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JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl

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Author Topic: JCB's Nuzlocke Run of Pokemon Pearl  (Read 1321 times)
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« on: March 04, 2011, 01:31:54 pm »

Chapters 11 - Chapter 17

Chapter 11 - Lost in Wayward Cave
I began my journey today in Eterna City. Now that I got my 2nd badge it was time to head to the next gym. According to my Town Map, the closest gym was in Hearthome, which was Southeast from here through Mt. Coronet. In the meantime, I saw a Buneary come in the Pokemon Center and it rushed over to me and gave me a big hug *aww*, it was the Buneary that I saved from Team Galactic! She had a message from her owner, for me to come over and see him before I leave town. I dropped by the Cycle Shop and the owner said he wanted to show his thanks by giving me a free Bicycle! It looks so cool, and now I'll be able to get to places really fast. I went down to the southern gate of Eterna City where I saw a research assistant of Professor Rowan. He gave me an Exp Share that helps train another pokemon in my party while another is battling.  Cycling Road was up ahead which gave me a perfect opportunity to use my new Bike *that I keep handy in my Silph Co Capsule in my Bag!* There were several Cyclists on the road itching to have a good battle, so I used Nightwing and Shadowbolt to defeat them all, and after a battle against a Cyclist with a Ponyta, my Nightwing evolved into a Golbat! I looked over Cycling Road and saw there was a whole area underneath that I should check out as well. As I exited Cycling Road I saw Dawn again, she told me she hasn't had much luck catching a lot of pokemon nor getting any badges. She gave me a nifty tool called the Vs. Seeker to scan locations and see if there are trainers I can battle. After she left I noticed there were cuttable tress blocking the way to the area I saw earlier from Cycling Road, so my Bucktooth quckly cut them down and I explored Route 206. Upon entering the tall grass, a wild Ponyta gave me a huge Tackle and hurled me into a rocky wall *ouch*. I battled her with Nighwing and captured her. I nicknamed her Starlight. I had 6 pokemon with me so the Heal Ball holding her automatically transferred to my P.C. There was a yodeling Hiker there who was attempting to scale the mountainside, but he challenged me to a battle in the meantime to get his "spirit a yo ddeling". After I breat his rock type pokemon with Jetstream, he went on yodeling and climbing. I continued exploring when I saw a cave opening straight ahead, the sign read "Beware: Wayward Cave (Enter At Your Own Risk)" As I entered the cave I quickly noticed why the sign made this cave to be so dangerous, it was pitch black, I could barely see the path in fromt of me. I remembered I picked up a TM to teach a pokemon Flash back at the Oreburgh Gate, so I taught it to my Mindstrike. He used his Psychic powers to light up the cave before me. I also used Mindstrike's Rock Smash to clear boulders blocking pathways in the cave. There was nothing but wild Zubat and Geodude in the cave, so this was a perfect oportunity to train my pokemon. There were also teams of Hikers and trainers in the caves with flashlight helmets exploring the cave, and they challenged me to double battles as well. As I kept walking through the winding and confusing paths of this cave, I found myself a bit lost in this natural maze. As I turned what seems like the millionth corner in this cave, I saw a young girl and her Kadabra being completely swarmed by like 100 Zubat. I called out my Shadowbolt to Charge up and use a full powered Spark at the swarm. They all flew off and I checked to see if the girl was alright. She looked fine, a few minor bites here or ther, and her Kadabra was ok too. She said her name was Claster and she got lost in the cave, and she was too scared to find her way out *her Kadabra also picked up on her fear and was scared too*, and asked if I could help her out, and I agreed. The funniest thing happened from this point on, two wild pokemon began attacking us at once similar to when I was traveling with Kloud back in Eterna Forest. We beat countless teams of Zubat and Geodude, and it seemed like hours passed by until we finally found the right pathway towards the exit of the cave! Claster thanked me and left. As I continued back out on Route 206, I heard someone yodleing in the distance; it was the Hiker I saw before except me far above me falling down at a great speed! I was trying to figure out a way to save him, when he called out his Onix who caught him by his vest in midair. Onix set him down and he said "Phew that was close!" and began his climb and yodleing again. I wished him luck. I left Route 206 and noticed a familiar town up ahead, it was Oreburgh City! I quickly biked through Route 207 and rode back into the town where I got my first badge. I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and take a rest before continuing my Pokemon adventure.

