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Pokemon Black and White Guide to TM's, EV training, and more!

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Author Topic: Pokemon Black and White Guide to TM's, EV training, and more!  (Read 16176 times)
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« on: March 13, 2011, 04:01:36 pm »

List of Black and White TM's/HM's and Game Locations

TMMoveGame Location
TM01Hone ClawsCold Storage (from one of the Seven Sages)
TM02Dragon ClawVictory Road (3F, on ledge north of Black Belt Rikiya)
TM03PsyshockGiant Chasm (Crater Forest)
TM04Calm MindRelic Castle (from one of the Seven Sages)
TM05RoarRoute 10 (On the ledge north of Ace Trainer Johann)
TM06ToxicRoute 17 (Shallow water north-west of Fisherman Lydon)
TM07HailMistralton City Pokemart (Price 50000)
TM08Bulk UpRoute 14 (from one of the Seven Sages)
TM09VenoshockRoute 15 (In the area underneath Hiker Kit)
TM10Hidden PowerGift from Professor Juniper
TM11Sunny DayMistralton City Pokemart (Price 50000)
TM12TauntVictory Road (2F, outside on the easternmost edge)
TM13Ice BeamGiant Chasm (Crater Forest)
TM14BlizzardIcirrus City Pokemart (Price 70000)
TM15Hyper BeamShopping Mall Nine (Price 90000)
TM16Light ScreenNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 30000)
TM17ProtectGift from Professor Juniper
TM18Rain DanceMistralton City Pokemart (Price 50000)
TM19TelekinesisRoute 18 (At the mountain edge of the route)
TM20SafeguardNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 30000)
TM21FrustrationNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 10000)
TM22SolarbeamPinwheel Forest (East of the Bridge)
TM23Smack DownBattle Subway (Price 36BP)
TM24ThunderboltP2 Laboratory (Southwest of Reseacher Nathan)
TM25ThunderIcirrus City Pokemart (Price 70000)
TM26EarthquakeRelic Castle (1F; in the room that leads to the exit to the northwest of the desert, near the stairs)
TM27ReturnNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 10000)
TM28DigRoute 4 (Gift from a Worker in the northern rest house)
TM29PsychicRoute 13 (On a cliff in the southwestern corner of the route, requires Strength)
TM30Shadow BallRelic Castle (B2F)
TM31Brick BreakIcirrus City (From a lady in the Pokémon center's lobby)
TM32Double TeamRoute 18 (from one of the Seven Sages)
TM33ReflectNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 30000)
TM34Sludge WaveBattle Subway (Price 48BP)
TM35FlamethrowerAbundant Shrine (West of the house near the entrance)
TM36Sludge BombRoute 8 (North-east of Pokémon Ranger Lewis)
TM37SandstormMistralton City Pokemart (Price 50000)
TM38Fire BlastIcirrus City Pokemart (Price 70000)
TM39Rock TombDesert Resort (South of Pokémon Ranger Jaden)
TM40Aerial AceMistralton City (South end of the runway, after talking to a Youngster in the house north of the Pokémon Center after defeating Skyla)
TM41TormentRoute 4 (Northwest of Worker Shelby)
TM42FacadeRoute 8 (From Parasol Lady midway through route)
TM43Flame ChargeTubeline Bridge (From a Battle Girl)
