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NFEs in UU/NU and NFEs Viable in UU/NU....... and ummm Wynaut too

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Author Topic: NFEs in UU/NU and NFEs Viable in UU/NU....... and ummm Wynaut too  (Read 408 times)
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« on: June 05, 2011, 04:31:49 pm »


NFE means Not Fully Evolved.  So all Pokémon who have are not at the top of their evolution chain are considered NFE.  In Competative Battling, a few of these Pokémon are good enough for use in UU/NU.  Some of them are infact given their own tiers in UU and NU.  They tend to be for the reason that they are quite different from the evolved counterpart and can be used fine in the UU and NU Tier.

NFES good enough for the NU Tier!

These NFEs are not in NFE, and instead have been put up into NU.

Electric Type
At a first Competative glance you see Pikachu and you think, this Pokémon's stats are clearly NFE.  Even it's evolution Raichu is in the NU tier, and Raichu stats are almost twice as much.  But then Pikachu gets an item all to itself, which noone, not even Raichu can use.  It's called the Light Ball.  The Light Ball doubles Pikachu's Attack and Special Attack.  Base 110 Attack and Base 100 Special Attack, beating out Raichu's base 90 for both.  Pikachu is now a good offensive force in the lower tiers.  Raichu remains faster and is more bulkier, but even so Pikachu puts itself as a good attacker, just right for the NU Tier.  It's not broken like in the anime though.
NFE Usability Rating: 7/10 - a powerful attacker thanks to Light Ball, but lacks defences

Electric/Steel Type
Magneton was OU last Generation and it remains a formidable force thanks to its ability Magnet Pull which prevents Steel types switching out.  However Generation 4 bought it's evolution Magnezone who outclassed it as a Pokémon.  Magneton couldnt be an NFE though, it wasnt any less powerful than before.  Magneton has 10 more base Speed than it's evolution.  So the answer for this, and stopping Magneton being a deadly force in NFE, is putting it in NU where it has viability here as well as in UU too.  It's steel trapping days are numbered but not gone.  Aggron, Mawile, Registeel and Steelix are among some of the Pokémon who feel Magneton's new found Trapping abilities.  Be careful though, because ones like Steelix, may have Earthquake.
NFE Usability Rating: 7/10 - Once again 7/10, it's outclassed but it's evolution except in speed, but still has a good niché to fill in low-tier

Normal Type
Vigoroth is used in NU and not in NFE for the vital reason is that it doesnt get Traunt.  Traunt is an ability it's evolution Slaking has, which makes Slaking's great stats go to waste but only being able to move every other turn.  Vigoroth does not get Traunt and gets the ability Vital Spirit which stops it falling Asleep.  Vigoroth's stats are ok, they are quite average.  It fits pretty well in NU doing stuff that Slaking cant do, because of Traunt's death.  Vigoroth has a decent 90 speed which for NU outspeeds quite a good ammount.  Vigoroth can pull off some nice strategies like Flail/Reversal.
NFE Usability Rating: 6/10 - different uses than Slaking, good speed, but outclassed by other Pokémon in attacking skills

Normal Type
Porygon2 is one amazing Pokémon.  It's incredibly different to it's Gen 4 Evo Porygon-Z.  Especially in the fact that actually it is much more defensive.  None the less, it still has a pretty good base 105 Special Attack stat, making it a great Special Tank.  Definately a million percent, not for use in NFE.  It goes up to NU.  I personally believe it should be UU, it's very powerful.  But where Porygon2 really shines is the OU tier of battling, where it ruins common threats like Gyrados and some variants of Salamence.  Porygon2's real trouble is its Speed stat, but that doesnt matter too much due to the bulk it has and the ability to hard back hard.  And you could always go with a good Trick Room set for it, which is effective.
NFE Usability Rating: 9/10 - Very different than Porygon-Z and a brand new threat useful in many battles.