Chapter 12 - An Unexpected Surprise in Hearthome City
I began my Pokemon joirney today in Oreburgh City, as I was about to leave the Pokemon Center, I saw Roark the Gym Leader, I showed him I got my 2nd badge. He said he knew I could do it and wished me the best of luck. As I rode north into Route 207 and up the mud slide, I saw in my map that HearthomeCity was straight past this pathway through Mt. Coronet. I beat several trainers on the Route and entered the huge mountain. While insode, I met the strangest man. He told me that the world began with Mt. Coronet and the Sinnoh Region. He also kind of sounded like those Galactic Guys, he said this world wwas filled with strife and despair and that it needed a makeover and then he left *I wonder who he was*. After exiting the pathway, I found myself on Route 208. I used Jetstream to defeat the Hikers with their rock type pokemon, and Shadowbolt to defeat the other trainers. I also decided to take a small training break and train Mindstrike against wild Bibarel and Machop in the tall grass. After that small bout of training, I headed into Hearthorne Cuty. Upon entering, I saw something hopping in the distance, it was a Buneary coming at me at great speed, folllowed by her trainer. Buneary hopped in my arms and the trainer ran over exhausted. She thanked me for helping her catch her Buneary before curtain time. She explained to me that she was a Pokemon Contest Judge and that I should drop by the Contest Hall when I get the time. Afterwards I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon and then I decided to explore the town. I first checked out the huge contest hall. There was a woman at the doorway and said that she was the Gym Leader! Her name is Fantina and she said she is also an expert Pokemon Coordinator. She noticed I only had 2 badges and said I wasn't ready to challenge her, much less defeat her yet and recommended that I challenge other gyms first. She said she is also going on a small sabbatical to develop her newest contest technique to dazzle and awe everyone and bid me farewell until later. After she left, I entered the Contest Hall and saw the same Judge I met before with someone I wasn't expecting to see, my mom! I had no idea before today that my mom was a retired Pokemon Coordinator; my mom and the Judge lady were apparently rivals back in the day. She said since I was Johanna's son, I just might be a Contest star like her and said I should enter contests sometime. Mom even took me up to the wardrobe store and bought me a Tuxedo should I wish to enter, she then wished me luck on my journey and took the bus back to Twinleaf Town. After she left, I ecided to see what else was hete in Hearthorne City. There's a lady named Bebe who lives next to the Pokemon Center who designed the PC/Pokemon Storage System. There's a Pokemon Fan Club and a Poffin House where a kind girl gave free treats to my pokemon. There's even a foreign building that kind of looks like a church and Amitty Square at the north of town. As I headed to the south of town, I bumped into none other than Aryeh, who challenged by to a battle right there. I beat his Starly easily with my Mindstrike with Rock Tomb, and defeated his last 3 pokemon with my Nightwing fairly easily as well. He said he will toughen up to finally beat me and said he was going to challenge the Veilstone Gym next. When he left, I thought it would be a great idea to challenge that gym as well since Fantina is absent, so I set my sights on Veilstone City. I went back to the Pokemon Center to rest and take a break before continuing my adventure.