TM44RestCastelia City (Received from a Hiker on 11F of a building on Castelia Street)
TM45AttractCastelia City (Received from a girl on 47F of the party building before Route 4)
TM46ThiefWellspring Cave (South of entrance to 1F)
TM47Low SweepWellspring Cave (East from Max Potion)
TM48RoundBattle Subway (Price (36BP)
TM49Echoed VoiceNimbasa Musical Hall
TM50OverheatRoute 11 (Up the northern waterfall on the eastern ledge)
TM51Ally SwitchBattle Subway (48BP)
TM51Ally SwitchBattle Subway (Price 48BP)
TM52Focus BlastWellspring Cave (Northeast end of B1F)
TM53Energy BallRoute 12 (East of Breeder Maiko)
TM54False SwipeGiven by Professor Juniper in Nuvema Town after seeing 25 Pokémon
TM55ScaldCold Storage (near entrance on ice)
TM56FlingRoute 9 (From Baseball Player upon exiting the Tubeline Bridge gate)
TM57Charge BeamRoute 7 (From girl near southern entrance)
TM58Sky DropMistralton City (near southern plane)
TM59IncinerateBattle Subway (Price 48BP)
TM60QuashBattle Subway (Price 48BP)
TM61Will-o-WispCelestial Tower (2F, East)
TM62AcrobaticsMistralton Gym (Prize for defeating Skyla)
TM63EmbargoDragonspiral Tower (Eastern edge of outside area, Requires Surf)
TM64ExplosionBattle Subway (Price 48BP)
TM65Shadow ClawCelestial Tower (4F, West)
TM66PaybackRoute 16 (Northeast, accessible by using Strength.)
TM67RetaliateNacrene Gym (Prize for defeating Lenora)
TM68Giga ImpactShopping Mall Nine (Price 90000)
TM69Rock PolishChargestone Cave (from one of the Seven Sahes)
TM70FlashCastelia City (Received from a man behind a dumpster on Narrow Street)
TM71Stone EdgeChallenger's Cave (B2F)
TM72Volt SwitchNimbasa Gym (Prize for defeating Elesa)
TM73Thunder WaveNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 10000)
TM74Gyro BallNimbasa City Pokemart (Price 10000)
TM75Swords DanceDreamyard (from one of the Seven Sages)
TM76Struggle BugCastelia Gym (Prize for defeating Burgh)
TM77Psych UpBattle Subway (Price 48BP)
TM78BulldozeRoute 6 (Prize for defeating Clay)
TM79Frost BreathIcirrus Gym (Prize for defeating Brycen)
TM80Rock SlideMistralton Cave (2F, Northwest Corner)
TM81X-ScissorRoute 7 (In the East, near Harlequin Patto)
TM82Dragon TailOpelucid Gym (Prize for defeating Drayen in Black or Iris in White)
TM83Work UpStriaton Gym (Prize for defeating Cilan, Cress, or Chili)
TM84Poison JabRoute 6 (North of the southernmost bridge, Requires Surf)
TM85Dream EaterDreamyard Basement
TM86Grass KnotPinwheel Forest (East of Pokémon Ranger Miguel)
TM87SwaggerBattle Subway (Price 36BP)
TM88PluckBattle Subway (Price 36BP)
TM89U-TurnDropped by Wingull after all three Delivered Goods are returned
TM90SubstituteTwist Mountain (Winter only: Northern cave, in the middle)
TM91Flash CannonTwist Mountain (Lowest cave, east of Ice Rock)
TM92Trick RoomAbundant Shrine (South-east of Landorus's shrine)
TM93Wild ChargeVictory Road (Outside, on western side)
TM94Rock SmashPinwheel Forest (From a woman near the Nacrene City end)
TM95SnarlCastelia City (Lock Capusule Event))

