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Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear]

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Author Topic: Thread Of Topiclessness [Current Era: Fancy headwear]  (Read 138811 times)
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« Reply #24225 on: November 30, 2014, 07:27:34 pm »

This is gonna get a bit sad

But I don't really know why I log in anymore.

I guess it's mainly because of Starrk because we have a few common interests, like Cars and GTA and stuff.

I have outside contact with people like Aryeh, DAF etc.

I don't log in because it's not facebook, i probably use facebook more than any other social medium to talk to my irl freinds, and otherwise I'm quite active on it.

But in general, I think the site died because early on we didn't have many "new" members due to delayed jump on the Gen 5 bandwagon.  And no Admin.

So we just stuck with current members

Members who grew out of pokemon and began to like other video games, like Loom, Daniel or Rushad.

Or started to have other interests like Parrot or Waldo.

Also members who where unsatisfied with how much Pokemon-playing members where active in the later years, like Orgo, JCB and many other competitive players.

Our current members got older, their tastes changed, and they preffered other things, like real life, over this website.
Hell I take long breaks from posting because I'm looking for a new car or playing games with loom or real life friends.

Life got in the way for most of us, back when we where in school it was much easier.

I tried reviving this site like 50 times, and tried very hard everytime, I guess I wasn't really apperciated or acknowledged for trying where others failed, i'm going to name drop, but people like JCB and TimF where practically ghosts.

and people like Rosim would bring in this realist attitude to it, and that would lower morale, effective killing my "revolution" to bring life back into the site.

Around when I became admin I was very happy because I could make a change, and I tried, again and agian, and it never worked.

I feel like I was one of the few who actually cared about this community, but now I have lost all that spark. The sites done.

You guys may as well find an IM service because I talk to others on skype and its much more active there than here. And don't go on about how that kills activity, because thats private stuff me and the others wouldn't mention here anyways.

Ontop of all this, Forums are a relic of the past, I feel like their time has come and gone, being replaced with Facebook, blogs and other types of media.

It may not be much, but props to you guys for not pulling the plug yet on this community. I do try to log in and check on stuff every day, although I don't post much since I can't really relate to the discussions that are going on here anymore. Like you mentioned, my interests have changed since I joined the community five years ago. Pokemon doesn't really appeal to me anymore; the last time I truly enjoyed the series was HeartGold. I thought I was going to enjoy Black as much as I did with HG, but my enthusiasm with Pokemon started dying down as I played the game.

Don't take this personally, but if you eventually decide to pull the plug on the site, I have no intentions in keeping in touch with you guys any further on social media or other means (It's not like I already do, haha). I know that in the past, I had your MSN accounts to keep in touch with, but that was back when we were all much closer to each other. Due to my inactivity for more than a year and my changing interests, I feel that I've distanced myself way too far from this community. Back then, Pokemon was something we all had in common, but not anymore. I'm quite ready to move on; it's just that one last thing, the death of this community, would make me fully move on.
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