Chapter 13 - What Really Happens When Pokemon Die
I began my journey today in Hearthorne City. While examining the Town Map I noticed there were three exits in town, one south, east, and west. Veilstone City is Northeast from here, so I left the Pokemon Center and started riding towards the east exit. There was an old man there who offered to give me a Pokemon Egg, but my party was full so I had to go back to the Pokemon Center and deposit my Starlight in order to hold it, he told me eggs need to be around other pokemon to hatch, so I placed it in my Bag, thanked him, and kept riding along *I wonder what will hatch from it?* I rode into Route 209, when I entered the route I saw a large area of tall grass so I decided to check it out to see what kind of pokemon were there. There were no pokemon in sight until all of a sudden a wild staravia flew down and stole my hat! It started flying away, I had Nightwing fly up and battle it. With one swift Wing Attack, Staravia dropped my hat and started falling, I threw a pokeball and it was caught! I nicknamed him Braviary. There were a lot of trainers on the route and I battled and defeated each one with Jetstream and Nightwing. Along the route I saw a strange hallowed tower by a running stream. As I got close to it, I heard a scary voice that said "One day, I will devour your soul!". I examined the small structure but nothing was there. From there, the route continues directly north, as I began to ride away I heard the same voice again and it said "Oh yes, your soul will make a delicious meal, you know your fate!" *that was really wierd* Up ahead there a few more trainers that also challenged me to battle in which Jetstream and Shadowbolt. There's a tall structure due east called the Lost Tower, I entered it and I started to get a really stange feeling like I was being followed...there were tombstones everywhere with names of pokemon, so this is where pokemon are sent once they have died. There were several trainers who requested to battle with me in the battle areas of the tower, many to double battles, Jetstream and Shadowbolt really make a great team. On the top floor of the tower there was an old couple there, the old woman rushed over to me and looked really closely into me eyes *personal space?* She said my soul was filled with unsettled business with the spirit world and that it was good I came before deadly aparitions arose to swallow me in shadow *what?* She took me over to the huge tombstone in  the center of the chamber and said if there are spirits out there seeking to contact me I can view them here. The tombstone staarted to glow oddly and then I saw purple and black clouds. I looked deep in it and I saw a Geodude! It was being crushed over and over and crying out in agony! The old woman asked if I recognized the pokemon and I did, it was Stonehenge, my Geodude that was killed by Mar's Purugly! I asked her why it was in so much pain and she says when pokemon are torn from the world in unnatural deaths, their spirits are trapped in that moment until the Trainer comes to a resting place and sets their spirits free. She asked if I still had a physical sample or its Pokeball for the ritual. I still had a small piece of Stonehenge's body with me, so she told me to hold it in hand and to think of only Stonehenge. She then said some really wierd words and the piece of Stonehenge started to heat up and then disintegrated into ash. The tombstone started glowing brightly and Stonehenge wasn't in agony anymore! It looks as if he thanked me and then disappeared into a mysterious light. The tombstone started to get dark again and the old woman said that I still had another pokemon suffering in the Spirit World. It was Mamepato! It appeared as if she was melting alive, I told the woman that Mamepato didn't die that way, that she was Tackled to death by a Turtwig. She asked me what I did with the corpse, I told her I gave it to a Nurse Joy who then gave it to a Youngster's Ekans to eat. She told me that Mamepato's life force was still in its body and that it must have finally died when it was digested by the Ekans' internal acid, and it feels that pain. I showed her I still had a feather left from Mamepato and she performed the same ritual and Mamepato's spirit was free and entered the light. She then said my soul was cleared from damnation for now and that the next time one of my pokemon dies I should come right away. Her husband, the old man, then stepped forward and said apologized for his wife's rashness, he said she's one of the best Pokemon Medium's around, very few are born each generation with the ability to calm anguished pokemon in the spirit world and that she means the best. He then gave me a Hidden Machine to teach the move Strength to my pokemon which allows them to move really big boulders out of pathways. I then left Lost Tower and then I saw there was a town directly north, Solaceon Town. I decided to take a break at the Pokemon Center at this point after that experience at the Lost Tower.