Ground Type
Trapinch is in NU but it's evolution Vibrava isnt.  Well firstly, they are very different Pokémon.  Trapinch has bad stats except for it's 100 base Attack, which is amazing.  What makes Trapinch good is it's ability Arena Trap.  Arena Trap prevents all non flyers/levitators (presuming Gravity isnt in affect or they are holding an Iron Ball) from switching out.  This can trap opponents and then you hit them with a hard Earthquake.  However Trapinch is pretty much just an inferior Dugtrio.  Dugtrio has Arena Trap and much better stats as a whole.  Trapinch cant really be used in UU because of Dugtrio's outclassing.  But in NU, it is fine, because of no Dugtrio and because in NFE it might be a little too good.  Trapinch will fit well in a Trick Room team because its pittiful speed makes it go first a lot now.
NFE Usability Rating: 4/10 - Shouldnt be in NFE because it has good ability and attack, but besides that, it's a terrible Pokémon.  Use it in gimmick teams.  Beware of Phazers like Steelix.

Water Type
Clamperl is NU, which puts it in the lower tiers with it's evolutions Huntail and Gorebyss.  Clamperl is NU and not in NFE where it would be broken, because of it's item the DeepSeaTooth.  DeepSeaTooth doubles Clamperl's Special Attack giving a max of 542 which is very powerful, especially when coupled with STAB moves like Surf.  Clamperl's other stats are Below Average and not that good.  However in Trick Room, it is quite fast and can hit first quite a lot, so it proceeds to perform a Sweep with just screams out "Arent you glad I'm not breaking NFE"
NFE Usability Rating: 5/10 - look at that doubled Special Attack... yeah just look at it.

NFES good enough for the UU Tier!

These NFEs are not in NFE, and instead have been put up into UU.

Bug/Flying Type
Scyther is different it's evolution Scizor (AKA the one who tears apart the Gen 4 OU environment).  Scyther has different typing, but still incredibly high Attack power and great Speed, letting it cause lots of havock in UU.  Scyther is fairly bulky too, even though it is weak to Stealth Rock.  Even so, once it's in there, it's one of the strongest Physical Sweepers UU has to offer.  Just forget it's NFE because it's a Pokémon all unto itself and very strong.
NFE Usability Rating: 9/10 - Pure deadly sweeper of death.  Forget about Scizor.

Normal Type
Chansey is really similar to Blissey.  It has 10 less HP than Blissey, but it's still a massive number even so.  It's an amazing Special Wall and would definately be broken in NFE or even NU.  In UU it is a powerful threat, and makes its home there.  It's offensively terrible and has bad physical defence, but hit it with a special move, and you'll do nothing.  And with other walls in UU, it has good teammates.  It's definately not worth being in the NFE tier.
NFE Usability Rating: 8/10 - It's an amazing Wall, and being in a lower tier would make it broken

The NFE good enough for the Uber Tier

This may not be about the UU/NU metagame, but it's still an NFE not in the NFE tier and doesnt need its own topic, so I'll put it here too.

Psychic Type
Wynaut is Uber because of the broken ability Shadow Tag which prevents Everbody (without Mould Breaker) from Switching out.  Combining with annoying things like Encore which force them to use the same thing over and over again, and you have the most broken force in existence.  With strategies like Destiny Bond, it will always get a kill; and if two of these Pokémon faced eachother, it would be infinitely deadly Stall War.  Of course Wynaut's evolution Wobbuffet is in Uber and it does things even better so Wynaut isnt used, it's evolution is.  It doesnt stop this critter being Broken though, so of to the ban list it goes.
NFE Usability Rating: 0/10 and 10/10 at the same time.  It's incredibly broken, but Wobbuffet is used instead.  So yeah...

NFEs who are in NFE but are viable for use in NU/UU

Some NFEs havnt been promoted up into NU or UU, so they are still alowed in NFE Tier battling.  Technicly all NFE tier NFEs are allowed to be used in the higher tiers, but these ones about to be listed are the most viable ones and have been used in NU, UU or both.