HM and MoveBadge RequiredGame Location
HM01 CutTrio BadgeStriaton City (From Fennel after defeating the Gym Leader)
HM02 FlyQuake BadgeRoute 6 (From Bianca after defeating Clay, and then her in battle)
HM03 SurfJet BadgeRoute 7 (From Adler after defeating Cheren)
HM04 StrengthBolt BadgeNimbasa City (From a man in the building northwest of the Pokémon Center)
HM05 WaterfallFreeze BadgeRoute 18 (At the western edge of the route)
HM06 DiveLegend BadgeUndella Town (Girl in front of the house where Cynthia is)
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« Reply #1 on: March 14, 2011, 02:15:43 pm »

Pokemon Black and White EV Training Hotspots

Need to add: Info on Wings, EV Reducing Berries, and Stat gain change in BW.

What Are EVs?

EVs Is Short For Effort Values. EVs Are Gained By Fighting Pokémon And Gaining Exp. (That Does Include Exp. From The Exp. Share)
EVs Are Useful In Raising Pokémon With Very High Stats. Many People Use EV Trained Pokémon In Competive Battling. They Have Many
Uses Though. You Can Also Check If The EVs Are All Used Up If You Talk To The Girl In Opelucid City. She Will Tell You Whether Your Pokemon Has Gained All 510 EV's Or Not.

Table Of Contents:

Part 1: Getting Certain EVs
Part 2: Vitamins
Part 3: Pokérus
Part 4: More In-Depth Areas & Pokemon To Get Getting Certain EVs
Part 5: Splitting EVs
Part 6: Power Items (Better For EV Training)
Part 7: Natures
Part 8: EV Reducing Berries
Part 9: EV Wings
Part 10: Quick Note On Stat Changes Based On EV's

Part 1: Getting Certain EVs

How Do I Get Certain Types Of EVs?

You Get them By Battling Certain Pokémon In The Wild Or In Trainer Battles. Every Pokemon Gives You 1, 2, or 3 Effort Value Points Dependant On The Species. The Type Of EV's Are As Follows: HP, Attack, Defense, Special Attack, Special Defense, And Speed. As You Gain More EV's For A Certain Stat, That Stat Will Increase. The Type of EV's Given To Your Pokemon After Defeating A Pokemon Is Also Dependant On The Species.

Part 2: Vitamins

Vitamins Are A Very Important Part Of EV Training, Although They Are Not Nessicary. You Can Use A Total Of 10 Different Vitamins. Vitamins Give A Pokémon +10 Of The Specified Stat.
Although, You Can Only Use Vitamins If The Specified Stat Has Under 100 EVs In That Stat. Say If Your Gible Has 110 Attack EVs, Then You Wouldn't Be Able To Use Any Protiens On It.
Now Lets Say It Has 50 Attack EVs, Then You Could Use A Total Of 5 Protiens On It.

Different Types Of Vitamins

HP-Up: Raises HP
Protien: Raises Attack
Iron: Raises Defense
Calcium: Special Attack
Zinc: Special Defense
Carbos: Speed

Effects Should Take Place Immediately.

Part 3: Pokérus

Pokérus Is A Pokémon Virus That When A Pokémon Is Infected It Doubles The Ammount Of EVs Gained When You Recieve Exp. You Aquire Pokérus By Battling Wild Pokémon that Have It.
You Have A 1 In 21,845 Chance Of Battling A Wild Pokémon With It and Becoming Infected.

Examples Of With And Without Pokérus:

Budew Battles Geodude And Gets +1 Defense EV

Budew With Pokérus Battles Geodude And Gets +2 Defense EVs


Part 4: More In-Depth Areas & Pokémon For Certain EVs

HP Hotspots..........1.0
Attack Hotspots.....2.0
Defense Hotspots..3.0
S. Atk Hotspots.....4.0
S. Def Hotspots.....5.0
Speed Hotspots.....6.0
Legal Stuff and ending...8.0

Driftveil Drawbridge
Ducklett (1 EV point)

Routes 6 & 7
Foongus (1 EV point)

Route 8 & Moor of Iccirus
Stunfish (2 EV points), Palpitoad (2 EV points)

Route 10
Foongus (1 EV point), Amoonguss (2 EV points)

Route 1
Lillipup (1 EV point), Patrat (1 EV point)

Route 4
Sandile (1 EV point), Darumaka (1 EV point), Scraggy (1 EV point)

Dragonspiral Tower
Golett (1 EV point)

Wellspring Cave
Raggenrola (1 EV point)

Pinwheel Forest
Sewaddle (1 EV point), Venipede (1 EV point), Whirlipede (2 EV Points), and Swadloon (2 EV Points)