Chapter 14 - Too Many Eggshells in Solaceon Town
I began my Pokemon adventure today at the Pokemon Center in Solaceon Town. It was a quiet little place, and I decided to see what was here before continuing my ay to Veilstone City. it became quickly apparent that this town has a huge litter problem, there were pokemon eggshells everywhere on the grround. I saw an old man sweeping the street nearby and I asked him why the whole town was like this. He pointed towards the Pokemon Daycare Center and said "It's those damn IV breeders I tell ya, they come here to breed so many eggs in search for the 'perfect' one, I hate them! They show no regard for the environment, they hatch their eggs here, drop the shells and if they don't like the pokemon they release them! How heartless and insensitive they are, and how nice it is to see a real trainer who cares for the pokemon he catches Smiley" He then saw I had an egg in my bag and said "You're one of them, aren't ya!" He chased me for a while with his broom until he got tired and gave up. I ended up near a strange cave formation which happened to be the Solaceon Ruins. The interior looked very old and very peculiar pokemon live there called Unown, I managed to weaken and capture the first one I saw with Jetstream's help. I nicknamed it Alphabet. I ventured deeper into the winding paths of the ruins, after so many stairways and winding paths, I fell into a secret chamber which had very strange writing on the wall that looked like Unown *I wonder what it says?* There were several items, including a very old plate that seems very important. I exited the ruins using a Silph Co Escape Rope I found, one end of the rope just magically levitated and went to the exit while I held on the other while it pulled me fast through all the stairways and out of the ruins *Silph Co sure makes the niftiest things!* I made my way back to the pokemon center, where I healed my team and set my sights on continuing my way to the next gym. As I was leaving, the same man with the brpoom saw me again and chased me out of town. I found myself on Route 210 where there I battled several trainers with Mindstrike and Jetstream. There was a cafe nestled in the woods. I went inside an the maid at the counter said that the first glass of Moomoo Milk was on the house. She went over to her miltank and got some fresh milk for me. As I was drinking it, the miltank winked at me and blew me a kiss *awkward?* There was also another maid and a few trainers in the cafe who wanted to battle me, and I used Mindstrike to beat them all. As I was about to leave, the same miltank gave me another googly eyed look *wierd*. To the left of the cafe, I saw a group of ood looking Psyduck blocking a path to another area, but they stood so firm that they couldn't move, I tried to move them over myself but they still wouldn't budge. I even tried to jump over the whole group of them, but they used some kind of Psychic attack to hurl me back *how rude* The Psychic blast was really intense, and I read in my pokedex that Psyduck get their psychic power from their chronic headaches, well they must all have some really strong one today. I checked my map and Veinstone City wasn't that way anyway, it was due east past Route 215. So I headed into the route, and there was a sudden downpour! I managed to do some extensive training on this route with all of my pokemon, against trainers and wild pokemon. I even found another one of those plates on this route that seemed to call out to my Mindstrike to hold. I found a nice area in some trees which was dry to set up camp for the night before entering Veilstone City tomorrow.

Chapter 15 - Battle of Brute Force
It was a bright and sunny morning, I was on Route 215, not far from the site of my next gym battle. I decided to do some early morning training witth my pokemon. After that I arrived at Veilstone City. It looked like there was so much to see and do in this town, but most importantly, I had to get my 3rd Badge. I went to the Pokemon Center to heal my pokemon, and the Nurse gave me a flyer for the Department Store down the block. I decided to check it out before heading to the Gym. There were mant floors here, each for different kinds of Pokemon items. I went up to the third floor and bought a Blizzard TM for my Jetstream and a Thunder TM for my Shadowbolt, I also used the Grass Knot TM I go from Gardenia and tought it to Jetstream as well.  Afterwards, I walked up to the Gym and I saw Dawn there, she said she was in town to do some shopping and wished me luck. I checked with my pokemon before entering and they all seemed ready to take the challenge, especially Shadowbolt. I entered the gym and I saw the same creepy guy again *is he following me?