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Ludicom Universe RP topic (locked for now)

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Author Topic: Ludicom Universe RP topic (locked for now)  (Read 136 times)
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« on: June 27, 2011, 09:53:53 am »

It had finally happened.  Justin had won the lottery's ultimate jackpot and was now incredibly rich.  He decided to use his money to go around the world and pick up his friends, the members of his online community Ludicom to join him in the opening of a secret endeavor set forth by the company which Justin was now investing in.  A company known as Wormhole.  The company's focus was an attempt at creating a wormhole in spacetime that would allow long distance travel.  This would revolutionise the entire world.  The members of Ludicom gathered in the giant hall where the testing of this prototype wormhole machine would take place.  They were all glad to meet eachother in real life, they had talked online and were all great friends with a lot in common.  The scientists at the Wormhole company were up in a control tower, whereas the Ludicom members were in the hall, watching the testing of the wormhole before them.  They were assured it would be safe.  Something could go wrong, but it wouldn't evolve them being torn apart or anything.  It would likely be fine.  However a bunch of them were still fairly cynical about the whole thing.  They were mostly more interesting in interacting with the people they've wanted to meet for so long, as opposed to the wormhole machine in front of them which had no proof of it working or not.

"We are going to turn on the machine" said a scientist up in the control tower.

"Those kids down there will see that travel via wormhole is a viable thing.  The youth are the future and who better to see it than friends of our rich benefacor" agreed another scientist.

A few seconds later, they flipped the switch to turn it on.  The process began and the machine began to whirr.  Suddenly, an explosion occured.  Not from the machine but from something else.  The entire ceiling blew off its hinges and the sky above them was now visable.  Then a strange UFO floated over the building and began shooting aimlessly.

"What is happening!" yelled one of the Ludicom members; Daniel, shielding himself from the blast.

"Is this part of the show?" asked another Ludicom member; Rushad.

That question was soon answered when everyone had to dodge another powerful blasted that shattered a whole wall.  This wasn't a show, it was real.  They were being attacked by a strange aircraft.

"Turn off the machine!" yelled one of the scientists.

"We can't, the process has already started!" shouted the other one.

A small glow appeared in the room and it began to grow bigger.  It became a huge portal.  The wormhole had worked.  One of the scientists did what they could and turned on a camera and then threw it into the wormhole.  The scientist looked at the computer screen and saw that there was a room on the other side.  The wormhole had made a stable connection to somewhere else.

"Everyone in the wormhole!" yelled the scientist "It's the only way to escape!"

Since it was the only way to escape, the Ludicom members grabbed their bags and began piling into the wormhole, being transported somewhere else.  The scientists were up in the tower though and were unable to get down into the hall.  The wormhole suddenly closed.  The aircraft noticed that the wormhole was gone and zoomed off away, but not before shooting the wormhole machine and destroying it.


"Uhhh... where am I?" Aryeh murmured, waking up.

"Aryeh... you have to see this" said Justin.

Aryeh got up off the ground and walked over to Justin.  Aryeh then noticed outside of the window of this large room.  It was space.  They were looking out into space.

"Is this real...?" Aryeh thought out loud.

"I don't know" said Justin "But we have wounded.  We came through the worm hole but we crashed into the floor, knocking most of us out.  Some of us got hurt more than others."

"Then we have to help.  Then we can figure out exactly what is going on" said Aryeh "Where we are exactly..."

Justin walked off to the help the others.  Aryeh noticed the camera that the scientist threw in; on the floor.  He picked it up and began recording himself.

"I don't know where we are exactly" Aryeh said into the camera "It looks like we are in space.  I don't know how we will get back home or what is going on anyway.  I'll probably feel better if I recorded some of this.  It may take off the pressure.  Well.. ummm.. yeah.  I best be helping the others."

Aryeh shut off the camera and went to help his friends.

The members of Ludicom didn't all know it yet, but they were not on Earth any longer.  A spaceship, halfway across the universe continued its journey through many galaxies.  On that spaceship was its new crew, the Ludicom members.  How they would get back home was a mystery.

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