Ghost Type
Dusclops is amazing.  It was OU last gen, and it doesnt seem like it got any worse.  But it went down to NFE because it was outclassed by it's new evolution Dusknoir.  But Dusknoir is in OU, so why isnt Dusclops being treated like Magneton and stuck up to NU/UU.  Dusclops is a broken force in NFE tier battling, and is a very useful force in NU and even UU.  It has amazing defences, fairly ok offence.  It has bad Speed though, but it's not meant to Sweep.  Though in Trick Room, Dusclops becomes one of the most dangerous threats in UU.  It can abuse many strategies like Taunt, Torment, Will-O-Wisp, even use cool strategies like Night Shade.  And who needs Speed when your most viable attacking move is Shadow Sneak with priority.  Dusclops also makes an amazing Spin Blocker.  It was a good Spin Blocker last generation and now with Stealth Rock in the game, spinning is more important, so spin blocking is very deadly.  I personally believe it should be let out of NFE, but even so, there is nothing stopping it cause trouble in UU and NU.
NFE Usability Rating: 7/10 - Very dangerous foe, with nice stats and a good Spinblocker with access to lots of strategies

Rhydon was BL last Generation.  Now it has it's evolution Rhyperior who is very powerful, but the bad typing put it down to UU.  Because of Rhyperior, Rhydon is NFE despite his usefulness in the past gens.  Dont use Rhydon in UU because Rhyperior being a better option pretty much.  But you can easilly use this thing in NU with it's incredibly high HP, Attack and Defence.  It's SpDef is low, but that doesnt matter all too much because a Grass Knot or Surf will KO it anyway.  It's SpAtk doesnt matter.  Yes it has low speed, but it's bulky and you could always Trick Room if you wanted.  The main reason I say to get it out of NFE, it because it's a broken overused threat in NFE tier and needs to be banned pronto just like Dusclops.  Enjoy Rhydon.
NFE Usability Rating: 6/10 - It's a toughy, it's outclassed by Rhyperior but there is nothing stopping Rhydon from making a good dent in the opponent

Hippopotas and Snover
Ground Type and Grass/Ice Type
In OU/BL, we have the auto-weather monsters of Hippowdon (and Tyranitar) for Sandstorm, and Abomasnow for Hail.  They can set up automatic weather for the rest of the match, so you dont have to use the moves Sandstorm and Hail.  In UU/NU however, the Pokémon who can set up the auto weather are all banned.  However NFE gives us Hippowdon and Abomasnow's Pre-Evolutions which people have taken into their UU/NU Weather teams to give them the auto weather.  Lots of people have suggested banning them, since with Hail active, Pokémon like Walrein, Glaceon, etc get very powerful.  And with Sandstorm active, Pokémon like Cradily, Shuckle, Cacturne, etc get very powerful.  However their bannage would take away the use of these theme teams, and might not be good for the UU/NU environments.  They remain in NFE, but have usability where their Evos arent there.  They are both frail and have bad stats, but it's their abilities which make them decent set up leads.  It's also fair to mention that they are great in Little Cup.
NFE Usability Rating: 8/10 - Abilities make them fit well in the tier, but their stats arent that good

Dragon Type
Shelgon is actually fairly different from it's high-tier evolution Salamence.  Firstly the lack of flying type, takes away the Stealth Rock resistance, even though it is now susceptible to Ground moves.  Shelgon actually has much higher Defence than Salamence, and can be used a good bulky attacker pairing with it's nice attack stat too.  It's in NFE, but it's definately good enough for UU/NU where it can set up a Dragon Dance and proceed to sweep.  I have personally seen Shelgon sweeps, and they are a force to be reckoned with.  Instead of Intimidate, it gets Rock Head which prevents recoil, so it can fire out powerful Double Edges.  It also gets some good STAB Dragon moves like Dragon Claw and Outrage.  In some ways it is similar to Salamence, but it is different in others.  And it's up to you to use Shelgon how you want it.  What other Dragon types besides Shelgon can make good use of the move Attract anyway?  And if you see a Shelgon sweep happen, you'll be screaming the thing is Uber.
NFE Usability Rating: 7/10 - Fits very well as a bulky attacker, definatelly warrants usage

Bug/Flying Type
I'm not going to say that Yanma should leave NFE.  It's not broken in NFE.  However that doesnt make it not viable for NU use.  It's stats are not the best, but it's 95 base speed is very fast and of course it gets Speed Boost.  You could get it some offence like maybe Baton Pass it some offense, and it could even sweep.  If you dont want Speed Boost, you have Compound Eyes giving it better accuracy so it can use some pretty high powered but low accuracy moves.  With the right support, it can definately fit a niché on your team, especially since Yanmega was banned from UU and went up to BL.  Dont forget about Yanma, you may want to consider this little buzzer who was actually UU last generation.
NFE Usability Rating: 5/10 Fast, and with the right support you get ownage, but not broken for NFE