Chargestone Cave
Klink (1 EV point), Ferroseed (1 EV point)

S. Atk...4.0

Celestial Tower
Litwick (1 EV point)

Route 5 & Route 16 (White only)
Solosis (1 EV point)

S. Def...5.0

Routes 17, 18, & P2 Laboratory
Frillish (1 EV point)

Routes 5 & 16 (Black Only)
Gothita (1 EV point)


Any Surfable Area
Basculin (2 EV points)

Chargestone Cave
Joltik (1 EV point)

Pinwheel Forest (Black Only)
Cottonee (1 EV point)

Part 5: Splitting EVs

This Can Only Be Achieved By Using A Power Item While Training For A Different Stat. Such As EV Training For The Defense Stat And Holding The Power Band.
So For Every 1 Defense EV You Would Aslo Get 4 Special Defense EVs

This Can Be Useful For Training Two Stats That You Want (Such As Attack And Defense) At The Same Time.


Part 6: Power Items

Power Items Are Items That Pokémon Hold That Promote A Growth In A Certain Stat.

Each Item Costs 16BP At The Battle Subway

The Items Are As Listed:

Power Weight - Helps HP Growth
Power Bracer - Helps Attack Growth
Power Belt - Helps Defense Growth
Power Lens - Helps Special Attack Growth
Power Band - Helps Special Defense Growth
Power Anklet - Helps Speed Growth

As Mentioned Before, The Power Items Give 4 Extra EV's for Every One Gained (For A Total Of 5), If A Pokemon With Pokerus Holds The Power Anklet For Example And Defeats A Cottonee, That Pokemon Will Gain 10 Speed EV's in Total.

Part 7: Natures

Natures Also Effect The Number Of EVs You Get. Certain Natures Raise And Decrease A Stat By 10%.

Here Are The Natures:

Adamant: +Attack, -Special Attack
Bashful: No Changes
Bold: +Defense, -Attack
Brave: +Attack, -Speed
Calm: +Special Defense, -Attack
Careful: +Special Defense, -Special Attack
Docile: No Changes
Gentle: +Special Defense, -Defense
Hardy: No Changes
Hasty: +Speed, -Defense
Impish: +Defense, -Special Attack
Jolly: +Speed, -Special Attack
Lax: +Defense, -Special Defense
Lonely: +Attack, -Defense
Mild: +Special Attack, -Defense
Modest: +Special Attack, -Attack
Naive: +Speed, -Special Defense
Naughty: +Attack, -Special Defense
Quiet: +Special Attack, -Speed
Quirky: No Changes
Rash: +Special Attack, -Special Defense
Relaxed: +Defense, -Speed
Sassy: +Special Defense, -Speed
Serious: No Changes
Timid: +Speed, -Attack

So If You Want A High Speed Stat You Would Want to Have The Nature Timid, Which Would Give The Stat +10% But Reduce Attack Stat By 10%

Part 8: EV Reducing Berries

In Pokémon Emerald, certain Berries that were previously only used to make Pokéblocks can decrease certain effort values by 10 effort points, while increasing the happiness of the Pokémon they were used on. These berries are:

HP        Pomeg Berry
Attack        Kelpsy Berry
Defense        Qualot Berry
Special Attack    Hondew Berry
Special Defense    Grepa Berry
Speed        Tamato Berry

These berries however are unreleased in Black and White for normal gameplay as of now.

Part 9: EV Wings

Wings can be considered a less powerful version of vitamins; unlike the latter, however, they are not subject to the 100 EV cap. Like vitamins, they are consumed after use. Each one gives a Pokémon one effort value (EV) point in a particular stat.

Wings can only be found in Flying Pokémon's shadows on Driftveil Drawbridge and Marvelous Bridge.

Types of Wings:

HP        Health Wing
Attack        Muscle Wing
Defense        Resist Wing
Special Attack    Genius Wing
Special Defense    Clever Wing
Speed        Swift Wing

Part 10: Stat Changes Based On EV's in BW

As mentioned before, a pokemon gains stat changes bsed on ev gain at the end of every battle, no t at the end of every level as in previous generations.

