In that instant, a wild Shinx ran out and bit me in the leg! *ouch!* This was surely one tough little Shinx, and he battled tough too. Piplup weakened him down with Pound attacks, and once he was weak enough *like Dawn told me* I threw a pokeball, but it broke free! I threw another one and it broke free again! Like I said he was really tough, I threw a third pokeball and he was caught! I nicknamed him Shadowbolt. I healed my pokemon at the pokemon center in Sandgem Town and then battled 3 pokemon trainers on Route 202 and a few wild pokemon with Jetstream and Shadowbolt. At the northern exit of Route 202, I could see the bright lights of a huge city in the night sky.

Chapter 3 - Scavenger Hunt in Jubilee City!
Upon arriving in Jubilee City, I saw Dawn again, she liked how cool my Shadowbolt looked. She told me about a Trainer's School in town that I should check out. After I healed my pokemon at a PC, i went there and I saw Aryeh copying down the notes on the chalkboard onto his arm *that's so Aryeh*. I gave him his package, as he was checking out what was inside, he noticed he had 2 Town Maps, so he gave me ione. We both noticed that there was a Pokemon Gym in Oreburgh City, which was really close, and of course once Aryeh realized that he gathered up all his stuff and ran off in a blur *always in a rush*. The teacher then nvited me to challenge his two top students, who both used Abras, but my Jetstream was able to beat them no problem. Afterwards, I decided to explore this big city, as I headed north, a strange man grabbed my arm and said "How can you be a Pokemon Trainer and not have a Poketch?!" He told me he could give me a free one if I were to get coupons from 3 clowns in the city. As I looked around I saw no signs of clowns, and then out of nowhere a water balloon hot me in the back of the head *wtf*. A creepy looking clown was pointing and laughing at me and started bouncing away. I ran after him to get the coupon, he stopped behind the Pokemart and puled out two huge blastoise guns and sparyed me down. As he started bouncing away again I sent out Jetstream and showed him real water power by blasting him down with a Bubble attack. I stood over him and asked for the coupon, but he said he could only give it to me if I answered a question: What is the square root of infinity? I had Piplup beat him with Pund attacks until he said *uncle! uncle!* and gave me the coupon. I started walking towards the TV station when I saw an even creepier clown, I asked him for a coupon and he held out his hand to give it to me but when I did he grabbed my hand and gave me a huge shock with a hand buzzer, laughed and started to run off down the alley, I ran after him only to findhe got a huge zapdos gun and shocked me with 10000 volts of electricity. While he was getting a good chuckle, I ordered Shadowbolt to show no mercy. Shadowbolt got so angry he lit up the whole alley and started pummeling him with Tackles until he laid there beaten. He told me I had to answer a question: "How much rye could a raichu chew if a raichu could chew rye?" I took his zapdos gun and gave him a good shocking and he screamed *Please! No more! Take it!* As I left the alley I was confronted by the 3rd clown who was angry about what I did to his brothers. He pulled out a gigantic arcanine gun and as it was charging I ran over to the Pokemart alley, he chased me, and I grabbed a blastoise gun and sprayed it at the flame blast, which doused it and gave the clown a good soaking. Then I took the zapdos gun from my back and gave the clown a fully charged zapdos blast! As he laid there fried, I took the coupon from him. I went back to the Poketch guy and he gave me the watch in exchange for the 3 coupons. With a big grin, he asked "So how did you like the clowns?" I had both Jetstream and Shadowbolt attack him at once and blasted off saying "Jeez, can't kids take a joke!?!" After that fustrating scavenger hunt, I took a breather at the Pokemon Center before making my way off to Oreburgh City. Today wasn't all bad, I got a brand new Poketch!

Chapter 4 - Oreburgh City, Here I Come!