* He told me that the gym leader, Maylene, uses Fighting type pokemon. I used Shadowbolt to defeat all the Blackbelts there, Thunder attack proved very useful against all the Machokes in the gym. After I defeated the last Blackbelt, Shadowbolt began to evolve! He evolved into a Luxray, and his first battle is against Maylene. After I solved the puzzle in the gym, I made it to Maylene's platform. She seemed a bit nervous because she said she's new to being a Gym Leader, but she seemed very eager to fight. Shadowbolt dominated the gym battle, he used Spark to take out her Meditite, and then Machoke with a Thunder. Lastly, her Lucario used Drain Punch and I used Spark, which luckily paralyzed him and slowed him down to I could finish him off with a second Spark. After the match she said she was really hungry and took out a burger withhad the Cobble Badge on it! She almost ate when I noticed and told her, she then took it off the burger, cleaned it off and then gave it to me, so now I have my 3rd badge! I left the gym and I saw  Dawn again and she had a black eye and she was crying, she said that she dropped her pokedex and some Team Galactic grunts took it and beat her up when she tried to get it back. I went over with herand we joined in a tag battle to defeat the two grunts. Jetstream completely destroyed them with his newly learned Blizzard attack attacking 2 pokemon at once, Dawn's Clefairy used Metronome to use an attack I've never seen before called Judgment. After they were crushed, the two grunts then dropped Dawn's pokedex and remarked on how Team Galactic had sent a secret weapon to Pastoria City and that we'd all pay in the end. They then ran into the warehouse of the huge power company in town. Dawn told me that the power company is just a front for Team Galactic's evil organization and that law enforcement is to scared to go after them, but we both wondered what they now meant by a 'secret weapon'. She said she was headed down to Pastoria City to visit the Great Marsh so she could capture more pokemon, and told me a gym was down there as well. She told me she would go to the infirmary at the Pokemon Center to help her black eye heal before leaving town. I told her I'd take her there and stay with her. I will take a break at the center before heading down to Pastoria City myself as well.

Chapter 16 - Off to Pastoria City!
I spent the night at the Veilstone City Pokemon Center where Dawn got treatment at the Human Infirmary for her black eye. I woke up today in her room where I saw she was gone. I went upstairs and the Nurse told me that Dawn had left earlty this morning and left me a note: "Thanks for being so sweet in looking after me last night, I won't forget it! - Dawn" I used my Trainer Card to get some free breakfast and food for my pokemon like I normally do and got some snacks for the go. All  the young trainers really liked my pokemon and thought they were so cool. After leaving the pokemon center, I checked my map to see which was the closest way to get to Pastoria City, the location of my 4th Gym battle. The route directly south of here leads directy there. As I was leaving town, a man told me that Team Galactic had an HM to teach Fly to my pokemon in their warehouse. I decided to check it out, the guards from last night were still gone so I was able to sneak in and surely enought, it was there! A guard inside spotted me and fired a Galactic gun at me, but lcukily I dodged the blast and made it outside. He came outside and started firing wild blasts at me, but luckily I got on my bike in time and rode out of there. As I left town at that point I found myself on Route 214, a route filled with tough looking trainers. As I walked into the tall grass, I was hit by the Psybeam of a Girafarig! I used Midstrike to weaken her down and then I captured her with a Premier Ball! I nicknamed her Pearlpower. The Premier Ball was transferred to my PC Box, but there was something about her that made me want to train and battle with her, so I went back to Veilstone and deposited my Egg to have her on my team. After that, I used Nightwing and Jetstream to battle them all and funny enough they both evolved! My Nightwing is now a Crobat and my Jetstream is now an Empoleon! The Vs Seeker I got from Dawn a while back really proved useful her in my training, I kept using it to rebattle trainers like the ones with 3 Roselias and Ghost types to toughen up my Pearlpower, now she's really part of the team! After doing a lot of trainer here, I found myself on Valor Lakefront, the site of one of 3 lakes in Sinnoh, another being the one near my hometown Lake Verity. The oddest thing though is that there were people guarding it saying that they need to protect the lake, I wonder why? Below the grassy area was a beautiful resort area called Hotel Grand Lake. There was a really fancy restaurant there called the Seven Stars Restaurant. The greeter said that the customers here are all trainers and have battles in the upper level and that they all play double battles. I battled 5 sets of trainers with Shadowbolt and Pearlpower as a pair. I went into the main building where the receptionist allowed me to take a break and rest up my pokemon. After that I found