Good Luck EV'ing!
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« Reply #2 on: March 14, 2011, 02:16:24 pm »

Pokemon Black and White Alternate Formes Resource

Alternate Forms

Starting in the third generation, Pokémon have gradually been getting alternate forms. These forms have a variety of different obtaining methods. Several adapt based on location such as Burmy & Wormadam, but there are now many others and some with complex methods of changing form. This page is to detail the new form changes and the way to get the old ones who have a different method to obtain the forms than last gen.

#550 Basculin

Changeable?: No

Basculin is the first Pokémon you'll encounter with different forms. This Pokémon has two forms, the Red Stripe Form and the Blue Stripe Form. These forms are not interchangeable and are dependant on its appearance at capture. The Red Stripe form is the form found during play on Pokémon Black and the Blue Stripe form is the form found in White. However, you have the ability to find the other forms in the other games through use of the new Wild Pokémon encounter method where Pokémon will appear randomly it bits of water.

In addition to the change of appearance, the forms can have different abilities. While their Dream World ability, Mold Breaker, and their second ability, Adaptibility remain constant between both forms, each form has a different potential ability based on the version. It is currently unknown as to what specifically changes the ability as both forms can have Reckless and Adaptability, but Rock Head is possible to get in some Basculin and is obtainable by the Blue Stripe Form within the trade in Driftveil City. However. In addition to this, each form has a different possible hold item, at a 5% rate of having the item.

#555 Darmanitan

Changeable?: Yes

Darmanitan's form change is unique in that not all Darmanitan have the ability to do it. If you have evolved a Darmanitan from Darumaka, then you will not be able to get his alternate form. To get this form, you either need to get a Darmanitan off of the Dream World, or get one of the six that are sitting outside the Relic Castle in the Desert Resort.
These Darmanitan have the ability; Zen Mode which, when Darmanitan's Hit Points get to be less than 50% of their full value, Darmanitan will change into Zen Mode. This change is radical and changes both Darmanitan's stats and his type.

#585 Deerling & #586 Sawsbuck

Changeable?: Yes

Deerling and its evolution Sawsbuck each have four different forms. These forms are dependant solely upon the season that is currently in play. As the Season is not controllable by you, you have no control over what form these Pokémon take. That said, if they are in the box at the time of the seasonal transition, they will keep their current form until the next change. The forms have no difference in learnsets or stats but are merely an aesthetic change to show off the new mechanic of the seasons.

#648 Meloetta

Changeable?: Yes

Meloetta is an upcoming event Pokémon and also has two different forms. These forms differ in both stats and type. To change the form of Meloetta, you need to take it to the café in Castelia City where you'll meet a character who will teach it a brand new move. This move, Ancient Voice, will allow you to change Meloetta's form at will, however it only changes when its used in battle.

#386 Deoxys

Changeable?: Yes

Deoxys' four forms make a return within this game. When you have sent Deoxys over via the PokéTransfer in Route 15, you can take it to Nacrene City where a meteorite is on display in the museum. Interact with this meteorite with Deoxys in your team and you'll be able to change its form. You can't select the form, but it does cycle through them in this order; Normal Forme -> Attack Forme -> Defence Forme -> Speed Forme

#479 Rotom

Changeable?: Yes

Rotom's five alternate forms make a return within this game. When you have sent Rotom over via the PokéTransfer in Route 15, or received it in the trade in the same route, you will be able to take Rotom with you to the Department Store in Route 9. In this store, there is a room with multiple storage boxes. Interact with this box and you'll be able to change your Rotom's form. These Rotom all have special attacks that can only be used while in that form and, as a new addition, they all now have a new type replacing the Ghost-type in their new forms.