It was a bright afternoon, my poketch read 16:42, it was time for he to continue my journey, I knew Oreburgh City was west of Jubilee by the Town Map, but I decided to go north for a bit to see what's there. I battled two trainers on Route 204 and Shadowbolt beat them easily, especially the one with a Magikarp. I walked into the tall grass and a starly started pecking my head *ouchies* I had Shadowbolt weaken it and I threw a pokeball and caught the starly! I nicknamed her Mamepato. I entered the cave ahead called the Ravaged Path, but noticed there were huge rocks blocking the pathways and I couldn't pass, so I turned back and headed west. When I entered Route 203, I saw Aryeh there who looked as if he had been training pretty extensively there. He saw me and ran over and asked if we could have a pokemon battle to show how powerful his pokemon are. I began with Shadowbolt, while he had a Starly, His Starly kept Growling at Shadowbolt, but a few Tackles eventually took it down. He then sent out his Turtwig while I called back Shadowbolt and sent out Mamepato. I kept using Quick Attacks, but Turtwig kept using Withdraw to until Quick Attack barely did a thing, then he took out poor Mamepato with 3 Tackles, the third tackle was so strong that Mamepato was thrown so far she splattered against the cliff wall and died! *Turtwig's so mean* I then sent out Jetsteam to finish off the weakened Turtwig with a barrage of Bubble attacks. Without even an apology for killing Mamepato he said GG and ran off towards Oreburgh Gate. I went back to the Pokemon Center to heal Jetstream and Shadowbolt, but there was nothing Nurse Joy could do for Mamepato, so she gave it to a youngster's Ekans to eat *yuck*. I returned to Route 203 and beat every trainer there, along with a few wild pokemon. I even caught a Bidoof and nicknamed him Bucktooth. I entered Oreburgh Gate and met a kind Hiker who gave me an HM device to teach pokemon how to crush Rocks blocking my path (like the ones in the Ravaged Path), but he told me I needed the badge from Oreburgh Gym to make it work. While walking through the cave I tripeed and fell on a rocky pokemon, a geodude. I had Jetsream used Pound a ton of times and I caught it, I nicknamed him Stonehenge. There were two trainers in the cave, but Shadowbolt and Jetstream handled them easily. I exited the tunnel to find a beautiful mining town bathed in the sunset, Oreburgh City!

Chapter 5 - My First Badge!
As I went down the steps of Oreburgh City, I was greeted by a kind stranger who asked if I had a gym badge. When I said I didn't, he said it's better  that I get one so everyone won't call me a complete noob, so he showed me where the gym was. When I got there, Aryeh was already outside, gloating that he won his first gym badge, he kept shoving his Trainer Case in my face *which smelled like moomoo chocolate* to prove it. Once he settled down, he told me that the Gym Leader, Roark wasn't there and he went off to work at Oreburgh Mine. So then I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and headed south to the huge mine. When I entered the site, I started walking deep down and then all of a sudden a wild zubat started sucking blood from my neck! *mega ouchies* I had Shadowbolt weaken him with Tackles and then I caught it. I nicknamed him Woobat. As I traveled deeper into the mine I kept tripping and falling down over every geodude in the ground, and my Jetstream beat each of them with Bubble attacks. I came upon a miner who had his Geodude crush the rock in front of him with Rock Smash. He then told me that he was the Gym Leader and said he would wait for me at the gym. I left the cave, tripping over even more geodude, which Jetstream continued to blast away. When I got back to the Pokemon Center and healed my pokemon. I asked them if they were ready to challenge Roark, Jetsream seemed especially determined after beating so many geodude in the mine. So I went over to the gym. As I entered I was approached by a strange looking guy who told me that Roark uses Rock type pokemon, and some good advice about what types of attacks work best against them. There were two trainers in the gym who Jetstream beast quite fast, and in the far back of the gym, Roark was waiting. He wished me luck and we began our battle. Jetstream blasted his geodude against the wall with a single Bubble attack. He then sent out a gigantic Onix. Jetstream used Bubble but Onix barely held on and used a move called Stealth Rock. He then sent out his last and most powerful pokemon, a Cranidos. His cranidos was faster than my Jetstream and used Headbutt while I used Bubble. Cranidos then used Leer while I used Bubble again. He then used Headbutt again which looks like it hit a weakk spot because Jetstream barely held on and then countered with a max powered Bubble! Cranidos then fell and I won! Something strange started happening to Jetstream after the battle, he started glowing oddly, Roark said that my Piplup has grown strong enough to evolve! And shortly enough my Jetstream evolved into a Prinplup! With my new Coal Badge in my trainer case, I went to the pokemon center to heal my pokemon and continue my journey!