myself on Route 213, which had a nice beach. There were several kids playing and  fisherman, some of which were trainers and wanted to battle, I used Mindstrike to defeat them all, the fisherman with a Gyarados was tough though. There was also a stange man who lived in a small house on this beach who had a very strange obsession with feet, emphasis on strange. He had pictures of feet everywhere, sculptures, and shoes *really freaky* The guy sprung up out of a big pile of shoes and he looked rabid, he called himself Dr. Footstep and demanded I remove my shoes and let him examine my feet. I denied, but he jumped across the room and grabbed my leg and forcefully tried to take off my shoes. I tried to kick him off but I finally had enough and called out Shadowbolt to give him a Thunder attack, which gave me time to make my escape. After that ordeal, I saw a small area with a Honey tree and I applied some Honey to it that I finally made my way to the end of Route 213 and entered Pastoria City! I saw the entrance to the Great Marsh which Dawn told me about, but I saw a Team Galactic grunt there who had a huge box next to him with the Galactic logo on it. I approached him but he pulled out a Galactic Gun and told me that a pushover like me with only 3 gym badges wouldn't stand a chance against Team Galactic. As I left, I heard him say something about where he should set off the package from Veilstone *bomb!* I went over to the police station to try and report him, but it was locked and there was a sign on the door: "This facility is now owned by Galactic Energy Co. and is hereby closed until further notice." There was nothing I could do. From here I decided to go to the Pokemon Centerto heal up my pokemon, but I could sense the tension from the Pastoria natives about Team Galactic's presence in town. Tomorrow I will go after my 4th badge here, and hopefully find a way to stop Team Galactic before they do something terrible.

Chapter 17 - An Oceanic Battle!
I woke up early today at the PC in Pastoria City. Y pkemon and I ate a quick breakfast and started to head out when the Nurse called out my name. She said it was dangerous to go out at this time with Team Galactic about especially since there are already 4 murders in town just this month, all vaporized by Galactic gun blasts. I told her I wuld be careful, and I went outside. There was no one outside at all, I turned at the corner and saw the Police Station, only this time there was activity inside. It was the same Galactic grunt from last night, only now he was assembling some sort of metal cylinder and getting instructions over a videophone. I thought of barging in, but I saw his Galactic Gun on his belt and I didn't want to risk my pokemon or myself of getting hurt. I saw the Gym was down the block so I decided to go for the challenge now and deal with Team Galactic later *somehow* I entered the Gym and saw the same creepy guy that was at the other gyms *why is he following me?* and said that the leader, Crasher Wake, uses water type pokemon *although that was evident from the huge water arena* I had to solve the puzzle of the gym in order to get to Crasher Wake's platform by adjusting the water levels of the gym. As I navigated the arena, i battled several gym trainers with Shadowbolt, who's Electric-type attacks proved very beneficial. I finally made it to the leader's area, but there was nothing there except another small pool, and then all of a sudden a really tall and tough looking guy sprung up from the pool and laughed loudly. It was Crasher Wake and he said his water pokemon were going to drown mines *that was mean* and the battle began. Out first was Shadowbolt and Gyarados *the intimidation was in the air* Both pokemon charged at each other, but Shadowbolt's Spark attack electrified Gyarados on impact and sent it hurling across the gym. Out next was Quagsire, Crasher Wake laughed loudly again and said my Electric pokemon was going to drown. Of course I knew about Quagsire's immunity to Electric type attacks due to his part Ground type, so I substituted Shadowbolt for Jetstream, who's Grass Knot easily dispatched of Quagsire. Last out was his Floatzel, I brought Shadowbolt back out for the last round. Floatzel was faster and use Brine, but Shadowbolt came through and eliminated Floatzel with a powerful Thunder attack. With his huge jaw dropped, he jumped back into his little pool *can he breathe under there?* I yelled "Hey, what about my badge?!" and a small container was thrown up from the pool. Inside was the Fan Badge along with a waterproof tape recorder, in which Crasher Wake said ""Waaaaah! Waaaaah! ...Snivel, hic. ... You meanie!" One of the gym trainers told me to not mind him and that he gets this way each time he loses, and that he eventually gets over it. Anyway, I got my 4th Badge! As I left the gym, I saw strange sparks flying into the air from near the entrance to the Great Marsh...
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