Dark/Flying Type
Honckrow sits in BL, banned from UU, but that doesnt mean you cant be innovotive and use it's pre-evo Murkrow.  Murkrow doesnt wreck as much havock at Honckrow did, but it's still pretty good.  It's poor defences dont matter too much, because it's offensive capabilities are ok and a base 91 speed is great, allowing it to outspeed a bunch.  Murkrow does need some support to be effective.  Like maybe a Rapid Spinner to stop Murkrow being maimed by Stealth Rock, but if you play properly, Murkrow could be a valuable asset.
NFE Usability Rating: 5/10 - Like Yanma, not broken for NFE, but still a nice fast threat who with the right support, can do very well.

Dragon Type
Dragonair actually fits well in NU/UU.  Without Flying type like it's evolution Dragonite in OU, Dragonair isnt Stealth Rock week.  Dragonair also gets Shed Skin which Dragonite doesnt.  This can give Dragonair some new support roles, like coming in on Status.  It's stats are quite average but it has a nice movepool and has a few roles it can use, like being a supporter or offensive.  Enjoy using Dragonair, it's something to consider for your UU/NU team.  Of course in UU, Altaria kind of outclasses it.
NFE Usability Rating: 5/10 - Definately has its uses in NU, with a nice ability to fits some nichés

Ground/Flying Type
Gliscor, which is Gligar's evolution came about in Generation 4 and into OU, knocking the previously UU Gligar down to NFE.  However in the UU/NU tier of today, Gligar still is very viable.  Gligar has a unique type combination (only shared with Gliscor) which gives it immunity to both Electric and Ground type attacks.  Gligar has 105 base defence, so it's bulky and has pretty decent offences and nice speed.  Unlike it's evolution Gliscor who takes quite a defensive approach, Gligar tends to be more offensive doing things Swords Dance, but tends to Baton Pass them off.  Yes, Gligar is very viable option for a Baton Passer in these tiers, probably one of the best in the UU metagame.  If you want, you can also set up Stealth Rock.  It has access to Taunt to ruin other set-ups and those Phazers who want to Roar away his Baton Pass set up.  It also Roost for good healing.  It can take a variety of roles, and it could do defensive.  Try choosing a good use for Gligar, because it's definately not just an NFE.
NFE Usability Rating: 8/10 - Has many good uses in the UU/NU metagames, and is worth using on many teams

Dragon/Ground Type
Garchomp was voted Broken enough for the Uber tier, so it makes sense it's pre-evolution Gabite is viable enough for use in UU/NU.  It has fairly average stats, but a solid 90 base attack and a good movepool, making it a mini Garchomp but less bulky than Garchomp.  It has Sand Veil like it's evolution, so it can do well on Sandstorm teams.  So if you are looking for a decent Dragon type, Gabite is always a possibility.
NFE Usability Rating: 6/10 - It's a pretty good Pokémon with nice attacking skills

Dark/Ice Type
Sneasel fits well in the lower tiers.  It may have bad defences and a weakness to stealth rock, but it's got great Attack and Speed, base 95 and 115 respectively are amazing.  It pretty much does what it's evolution Weavile does in OU.  It can do a number of things like Revenge Kill, take out powerful Ghost types, Taunt, Fake-Out, hit priority with Ice Shard, Threaten Pursuit.  It's normally a great Anti-Lead and Revenge Killer, and can do these things very well, granting it a spot on lots of UU and NU teams.  Forget it's NFE status, because this Pokémon is a killer.
NFE Usability Rating: 8/10 - Does some great roles to couple with it's amazing Speed and Attack