Chapter 6 - A Sweet Smell in the Air
Continuing my adventure, I pull out my Town Map to see where to head to next, there is another Gym in Eterna City, which is straight north from here. I headed to Route 207 where I noticed there was a big cliff. I tried climbing up the mud slide but I kept falling down, there was no way I could get up there. I checked out my map again, and I noticed there was a longer way to get there by first entering through the Ravaged Path back ear Jubilee City. In the meantime, I saw there was tall grass here and decided to train my new Woobat for a bit against the Machops there (I tried to capture one, but Shadowbolt accidently gave it a really powerful Tackle). Afterwards, I went back through the Oreburgh Gate and saw there was an area in the cave that I could access with Rock Smash, so I decided to venture deeper in the cave first. As I ventured down into the cave, I was ambushed by a bunch of Zubats who kept on biting me and sucking my blood, luckily I used both my Woobat and Jetsream to fight them off. There was nothing much down there, just a few tems and a huge lake, so I decided to leave the cave. After making it back to Route 204, I made it back to Jubilee City. I healed up my pokemon at the PC and went north to Route 203 where the Ravaged Path was, however at the entrance there were these wierd space guys there trying to steal some papers and cds from Professor Rowan and Dawn *who especially looked horrified* The men were persistent in taking the Professor's work and thratened to hurt Dawn. She then had the idea for us to battle together against the 2 wierdos, so the battle began, I used Woobat while Dawn used her Chimchar. Here Fire Pokemon easily beat their Wurmple while my Zubat used Astonish on their Zubat and it was too scared to move. Chimchar then proceeded to eliminate the other Zubat. After the battle the 2 guys said they are from Team Galactic would return. The Professor and Dawn both thanked me for the help and went back to the lab. I entered throgh the Ravaged Path and had my Stonehenge use Rock Smash on the huge boulder. I left through the hig exit and 2 battles on that route, one was a double battle against two Pachirisu. As I set up camp for the night I smelled a very sweet aroma coming from  quiet little town up ahead.

Chapter 7 - Trouble at Valley Windworks!
It was a bright and sunny day, perfect for continuing my pokemon journey. The flowers along the road were swaying in the wind, and the aroma in the air was positively amazing as I entered Floaroma Town. I went to the PC to heal my pokemon, then ventured the town. I went into the flower shop and ordered a bouquet of flowers to be sent to my mom *her favorites are lillies*. When I left, there was a woman outside who said some Team Galactic guys were blocking the way to the meadow, where the famous Floaroma Honey is gathered.  I went over to confront them but one of the Grunts pulled out a Galactic Gun and threatened to vaporize me if I didn't leave. I had no choice, so I left. I went into Route 205 and saw a little girl crying at the side of the road. She said that her dad was taken captive by the Galactic guys at the Valley Windworks. I saw some Grunts across a stream but the fobid me to pass, saying Team Galactic has business here and to go away or be vaporized. I saw the windworks building guarded by another Grunt, who proceeded to challenge me to a battle since I wanted to go in. His Glameow was tough, but my Woobat defeated it with nice confusion hits from Supersonic. After the match, he ran inside and yelled that he locked it and there was no way I could get the other key from his cohorts at the Meadow. I returned to the Meadow, to find the 2 Grunts hassling a honey salesman, one saw me and yelled to go away and shot his Galactic gun, only it shorted out and blew up in his face, the other grunt said he used too much power killing Officer Jenny *points to pile of ash with blue hat*. They decided the only solution to deal with me know was to gan up on me by battling. After crushing both of their pokemon with Woobat, they ran to the Valley Windworks to join with the rest of their crew. The salesman noticed that one of the Grunts actually dropped the second Works Key. He gave me the works key along with a free Honey for helping him. I went back to the Windworks. When