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JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl

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Author Topic: JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl  (Read 1319 times)
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« on: March 04, 2011, 01:33:31 pm »

Chapters 23 - Present

Chapter 23 - Return to Lake Verity and Chaos at Iron Island
As I touched down in my hometown, the streets of Twinleaf were in chaos as Team Galactic Grunts were everywhere! There were running the people out of town and said they are making it their newest base of operations. When I got to my house, I saw a Grunt trying to wrestle my mom's Glameow from her arms! I called out my Shadowbolt and had him charge at him with a Spark attack. With my mom's help we were able to drive the Grunts out of Twonleaf with Shadowbolt's and Glameow's Thunder attacks. My mom thanked me and said she'd get Twinleaf back to normal. I rushed over to Lake Verity to see what Team Galactic was doing there as well. I saw Prof Rowan at the entrance handcuffed; he said I need to help Dawn rescue the legendary pokemon who appeared when Team Galactic arrived. As I went up ahead, there were tag teams of Grunts who said they had to stall me so they challenged me to double battles. I used Shadowbolt and Pearlpower to defeat them as fast as I could. I rushed up ahead to see what was happening, Commander Mars was there having a battle with Dawn. Dawn had her Chimchar out while Mars had her Purugly; Chimchar was getting badly beaten, brutally Slashed by Purugly multiple times. By the time I got there Chimchar laid bleeding on the grass, Dawn picked up Chimchar and started crying. Purugly was about to use a Slash attack on Dawn when Mars saw me and called off the attack. She said I was too late; she captured the lake pokemon when it appeared without even having to use the Galactic Bomb to scare it out, and now she said it was time to get revenge for defeating her at the Valley Windworks, so our battle began. I sent out Pearlpower while she sent out Golbat. Golbat was fast and used Bite but then Pearlpower countered with a powerful Psychic which took it out. Out next was Bronzor, I substituted Pearlpower for Jetstream, who used Surf to wash Bronzor out of the match. Last out was Mar's Purugly, I substituted again and sent out Shadowbolt. Purugly tried to used Hypnosis, but Shadowbolt evaded its effect and charged at Purugly with a Spark attack that hit it in its weak spot. After the match, Mars said they had 2 lake pokemon and had 1 left to catch at Lake Acuity and that there was no chance I could stop them now, so she left with her Grunts on her airship. Prof Rowan rushed over *handcuffed* and said I made a great effort. Dawn's Chimchar was very badly wounded so we all ran over to Sandgem Town's Pokemon Center. The Nurse Joy there said Chimchar would have to stay there a while to recover from all the wounds. Dawn was so sad because she didn't raise her pokemon to be strong enough to take down Mars, I tried to console her the best I could. Prof. Rowan said he got in touch with Aryeh via videophone. Aryeh was using his portable phone from Route 217. He said the Team Galactic airship hasn't arrived at the lake yet due to the heavy Blizzard, so they are trapped near Mt. Coronet until the visability clears. Aryeh said he'd continue making his way up to the lake so he could protect the legendary pokemon. Prof Rowan was completely confident in Aryeh *unhanduffed now thanks to Officer Jenny's help* and was glad a tough trainer like him was there *um, yea right xD* There was an emergency call coming in for the professor from Iron Island. A miner said the wild pokemon living in the mine there were attacking humans and each other to the death; there were 5 fatalities already of miners being torn apart by wild Steelix. Prof Rowan asked me to go there and see what is causing the pokemon to go crazy like this. He told me there was a ferry at Canalave City that could take me there in minutes. I wished Dawn luck with Chimchar's recovery and flew with Nightwing to Canalave City where I hopped on the ferry and headed to Iron Island. When I got there I could hear pokemon roars and explosions coming from deep within the mine. An Officer Jenny pulled me over with a group of other trainers. She thanked us all for coming and said there was only one way to stop the pokemon from their vicious rampage, for us trainers to battle them and make them faint. She said for each of us to pair up because multiple pokemon will gang up on a trainer, like the first squad of trainers she sent in. Some Machoke came out with a decapitated corpse of a trainer, who's head was apparently eaten off by a Steelix. I took a closer look at the body, all that I recognized was the name tag similar to the ones Officer Jenny just gave us *Hello...My Name is BRELOOM!* Everyone looked like they had teamed up already, but there was 1 trainer left. He introduced himself as Orgo, a competitive battler and aspiring gym leader, and said he would be honored to team up with me and venture into the mine. Lastly, Officer Jenny sadid if anyone should find the source of what's causing the pokemon to go mad then we should report back to her immediately, and then the 5 teams of trainers went inside. Orgo had brought his Lucario with him while I used my Jetstream and Mindstrike to swiftly take down the many rock and steel type pokemon that lived in the mine. Pearlpower was also great at using its Psychic blasts to take down all the Golbat who kept swooping down to try and suck our blood. We even helped out a few teams of trainers we saw along the way; Orgo and I were the perfect team. We managed to get really deep into the mine when all of a sudden we started to hear a strange buzzing sound. We went up ahead to the huge elevating platform where we saw two Galactic Grunts capturing a bunch of pokemon using a strange kind of pokeball. They also had a strange radio on the ground near them. They spotted us and told us to get lost, Orgo confronted them and asked what they were doing here. They said they were using a radio signal program that they got of Sho's Black Market to enrage every undomesticated pokemon in the mine to the point where they would fight to the death, and the ones who survive would be caught by using Galactic Balls, developed from hacking Master Ball technology *the same ones the use to capture the lake pokemon*, and sent to HQ. Orgo then had his Lucario use Bone Rush on the speaker, slicing it to pieces. The 2 Grunts got really mad and said we should be afraid of them because they're known as the Galactic Dueling Duo and they challenged us to a double battle. Their teams of pokemon were no match for our fighting type team of Mindstrike and Lucario. After the battle, Orgo used a rope he kept in his bag to tie up the Grunts' hands and said he would lead them back to Officer Jenny, he said the platform up ahead leads to a small service exit that I could use to get out, and then we said our goodbyes. I made it out of the cave and with the case of Iron Island solved I decided to head back to Sandgem Town with Nightwing to see how Dawn and her Chimchar are doing.

Chapter 24 - Through the Snow to Lake Acuity
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