#487 Giratina

Changeable?: Yes

Giratina's alternate forms are also present within this game. After you have defeated the Elite Four, when you go onto the Cycling Road in Route 16, you will encounter the members of N's squad known as Dark Trinity. Out of apology, they'll give you items; the Adamant Orb, Lustrous Orb and most importantly, the Griseous Orb. With this item, you can attach it to Giratina and Giratina will change its form to its Origin Forme

#492 Shaymin

Changeable?: Yes

Shaymin's alternate forms are also present within this game. After you have defeated the Elite Four, when you go to the Lacunosa Town Pokémon Centre with a Shaymin from an event that you've transferred over from the fourth generation games, talk to the lady here and she will give you the Gracidea key item. This item will change Shaymin's form between 5am and 8pm each day.
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« Reply #3 on: March 14, 2011, 02:17:43 pm »

Pokemon Black and White Daily and Weekly events (including information of Daily Swarms)

Pokémon Black & White continues on with having events and details that change from day to day. The events are as follows:

Daily Events

Like previous games, Pokémon Black & White has included a varierty of swarms. These swarms, like the past swarms, activate after you have received the National Dex, change each day at midnight and go through a random selection of possibilities. The focus of these swarms are Pokémon that don't normally exist within the Unova region and as such can only be obtained in the wild using this method

In order to check the swarms, you need to enter a gate between two areas and look at the ticket going along on the back wall. It will mention that there is a swarm of Pokémon going on in that particular route. Go to that route and you'll find the Pokémon.


At the eastern road of Castelia City, if you enter the building on the left, you will find this character who will give your Pokémon a massage. You can get a massage once a day and the massages boost the happiness of your Pokémon.

Musical Props

In a building on the lower left building of Opelucid City, you will discover a man who will give you new Pokémon Musical Props every day. Keep coming back to him and he will give you new Props every day until you have received one of each of the 99 possible Props.

Berry Clown

In the middle road of Castelia City, you will find another building on the right. In this building, you will find a Clown who is requesting to see a specific type of Pokémon. Show him a Pokémon of this type and he will provide berries to you. The type of Pokémon will change each day.   

Ferris Wheel Battle

In Nimbasa City, you will discover the Ferris Wheel. Outside the Ferris Wheel, after you have beaten N there, you will find a new trainer outside it every day. They will challenge you to a battle and then go up on the Ferris Wheel with you.

Driftveil City - Heart Scale

In Driftveil City, in the house to the west of the Pokémon Centre, you will find a woman who will ask to see a specific Pokémon with a specific move each day. Show her the Pokémon and move she has requested and you'll get a Heart Scale. This can be repeated each day..   

Cynthia Battle

After getting the National Pokédex, you will be able to find the Sinnoh Champion Cynthia in a house in Undella Town. In here, you will have the ability to battle her once a day, every day, during months which are Spring.

Nacrene City - Furniture

After you have been to the Dream World, the girl in Nacrene City in a house to the east of the Pokémon Centre will start offering to make you furniture for your Dream World abode. These will vary each day and you'll then be able to purchase the design in the Dream World on the Global Link site

GameFreak Battle

After getting the National Pokédex, you will be able to find a trainer based upon the GameFreak employee, Shigeki Morimoto. Here, you can battle him once a day, every day, regardless of the current seasons.

Opelucid City Battles

In Opelucid City, in the house near the Route 10 exit, you will find two trainers within who will gladly battle you each day. On both floors are trainers which will battle you in Rotation Battles or Triple Battles depending on if you're playing Pokémon Black or White respectively. You can rebattle these for experience each and every day   

Pinwheel Forest

In the south east of the Pinwheel Forst is a stone. If you take a Fighting-type Pokémon to this stone, you can interact with the rock. It'll say that the Pokémon's veins are pumping and you will receive a Star Piece item. You can return each day to receive another

Sports Arenas

At numerous points within the day, the sports halls in Nimbasa City will give you access to a variety of different sports courts. On these courts will be a variety of trainers that you can rebattle every single day. Defeat the trainers and you may even receive an item. The sports are as follows

Small Court
Tennis: Morning
Baskettall: Afternoon
Large Court
Soccer: Morning
American Football: Afternoon   

Black City

Within Black City in Pokémon Black, you have the ability to battle new trainers every day. These trainers are numerous in number and have a variety of powerful Pokémon. In addition to this, you will have the ability to purchase a selection of different items including evolution stones each and every day    

White Forest

Within White Forest in Pokémon White, between zero and three different items will start appearing in the ground. These items are dependant on the characters in White Forest which change based on your use of the Entralink feature.