I used the key and entered the building, the same Grunt who locked the door was there and was shocked I got the key. He went to alert the others and the Commander. I defeated the weak guards with Shadowbolt. Then I was up against Mars, the Commander, the battle against her was incredibly tough. First up was Shadowbolt who was up against her Zubat. Both pokemon used Bite attacks but Shadowbolt rose victorious, and then she sent out a Purugly *and boy was it ugly*. I had a plan on taking this one down, unfortunately it required for me to sacrifice a team member. I called back Shadowbolt and sent out my Stonehenge, who was able to survive a Faint Attack, but wwas torn to shread by a Scratch attack and laid in rubble on the floor. I sent Shadowbolt out again who used his Intimidation ability to reduce the power of Purugly's attacks, I had him Bite Purugly twice until he was too weak to take another hit and called him back and switched out to Jetstream. Thanks to the Intimidate, Jetstream was able to take quite a barrage of attacks and take him out with Bubble attacks. After the battle, my Shadowbolt came out of its pokeball and started glowing funny, it was evolving! My Shadowbolt evolved into a Luxio *the Grunts were documenting the energy resonating from my Shadowbolt for some reason*. Mars called her Grunts to leave, and said she harvested enough power here to power plenty of Galactic Guns, and to look out for when Team Galactic will take over this world and make it their own *I wonder what she means* When they left, the little girl came rushing in and hugged her dad *aww* and they both thanked me for the help. Afterwards, I used Shadowbolt to catch a Shellos in the grass near the windworks, I named him Raincatcher. I went back to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon, but there was nothing Nurse Joy could do for my Stonehenge, she said she used the remains to dead Geodude for repairing the bodies of injured geodude, so I gave Stonehenge's remains to her. I decided to take a break here before heading out towards Eterna City.

Chapter 8 - Bugs, Bugs Everywhere!
I began the day in Floaroma City. I called my moom on the video phone at the PC, and she told me she already received her lillies *those pidgeot mail carriers are sure fast!*. The next gym is in Eterna City, which was northeast from here, so I continued my journey by venturing into hilly Route 205. There were a bunch of trainers on this Route, which Jetstream and Shadowbolt quickly defeated. There was a nice old couple halfway into the route who offered a place for me and my pokemon to rest. After that quick stop, I continued heading north when I saw a gigantic forest ahead. The sign in front of the huge entrance read Eterna Forest, so Eterna City must have been on the other side. Upon entering, I saw a girl who said she was frightened to enter the forest alone and asked if I could team up with her and explore the forest together, so I agreed, her name was Kloud and said she wanted to become a Pokemon Nurse, she even had her own Chansey. Eterna Forest is a really huge forest, and was confusing to navigate like a natural maze. The funny thing about this forest is that whenever we stepped in tall grass, two pokemon would want to fight us at a time instead of only one *especially teams of bug type pokemon*, it's a great thing Kloud was with me then! *she even healed my team after every match, how nice!* We beat countless teams of wild pokemon. We even saw pairs of trainers also traveling through the forest and we had double battles against them as well. My pokemon really toughened up a lot and learned new moves too! We finally found where the exit was and Kloud thanked me for traveling with her and left. I exited Externa Firest and found myself at the upper end of Route 205. There were several fisherman on this route and I defeated them all in battles with my Woobat. At the end of the route, I saw the entrance to Eterna City! There was a Team Galactic member therewho proceeded to ask me to hand over my pokemon. I called out my Shadowbolt who began to growl at him and charge up for a Spark attack. He got scared and said he'd let me keep my pokemon *lolzx* After that, I went to the Eterna City Pokemon Center and rested up before going after my 2nd Gym Badge!

Chapter 9 - The Eterna Gym Battle!