Electabuzz and Magmar
Electric Type and Fire Type
Electabuzz and Magmar warrant usage in NU and maybe UU, because they are quite different from their evolutions and were viable last generation in the UU tier and have actually improved, but got down to NFE because of Magmortar and Electivire.  But there is nothing stopping you using them.  Electabuzz and Magmar normally feature on a lot of teams in the NFE metagame too.  Magmar is actually faster than it's evolution who is NU anyway, because of the Stealth Rock weakness.  You may think it's evolution being in NU shows Magmar is pointless to be used too in NU, but it's speed says otherwise.  Even so, it has the Stealth Rock weakness.  The speed gives Magmar it's edge over Magmortar, but that's about it.  Sweeper teams may like this.  Magmar and Magmortar have the same Physical Attack stat too, so for physical sweepers, Magmar is the better option as it has the same Attack, but is faster.  Magmortar is more bulky though.  For Electabuzz, it gets a different ability to Electivire, Static which gives possible paralysis which can be quite useful from time to time, like switching in to attackers with Contact moves.  Electivire is all the way up in OU, so Electabuzz doesnt have to compete with it for a spot in NU/UU like Magmar does with it's evolution.  Once again, Electabuzz is actually faster than it's evolution.  Electabuzz also shares the same Special Attack and Special Defence with Electivire too.  If you are looking for a powerful Electric type in NU/UU, Electabuzz is an option.  Both Magmar and Electabuzz are great sweepers, so dont knock 'em till you tried 'em
NFE Usability Rating: 5/10 - Nice speed and offensive stats, but lacking in defences

Steel/Psychic Type
Metang in UU/NU/NFE Battling is basically an inferior Metagross, and thats all there is to it.  However with Metagross in OU, some people take to using this "lite" version of it.  It has a good type combination, and a good base 100 Defence stat.  It's available to be used in the low tiers and if you want to, you can.  That's about it really.
NFE Usability Rating: 4/10 - It's basically just a lamer version of Metagross in terms of battling

Ice/Ground Type
In the 3rd generation, Piloswine was in NU, and not very good.  In the 4th, it gets an evolution called Mamoswine who is all the way up in OU.  Piloswine is a little better in fourth gen, and it has awesome base 100 HP and Attack, so it can tank pretty well.  It's nice in a Hail Team with Snow Cloak now in Gen 4.  It's a doable option and some people have used Piloswine quite well, so try it out.
NFE Usability Rating: 4/10 - good Attack and HP and now has access to Snow Cloak, but overall quite a poor Pokémon, but it's use in NU can be done well I guess

Kadabra and Haunter
Psychic Type and Ghost/Poison Type
In Gen 1, both of these were BL.  In Gen 3, Kadabra was BL again.  In Gen 4, both have been put down to NFE, since the gen change from 3 to 4 nerfed Alakazam and Kadabra's movepool.  Either way, both Haunter and Kadabra are amazing Sweepers.  They have Special Attack and Speed that can outspeed almost all of NU and most of UU.  Of course Alakazam is in UU, so dont use Kadabra in UU since it's outclassed in every way.  Both Kadabra and Alakazam also have terrible defencive capabilities.  But Kadabra can work in NU as an inferior, but still powerful Alakazam "lite".  People complain thar Haunter is Gengar "lite" and is just bringing that annoying dangerousness into the lower tiers, but Haunter can be a great Pokémon to use and it's still a very frail Pokémon like how Kadabra is very frail.  Both of them add some good sweeping Glass Cannon skills to the metagame, and you might want to use them.  Of course there are other options besides these two Pokémon to fill the same nichés.
NFE Usability Rating: 6/10 - Nice sweepers who do hit hard, but have bad defences

Fighting Type
Machoke has a good Base 100 Attack stat along with pretty decent defences, to be a nice bulky attacker in the UU/NU metagames, since it's evolution Machamp is in OU.  It has a good movepool, especially with the No Guard ability/Dynamic Punch combo which it can do, just like how Machamp rips through OU with it.  Chansey wont know what hit it, when you send out Machoke.  It's always a nice Fighting type to consider if you want one.
NFE Usability Rating: 6/10 - it kind of is Machamp "lite" but it's got great versatility and is usable

So yes, many NFEs are viable within the UU and NU tiers of Pokémon.  You even saw Porygon2's skill in OU.  Of course, you can really use any NFE in the battles, though a lot of them turn out to be gimmicks.   So it's mostly just the ones in this guide, of course others have been used.  Some people consider some to be OU "lite" and all shoddy replacements of OU Pokémon, like Monferno for example.  But nonetheless you shouldnt count out all the Pokémon from use, especially the ones in this guide which have good fits in the UU and NU tiers.  Enjoy trying out new, and maybe old strategies with these Pokémon now that you know what they can do, but maybe now research the Pokémon further and see a new world of oppurtunities happen for your team.

- Aryeh
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