Royal Unova

In Castelia City, after you have defeated the Elite Four, you will now have access to the special ferry; the Royal Unova on the Cruise Dock. Each evening, you can go on the Royal Unova and battle the various trainers on the boat. After defeating the trainers, you will receive an item based upon your success

Undella Villa

In Undella Town, there is a villa to the west. In this villa, you will discover a trainer who will battle you. Each day, as you battle, another trainer will join in and battle you consecutively until there are six trainers there. From there, you can battle them each day and get on with a battle. These battles give a high monetary reward. Once you have defeated all of them however, they aren't battleable   

Marvelous Bridge - Patrat Game

In Village Bridge, when you enter the fourth house from the left, a girl will leave with her Patrat. You can find her in the middle of Marvelous Bridge. Talk to her there and, each day, you'll get the chance to participate in a mini-game. This game has you get shown a Patrat. You have to follow the Patrat through its movements. When all four Patrat have moved around, you select the Patrat which you believe is the correct Patrat. If you're correct, you'll get a Big Mushroom.   

Route 8 - Weather Stones

By the entrance to Tubeline Bridge, there is a Parasol Lady who will give you a specific item depending on the time of day. You can go back each day to get the items. There are four items spread across each day, but you can only obtain one.


In the Twist Mountain Cave, there is a man who will give you a fossil once a day after you have obtained the National Pokédex. These fossils are the fossils of the Kanto, Hoenn & Sinnoh Pokémon.

Village Bridge Waiter

In Village Bridge, after defeating the Chef in a battle, she will ask you to hand out menus to the characters nearby. They will order certain berries. Your task is to give the chef the orders and she'll give you the berries to give to the trainers. If you succeed, you will receive some Lum Berries.   

Village Bridge Fisherman

In Village Bridge, a fisherman will ask to see a certain Pokémon. This Pokémon has to have been captured by Fishing or evolved from one that was captured by fishing. He will ask for a different Pokémon each day so be sure to check back. Show him the one of which he desires and he will give you a Dive Ball.   

Route 13 Treasure Hunter

In Route 13, you will find a guy in a suit who has been hunting treasure. Each day, he will give you a different item. These items range from evolution items to simple hold items. Check with him each day for another one. Below is a list of the items you can obtain.

Once A Week
Musharna - Dreamyard

After defeating the game, you gain access to the basement within the Dreamyard. Hidden at the end of this, and appearing only on Fridays is the dream Pokémon Musharna. This Musharna is different from the Musharna you will normally capture in the games in that it has its third ability; Telepathy making it worthwhile.   

Bianca Battle

After you have beaten the game, you will find Bianca in Professor Juniper's Laboratory in Nuvema Town. After talking with her, she will decide to battle you in the evenings on the following Saturday and all subsequent Saturdays.   


On Tuesdays, during Spring, Summer and Autumn, you will be able to purchase the Casteliacone in the stall on the Slim Street in Castelia City. It costs 100 and heals status problems of one Pokémon    

Anville Town - Lost Property

Each week in Anville Town, you can talk to this man in Anville Town. Each week, he will provide you with a gift of an item that was lost in the Battle Subway.

Anville Town - Item Trades

On most weekends in Anville Town, numerous new characters are within the town. These characters will happily trade items with you. They will tell you what they want, such as 20 PokéBalls, or 2 Escape Ropes and will give you items such as Revives, PP Ups and Full Restores in exchange.
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« Reply #4 on: March 14, 2011, 02:47:23 pm »

Important People Throughout Unova.