I began my adventure today in Eterna City, the site of my next gym battle. I left the PC and decided to look around the town and see what's here, while I was doing so I bumped into a woman named Cynthia who saw my pokedex and knew I worked for Professor Rowan. She said she studies Pokemon Mythology and said I should check out the statue in town, she even gave me a HM to teach Cut to my Pokemon, but in order to use it I need the Eterna Gym Badge. The statue was huge, I read the worn writing which talked about the "Birth of PAL..." *I wonder if I'll ever see it*. I saw there was a Route to the right of the statue, so I decided to train there for a bit to prepare for the Gym Leader. Upon entering the  tall grass on Route 211, a wild Meditite jumped out and started punching me in the face! I used my Woobat to weaken this guy and capture him. I nicknamed him Mindstrike. I decided to continue training him on this route for a bit with Jetstream's help against the Hiker's Rock types. I went back to the PC, but along the way there was a tall building that gave me a sinister feeling, the sign read "Team Galactic Eterna Building, We Want Your Pokemon!" Dark Pulses of power were enimating from the building as if something evil was happening inside, there are giant trees in the way that made it impossible for me to get to the door *maybe I could Cut them down*. There was only one thing I could do to stop them, get the Badge and then storm the building. I went to the PC to heal my pokemon and they all seemed pumped for battle against the Gym. When I entered, that same creepy guy was there from the Oreburgh Gym, he said another boy zipped in here a few moments ago *Aryeh* and got the badge, and said the Gym Leader, Gardinea, uses Grass type pokemon. Gardenia was there too and said I can't battle her until I find and defeat all her gym trauners. So I went into the second room and there was a whole forest in the gym! It was so bright in here too, like a Sunny Day. Finding the trainers were a bit difficult because the trees were so tall, but when I found each trainer they gave me hints to where the next one was hiding which was great. My Woobat was amazing in this gym, his type combination gave him great resistance to Grass type attacks, and his newly learned Wing Attack destroyed the competition. Woobat even managed to single handedly defeated Gardenia! So now I have the Forest Badge! I noticed next door there was a man who could change the nicknames of pokemon for me, so I decided to change Woobat's name to Nightwing! After that, I went back to the PC to heal my pokemon. Later that day, in an instant, a huge wave of dark energy plowed through and blanketed Eterna City.

Chapter 10 - The Cloud of Evil
Everyone inside the Pokemon Center rushed out when the entire town shook at the explosion of power eminating from the Galactic Building! The entire town was covered in a dark cloud that sort of resembled outer space, and was getting even thicker as the Building seemed to be putting out even more power! I rushed over and had my Bucktooth use Cut to tear down the trees and I entered the building. Red Lights and alarms were flashing as many of the Grunts were running around all frantic, one of them saying "This is historic! Soon we will have our new world!". The security at the stairs stopped me and challenged me to a battle, to which Shadowbolt easily won. As I went up to the second floor, all of the computers were flashing warning signs reading "BATTERY CELL OVERLOAD! TRANSFERING POWER TO HQ". There were also several guards on this floor and Shadowbolt beat them as well. There was another guard at the top of the stairs on the 3rd floor, and I defeated him as well. A Galactic Scientist was there recording data to his LumBerry device. He said he would slow me down by battling so they could get as much energy as possible. He used a Kadabra but Shadowbolt took him out in one hit. There was a guard at the stairway only this time holding a Galactic Gun, he was charging it to vaporize me when a dark energy beam came down, zapped him, and reduced him to ash. I went up to the 4th floor and saw a Clefairy and Buneary hooked up to machines. It looked as if they were evolving, but the machines were draining that power and converting it into an unstable and intense beams. There was a man there beaten up on the floor who said those were his pokemon that Team Galactic was torturing. A Team Galactic Commander, Jupiter, was supervising the operation. She said the only way that the machines were going to stop is if I get through her so we proceeded to have a battle. Shadowbolt easily took down her Zubat, but then she sent out her Skuntank. It was faster and used Night Slash which did a lot of Shadowbolt, and I countered with Spark, wich luckily paralyzed her Skuntank. Shadowbolt was able to finish off Skuntank with a second Spark and win. She said this mission was over and that she gained enough information about the Pokemon Statue and hopefully harvested enough energy while she was in town, and that that I should stay out of Team Galactic's way in the future *she said this was my last warning* As Jupiter left with her Grunts, the machines started going crazy and the pokemon were screaming even louder, it was killing them! I had Shadowbolt charge up and use a Spark attack on the Control Panel which stopped the machines in their tracks and saved the pokemon! The man came over and took his pokemon and thanked me for saving them and said I should drop by his Cycle Shop after he and his pokemon got some much needed time to heal, and then he left. I went downstairs and everything looked normal, the compuetrs read "BATTERY CELLS DRAINED. POWER TRANSFER FAILED!" The sky above Eterna City was back to normal, and all was as it should be again!
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