Throught Unova, there are a number of characters that provide a helpful service to you throughout the games. These range from Move Deleters to Happiness Checkers and some will even give you items every day. This page is to detail all of the characters and what services they shall provide.

Happiness Checker

Location: Nacrene City

In Nacrene City, to the right of the Pokémon Centre, you'll find a girl who will tell you the happiness of your Pokémon. With this value, you'll be able to determine how happy your Pokémon is, and if it is ready to be close to the evolution should it evolve due to happiness.

Name Rater

Location: Castelia City

At the north road of Castelia City, there is a man in the lefthand building who will change your Pokémon's name. Like the Name Rater of the previous games, he will only change the names of Pokémon you have captured. Pokémon obtained in trades cannot have their names changed.


Location: Castelia City

At the eastern road of Castelia City, if you enter the building on the left, you will find this character who will give your Pokémon a massage. You can get a massage once a day and the massages boost the happiness of your Pokémon.


Location: Castelia City

In the middle road of Castelia City, you will find another building on the right. In this building, you will find a Clown who is requesting to see a specific type of Pokémon. Show him a Pokémon of this type and he will provide berries to you. The type of Pokémon will change each day.

Stone Purchaser

Location: Icirrus City

In the Pokémon Centre of Icirrus City, you will find a character who is willing to purchase multiple items from you. These items are Nuggets, Pearls and even Evolution Stones. He will purchase them at double the price of the standard PokéMarts within the games.

IV Checker

Location: Gear Station - Nimbasa City

In the Gear Station, you will find a guy who will judge you based upon your Pokémon's Individual Values. He will tell you which stat is the best stat of your Pokémon and will then tell you how good it is, saying if it's Decent, Very Good, Fantastic or Can't be Better.

Move Deleter

Location: Mistralton City

The Move Deleter is located within Mistralton City. In this house, to the right of the Pokémon Centre, the top left character is willing to delete the moves of your Pokémon. This is the only way you can remove moves taught by Hidden Machines from your Pokémon. This is done at no cost.

Move Relearner

Location: Mistralton City

The Move Relearner is located within Mistralton City. In this house, to the right of the Pokémon Centre, the top right character is willing to teach your Pokémon any of the moves in its level up learnset that it has previously forgotten. For some Pokémon, this is the only way you can get some of the moves such as Victini with Fire Platform. This however, is not free, and costs you one Heart Scale per attack.

Hidden Power Checker

Location: Mistralton City

Within the Mistralton City Pokémon Centre is a character who will gladly tell you what type the move Hidden Power is on your Pokémon. This is the only way in-game to check the type of the move without having to test it against a variety of wild Pokémon.

Effort Value Checker

Location: Opelucid City

In Opelucid City, there is a girl who will check the Effort Values of your Pokémon. If you have maxed all the effort values of your Pokémon, she will let you know

Ancient Product Sale + Battles

Location: Undella City

In Undella City, there is a villa where one of two things are capable of happening. Each day, you'll be able to battle the family members there, with new members being added until Day 6. These trainers all give good money when you defeat them but have increasingly strong teams of Pokémon. To the left of the villa is a man who will purchase and display all of the ancient items that you have discovered within the Underwater ruins.
-300,000 for Ancient Bracelet
-200,000 for Ancient Statue
-100,000 for Ancient Crown
-50,000 for Ancient Vase
-10,000 for Ancient Gold Coin
-5,000 for Ancient Silver Coin
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Musical Changes in Pokemon Black and White
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Guide is complete with info added for each title. Credit goes to Serebii as this is where I got this info (Parts 3-end). I will add pictures sometime for the site but I wanted to get all this up first.

If need be I will add my resources to this thread.

If you have any additions please PM me, thank you.

EDIT (4.4.11): Added Musical Changes
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